mario kart tour skill up tickets in shop daily selects mario kart tour skill up tickets in shop daily selects

Shop Daily Select Rotation & Best Way To Spend Coins In The Shop

There are some things about the Daily Selects in the shop in Mario Kart Tour that I bet you didn’t know so far, including which driver, kart, glider and tickets you will find there and also the best strategy to spend your Coins there – so, I thought it will be nice to write this guide here to give you a full overview so you will never miss any High-End equipment in the Daily Selects.

How Daily Selects Work

Okay, let’s talk first about how the Daily Selects in the shop of Mario Kart Tour works before we dive deeper into this.

Release VS Today

With the global release of Mario Kart Tour, all drivers, karts, driver and tickets were randomly in the Daily Selects, even those that have been in the featured sale for real money in the shop.

Nintendo fixed this with the Winter Tour and from there on there’s a limited amount of drivers, karts a gliders in the shop, as you can see here in this screenshot of the Winter Tour (and they are still, state March 2020, the same):

The interesting ones here are the High-End Drivers, Karts and Glider, but also the Super Drivers, Karts and Glider that you can get.

And the standard ones that I don’t have visualized here but you can see them in the list above.

Again, there are no other driver, karts or glider appearing in the shop!

Daily Selects Cycle

There’s no fixed cycle, the slots will get filled completely randomly – you can even see 2 High-End ones there in the same day. Really rare abut can theoretically happen so there’s no way to predict the next drivers you will see or not (more on that in the strategy below).

Daily Selects Rigged?

There’s no clear evidence that the system doesn’t work randomly, but… I find that when I have a lot of Coins it takes forever until a new High-End driver or kart shows up – I waited one time almost 4 weeks.

When I’m low in Coins or at least clearly below 10,000 I see them appear more often. I also heard that from other players but as long as there’s no proof or evidence i’d say this is just a random appearance and wouldn’t mind much about it like stockpiling Coin Rush Tickets or anything (but it also doesn#t hurt if you do just in case) 😉

And this leads us to the best strategy how you should spend your Coins in the Daily Selects in the shop of Mario Kart Tour…

Best Strategy To Spend Coins In The Shop In Mario Kart Tour

So, with that in mind, we should speak about the best strategy that you should apply right now to get the most out of the Daily Selects in the shop and that’s the strategy that I also used since the beginning.


If you just started out with Mario Kart Tour and you haven’t already unlocked the drivers, karts and gliders mentioned above, go for them first – especially unlocking all drivers needs to be a priority because every additional driver can give you a huge benefit in the tour cups or even in Ranked Cups.

Always save up 3,000 Coins to get the rare driver and from there continue with the cheaper ones. Prioritize drivers over karts and glider here until you have unlocked all of them.


Now it’s time to switch gears a little bit here in the Daily Selects… You now want to level up but also snipe the High-End equipment when it shows up in the shop. It can take 3 weeks before you will see the next High-End equipment but I’ve also seen them appearing within 3 days.

What I’m trying to say here is that you should be prepared so always have at least 10,000 Coins if you see it (if you have 10+ Rubies to do the Coin Rush runs to get to 12,000 if it’s a driver in the Daily Selects). This is like the absolute minimum you should always try to have.

If you do have more than that, you can spend those Coins to upgrade other stuff (mind the challenges that will reward Rubies for that)… I also would start getting Skill Up Tickets here first and then start doing drivers one-by-one.

This strategy makes sure that you will get the High-End equipment if it shows up but you will not start hoarding tens of thousands of Coins – and having a driver there upgraded to something like Level 4 and this driver is helpful in a Ranked Cup, it’s a win-win for you.


Your goal has to be to get all the drivers (and later glider and karts) in the shop to max skill level because at this point you will get those replaced by skill up tickets.

So, for example, if you have Dry Bowser at Skill Level 6 and Dry Bowser would appear in your daily selects in the shop, you can buy a High-End Skill Up Ticket for the same price and use this ticket to level up any driver you want. So, invest your Coins there is long-term the best way to level up all equipment in Mario Kart Tour.


The Daily Selects in Mario Kart Tour started out really nice but I would appreciate if Nintendo would switch the available driver, karts and glider up a little bit to also have the option to get different ones there.

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