How will your gaming experience change if you turn to a professional service for online games

How will your gaming experience change if you turn to a professional service for online games - Google Docs

Services is a complete assistant for players who play online games, but want to improve their financial, social, or level position.

It is more profitable to work with services than with ordinary players, who often sell a variety of services due to a more professional approach, less likelihood of receiving gaming sanctions from the project administration, but the service is more expensive.

You can order boosting in online games, training, help in completing raids and buying game gold.


This is a service that helps to quickly level up on the main hero, or completely pump out the secondary one for various tasks, such as specific grinding, or collecting resources.

It often happens that players lose interest in leveling up, because several values are missing up to the maximum, and an update is not expected and the gamer simply postpones the resume until later. After the release of a major update, the maximum threshold increases dramatically, for example, as was the case with Dragonflight for World of Warcraft, where the maximum level became 70 instead of 60 and players urgently needed to increase the value of their hero to 60 in order to get the right to sail to explore new lands and content.

The service quickly pumps levels by gaining access to the account – this is necessary so that the factor of another person on the character does not affect the speed and intensity of pumping.

It is much easier for a booster to control two heroes than to issue orders to another player in case of death and other unforeseen situations, so most services, such as Skycoach, ask for access to an account, but guarantee anonymity and safety of all property.

If an unforeseen situation occurs during the execution of the order, the service will compensate you for all costs, and if there are consequences after the completion of the service, for example, a ban, or other unlikely, but still possible scenarios, Skycoach will help you solve all the inconveniences and compensate them.



This is a format in which players do not just want to get some kind of advantage in the game, but learn to fully understand the entire project and their character as a whole.

This service is ordered by gamers who want to play more professionally, or just to understand the reasons for their failures in pumping, creation builds, or PVP.

The format of training at the Skycoach service is as follows:

  1. Communication with professional players.
  2. Step-by-step learning through game sessions via voice communication.
  3. Detailed analysis of the hero.
  4. Learning all the key skills and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the character.
  5. PVP mechanics.
  6. Analysis of ways to grind to get gold and experience.
  7. Learning to understand the game meta and character adaptation, even in case of changes and patch notes not in favor of your hero.

As a result, you get a universal experience that will come in handy in other games and in case you decide to change your character, since the basics do not change – only skills and builds are adjusted taking into account updates and meta.

You also need to learn how to enter PVP correctly and coolly, and how to use skills correctly and in a timely manner in order to increase the percentage of winning fights.


Passage of raids

Raids are one of the ways and formats for gaining experience and useful items of equipment by clearing world bosses in large groups of players.

In such places you can get mythic and legendary equipment. but it will take a lot of effort.

Firstly, there is always a chance of failure, because you are closely connected with other players and if someone does not give all the best, or does not have enough experience, then you can die and be defeated, and then all efforts will be in vain.

The high value of rewards and dependence on other players pushes gamers to look for alternative and profitable solutions for completing raids of varying difficulty.

One of the simplest formats is ordering a raidcarry service, where you will be helped to complete the dungeon with a guarantee and receive a reward depending on your luck.

The format of the service is similar to boosting – you need to transfer an account to a Skycoach service representative and your character will be taken into a group and guaranteed to pass a raid of any complexity.

All rewards and experience are transferred to your hero. Achievement and other useful rewards you open individually, enjoying the process.

It’s especially nice to complete the Mythic difficulty levels that are unlocked after winning on Normal and Heroic difficulty, as it is in it that there is a greater chance of getting legendary equipment, special boss artifacts, and just a large supply of experience without having to share with other players.

Gold and other currencies

The most common request is to buy the gold of the selected project, as this is the easiest way to improve the condition of your character.

If you have enough gold, then you can literally buy anything that can add combat potential to your hero.

Weapons and armor, accessories, resources and materials, services – all this can be bought for the main game currency, and sometimes it’s easier to invest once, but get a hero who can handle most game scenarios and just give more emotions to its owner.

Gold is sold by the service in compliance with more security measures, since it is such transactions that the game administration more often monitors.

Gold must be pure

The definition is conditional, since it means mining in an honest way, and not with the help of prohibited programs or hacking someone else’s account. The gaming administration will sooner or later withdraw such gold from everyone who participated in the process of obtaining it.

The service mines gold with the help of its employees who grind on an ongoing basis.

Gold must be transferred correctly

Currency can only be transferred from hand to hand on the condition that everything looks like a deal, and not just giving away a large amount of gold.

The character must not be new, because it is suspicious when a hero, to whom 1 day transfers a large amount to another.

It is advisable to transfer the order through a mutual exchange for an item of low value, redemption in a trading shop or commission system, or through paid mail, which is implemented in a large number of projects.

The service guarantees

Skycoach gives you a guarantee that 99% of transactions are completed well, but even in case of unforeseen circumstances, you will receive a full refund of all losses and your order if the problems started after the employee’s actions.

In most cases, the game administration cannot prove the direct sale of gold, so such incidents are simply ignored.

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