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How To Build A Successful Defense Team in Empires & Puzzles

Defending is something that is not that obvious in Empires & Puzzles but it’s a really important thing for you to maintain your trophies in raids and tournaments, get your clan an edge in Clan Wars and also defending the resources in your tower.

In this guide here I have all my defensive tips for you that you can adapt to your defensive team to get the most defensive power.

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Defense in Empires & Puzzles

If you’re offline, your village (with your watchtower storage) get presented to other people who want to raid and if they decide to fight against you, your defense team will be run by the game automatically against a human player attacking it.

So, you want to have a team that will be hard to beat, even when it’s played by Empires & Puzzles and not yourself. The key is to always focus on durability.

Below I have a general defense team setup that will help you a lot to win more defenses in Empires & Puzzles.

How To Set Up Your Defense Team

You need to have one of your teams set up in the way you want to use it as your defense team and then activate the “Defense Team” button below it, then this will be your defense setup and you can run a different team for your normal matches.

defense team setup in empires and puzzles

How To Build The Best Defense Team

Now let’s talk about building a strong defensive team and what heroes suit what position.

The position is one of the most important things to mind when building your defensive team.

The reason is simple, each position will get more or less damage, let’s take a look at the battle map:

empires puzzles hotboxes raids

As you can see, the middle position will get damage most likely while the outside positions will be the hardest to deal damage to.

For that reason, you always want to put your tankiest hero in the center position! Take one with a high shield but also with a special that will do thing like reflect damage or divide the damage with the other heroes.

Your ultimate goal is to make the attacker spend as much time as possible to take down this hero while your other heroes will gain mana round for round to load their specials.

Example for good heroes here are:

defensive tanks empires and puzzles

Now let’s talk about the positions next to the center, the flanks. That’s where you want to have two heroes with healing capabilities. This will be nasty to deal with for your opponent and boost your defense team a lot!

Why don’t you just put them on the sides? The reason is simple, on the sides it will take too long to gather the mana to use their special that heals and you want to trigger that as early as possible, not when you only have 2-3 heroes left 🙂

Example for good heroes here are:

defensive healer empires and puzzles

On the sides you want to place heroes that deal high single target damage. I know it’s tempting to use a hero that deals damage to all heroes in your defense team, but it’s more useful if they can take out one hero instead of just grinding some chip damage, often times the attacker has a healer as well and you won’t see much benefit from it.

So, use high single target damage.

Example for good heroes here are:

defensive damage dealer empires and puzzles

Ultimate Defense Setup

At once glance:

empires puzzles best defense team setup

So now go to your hero roaster in Empires & Puzzles and search for those heroes that will suit that position, even when they have less power or maybe have a lower star rating than other heroes.

This is the setup you want to use and go for in the long run instead of simply using the heroes you use for attacking 🙂

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