upgrading troops in empires and puzzles upgrading troops in empires and puzzles

Empires & Puzzles Troop Advice

We all talk about upgrading heroes and hero setups in Empires & Puzzles, right? So in this guide I want to put the troops into focus and give you some valuable insights that you should know when upgrading troops and also when it comes to choosing the right troops.

Upgrading Troops In Empires & Puzzles

When you think about normal heroes, it’s okay to upgrade 3-Star heroes, especially at the beginning when they are the highest heroes you have.

With troops, that is a little different.

Do not train any troops lower than 4-Star troops!

The reason is you will need to invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of food to get a 3-Star troop to Level 10+ and a 4-Star troop at Level 1 is even more powerful than that.

empires puzzles troop upgrading costs

Besides, each level will only give you a 1% boost on any of the stats. 1%! That’s almost nothing compared that you can get like 10+ Levels on any other hero for the same or even less food invest.

Don’t get impatient and wait until you pull a 4-Star troop, anything else is simply wasting troops you want to feed later to a 4-Star troop and food you should rather spend into upgrading your castle and your primary heroes.

empires and puzzles troop comparision

When you hit Player Level 10, you can transform a Barrack to upgrade your troops like you do upgrade your heroes.

I really recommend you to flip a Forge and not a Training Camp! The reason is you will need all four Training Camps to train and feed your heroes and having one idle just for training troops occasionally here and there is not worth it – on the other side, you won’t need four Forges to keep producing Battle Items, three is enough 🙂

Choosing The Right Troops

Now let’s talk about choosing the right troops, often times you have multiple troops of a same color that have different stats and you might be unsure which one to use to get most out of it.

e&p different troops

I often see people choosing troops that will cover weaknesses of a hero, like they have a fire hero with low defense so they choose the troop that adds most defense.

In my opinion this is the wrong startegy! And I can back it up with numbers…

Despite the fact that a hero with low defense simply has no job that involves high defense so don’t use that hero for that and rather push the stats this hero is built for.

But also look at this simple fact:

Let’s say you have a hero with 500 defense and 800 attacking. A troop that adds 10% to defense would add 50 defense but a troop that adds 10% attacking will add 80 attacking – and 80 > 50, right? 😉

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