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empires and puzzles loot ticket guide empires and puzzles loot ticket guide

Best Use Of Loot Tickets in Empires & Puzzles

Loot Tickets can save you a lot of time and most players only use them as a lazy option in Empires & Puzzles – but what is actually the best way to use your Loot Tickets? In this guide here I want to show you several strategies how you can use them to get the beggest benefit out of them.

Tick Over To New Level

If you have a full energy bar and there’s only a small amount of XP left until you get a new level, Loot Tickets are a great way to spend that energy completely before the new level will fill it up again anyway.

Lower levels will give you only little XP but are pretty boring to play again – I normally use up all my energy wiht Loot Tickets on low levels to gain recruits and resources until my level up will give me full energy again.

Use It On The Toughest Level

I also try to push on the map as far as possible but sometimes I could only beat a certain stage with expensive items and luck of the game board – when I have plenty of Loot Tickets I farm that level beause it will normally give the highest XP and loot.

Of course you can also use it for regular farming on the map, especially when you farm a stage that you can’t 100% clear with auto play activated and you’re tired of manually playing the same level over and over again. Sometimes one can get sick of the same stages playing them dizens of times every day 😀

Attention! No Boss Drops With Loot Tickets?

Many people reported that they don’t get boss drops when they use Loot Tickets or only extremely few after using a ton of Loot Tickets – there is/was a bug that prevents that and if that happens to you contact support! They will go over your logs and if that bug also affects your drop rates they will send you the reward in the in-game mail 🙂

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