empires and puzzles best team setup empires and puzzles best team setup

Best Team Building Guide In Empires & Puzzles

You probably have done raids where you lost against an opponent with a team that has less team power and asked yourself afterward what went wrong, right?

The thing is, most players in Empires & Puzzles build their team by simply putting their strongest 5 heroes together to make a high team power rating and believe that the power rating will always be enough to beat off an opponent.

Reality check… this won’t work, especially if you want to cross the 2,000 trophy count and need to beat opponents with a power rating of 4,000+

You will always need to choose a team setup and play style depending on how the enemy team looks like and instead of just showing you some specific setups, I want to explain you the different styles and when to use them so you can adapt that to your hero roaster in Empires & Puzzles.

Best Team Setup In Empires & Puzzles

Let’s take a look at the most popular playstyles and how to build a team with them.

Here are the two most frequently asked questions that will help you understand why these team builds are so incredibly popular on top of the leaderboard…

Why are there no teams that have all colors?

The primary goal is taking out the enemy team as fast as possible and you can only deal damage in two different ways… using your heroes special and clearing tiles.

Now the heroes special deal a massive load of damage compared to the tiles and when using less colors, you will do two things:

  1. You will boost the damage dealt by certain color tiles. If you use 5 dark heroes and clear 3 dark tiles, you will deal 5x the damage compared to only having one dark hero
  2. You will load up the mana for all your heroes of the same color, so you will earn mana 5x as much when using all the same color heroes and then inleashing five spacials will wreck any enemy team.

Having all different colors will give you more hits from tiles but less damage after all and the random feature that will determine what tiles will match will have a bigger influence on the outcome – and you don’t want to coinflip your match based on the luck of getting the right tiles in the right situation, right? 😉

Why do these teams always use light and dark heroes only?

Light and dark heroes only deal boosted damage against each other so you can limit the boosted effect down to only one color and deal regular damage against the other colors, if they are even there. This will also help to keep the luck factor down.

The 5-0 (Aggressive)

This is a common team setup you will see a lot and it’s perfectly used against a center tank that is holy – clearing three tiles on the tank will kill the tank and open you the center area. All you will do is trying to now place your shadow tiles into the center to load all your heroes special at once and then wreck one side of the enemy team. This will make it easier now to load the special up again and again.

empires puzzles 5-0 team setup

Don’t focus on dealing much damage, only deal shadow tiles and take out with your special.

The 4-1

This is similar to the 5-0 with the only exception that you add one off-color healing hero to your setup, so let’s say you use 4 shadow heroes and add one fire healing character, like in this example here:

empires puzzles 4-1 team setup

I recommend you to use this setup over the 5-0 team setup in Empires & Puzzles unless you’re a really skilled player or you’re pushing on top of the leaderboard.

The 4-1 is a lot easier to play, simply because you have a healer and you have a secondary color that allows you to play when the board gets dry and there will always be one color you can use to build mana and heal your team with.

The 3-2

This probably the most balanced setup you want to play, especially when you face an opponent with a team that has some troublesome flanking heroes.

You will use this setup with two healers that allow you to heal your team back up or you will risk that the flanking heroes will take out your team too fast.

empires puzzles 3-2 team setup

The 2-2-1

The classical conservative setup that allows you to always build mana no matter what happens – you will always have an option that you can use and will still use the synergy of building twice as much mana for two colors.

empires puzzles 2-2-1 team setup

However, except some really rare cases (like facing opponent teams that are really tank heavy), this setup is not really useful against traditional 4-1 or even 5-0 setups because they can really fast decimate your team and put you on the losing side.


I hope this helps you more than just posting a certain setup of heroes here that you maybe don’t even own – building a winning team is always about adapting to your enemy.

Always remember, his team is played scripted like I have been covering in my defensive team guide here. This means that you can adapt to what your opponent already has set in stone with his defensive team and the scripted defense is not nearly as strong and foreseeing like you are when attacking the enemy team 🙂

  1. I only started playing this week, and my only RPG experience is mostly limited to Fallout and Mass Effect, so I’m nearly 100% clueless. Have been thrashing about looking for manuals and landed here. It seems as if this article is crazy-useful … for experienced players. It’s largely Greek to me, especially the paragraph that starts out “This is a common team setup you will see a lot and it’s perfectly used against a center tank that is holy.” That paragraph may as well be written in Swahili for all I got out of it!

    It seems I need to find a guide written for people who aren’t RPG experts, that doesn’t assume I know what I’m doing ☺️(because I certainly don’t!).

    I’ve bookmarked this page and I’ll come back once I’ve figgered out what I’m doing in another guide and am ready for expert-level help! I look forward to understanding the knowledge you’re sharing (thanks for your generosity!) (and now I have at least a tiny inkling of how I was walloped in a raid after just two shots from the opposing team … which consisted of a single one-legged man. My team power: 1350. His: 590. I was flabbergasted that a single opponent wiped out my men in just two shots.Thanks for helping me to understand a little bit what the heck happened.)

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