beating titans in empires and puzzles guide beating titans in empires and puzzles guide

Empires & Puzzles – Beating Titans Strategy

Titans offer nice loot but attacking them require you to adapt to deal enough damage as attacks are limited for the time a Titan is available.

Best Team To Beat Titans In Empires & Puzzles

Let’s talk about the team to use first because there’s much you can do wrong.

First of all, don’t focus on healing or splash damage heroes, there’s only one Titan and healing is not necessary because you can keep the Titan stunned a lot and don’t need any heal.

I know it’s hard if you not have many different heroes, but you should always focus on heroes of a strong element against the Titans’ element, e.g. if the Titan is fire, you should use water heroes and so on…

When it comes to positioning, there’s not much to take into account for your Titan Team, the Titan always deal the same damage against all heroes simultaneously, simply focus on your highest  point dealing heroes you have,  like these ones here:

defensive damage dealer empires and puzzles

Beating Titans – Some More Tips

Here are my best tips to use to get the Titans down before the clock runs out.

Items For Titans

At some point, you will see Titans with such high hitpoints that you and your clanmates will need to use items to get enough damage dealt.

I personally recommend you use some small Mana Potions right at the start to supercharge your heroes – they don’t cost much to create and are no big invest to use.

empires puzzles items for titan battles

Also, banners will help to boost your overall damage and for Titans 4-Star+ you can also use the more expensive items that deal massive damage.

Attack Fast

With the limited time you always want to make sure that you keep damage going as much as possible, don’t waste any second to think about your next move and simply keep connecting the lines.

Empires & Puzzles beating titans

If you don’t see an obvious move, you can always fast switch to auto-attack and the game will figure out your next 2-3 moves so you can find the connections that you will play next and then deactivate auto attacking again.

Chasing Weak Point

I personally always try to use the weak point, even when I can’t get a vertical line into the weak point to hope to get a combo that will do that.

This will not only help you keep the Titan stunned so your heroes will survive, it will also deal boosted damage when you hit the weak point, even when it’s a weak element hit (If you hit water against a fire Titan outside the weak point it will deal less damage than hitting nature into a fire Titans’ weak point!).

Don’t mind the colors at all, simply focus on dealing damage fast and hitting the weak point as much as you can.

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