Get Free Gold In CSR2

There are two premium currencies in CSR2 – one is the keys that will unlock you cars and the other one is Gold, primarily useful to skip time and get several cars.

As a new player you will find Gold the more useful thing but for more advanced players it gets less and less important in terms of what you can get for it.

But also advanced players need a lot of Gold – primarily to skip times, get additional fuel during certain events and also to swap fusion parts. The last one is actually getting really expensive but required for most players to finish a Prestige Cup or Gold Cup event where fusion parts are from a car manufacturer that is not that common in CSR2.

Why am I writing this? Well, along with my guides on key farming and cash farming this guide here will complete the series and bot, new and advanced players, will need Gold πŸ™‚

Get Free Gold The Easy Way

What i’m going to do is showing you where you can get Gold for free in CSR2 and how you can get a steady flow of Gold coming into your pocket so you always have some if you need it.

Look Out For Thursdays!!

Each Thursday is worth 210 or 310 Gold that you can easily get by doing 15 races, that’s it. This is by far the best way to steadily earn Gold in CSR2, but let me explain it to you.

Each season lasts exactly 2 weeks in CSR2 – and with each season you will see a new Crew Championship and also Prestige Cup.

Within each season there’s a fixed schedule of events (called trials) that start on the different days and every Thursday you will see one trial that either rewards you with 210 Gold or 310 Gold for doing 15 races.

The cool thing about it is that you know when it will start and there’s also not much required to take part in it – you only need a car of a certain tier that you have to downtune some certain upgrade on (e.g. like downgrade transmission to Level 2).

csr2 gold from service trial

The races are actually pretty easy and will always adapt to the car you ride, so if you have a slower car the races are easier and if your car is better it will be faster. After all you can pretty much race through all the races (mind here how you can get gas for free).

csr2 gold from service trial - requirements

So jist mark every thursday in red in your celendar and you won’t have much problems with getting Gold in CSR2 – not to mention all the other ways like daily goals, other trials, daily races etc. where you will alse get Gold here and there πŸ™‚

  • 1st Thrusday in the season – Service Trial (210 Gold in total)
  • 2nd Thursday in the season – Custom Trial (310 Gold in total)

For the custom trial you only need to adapt some customizations like color, interior color – or if you race a rare car with unlimited freshness you already have that requirement πŸ™‚

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