CSR2 Key Farming Guide

Keys are without any doubt a racers best friend in CSR2. You need them to open crates that will not only contain the rare fusion parts you need to max out your cars, it’s also the only real way to get the rare 3-Star to 5-Star cars in CSR2.

I know that many people out there struggle with it and often enough also try some weird mysterious methods to get keys. That’s why I decided to put all important strategies in here that the top players use to get key (without buying them from the shop, of course).

Getting Keys in CSR2

The good news is, when you take a look all of these strategies you will easily see that you can get frequent keys in CSR Racing 2 without doing much more than playing the game. The secret sauce here is to know what you have to do and stick to it. It’s not like you need to play for hours every day, just a few races will seal the deal for you and you have a nice amount of keys.

I personally get every month:

  • about 10-20 Gold Keys
  • 500+ Silver Keys
  • 1500+ Bronze Keys

That’s great and there are days where I barely play the game, but I don’t want to just brag around here, let’s hop into the different things you need to do.

Keys From Daily Bonus

Jerry’s Daily Bonus is for sure the easiest way to get keys, but the pitfall here is that you have to make sure that you NEVER EVER miss out a single day during the whole month. If you miss a day the last daily bonus will be lost for you and often times that’s exactly the one where you get a Gold Key.

gold keys from daily bonus in csr2

You see that here? Just skipping 2 days because I was too lazy and I just have thrown away half a Gold Crate that could reward me a rare 5-Star car.

After that I started to set myself an alarm in my phone that reminds me to collect it, it’s something you can do everywhere as it only takes 5 seconds to open the game and collect the reward.

And the reward structure is sometimes really juicy!

500 Bronze Keys, 100 Silver Keys and 11 Gold Keys for doing nothing is quite some reward if you ask me 😉

Daily Challenges

daily battle keysDaily Challenges are another thing where many people think “oh gosh it takes forever to do them”. The truth is that you can do multiple of them every day with a nice reward in cash and you can always beat the opponent because you will ride a random car that is able to beat the opponent. It’s a secure win for decent cash.

Every 100 races, that’s once per month if you do them frequently, you will get 5 Gold Keys from it and earn a lot of bonus rewards and Silver Keys on your way as well.

This also only takes a few minutes to do, it’s an easy race you can hop in and win every single time. Don’t get frustrated as 100 wins sounds much, with 4-5 races a day it’s 20-25 days to unlock 5 Gold Keys.

Prize Cup

Every week you can get 75 Silver Keys from the Prize Cup that requires you to do 50 races. This sounds a lot but it’s also some nice cash involved with $12.000 for each race so you will also earn good cash from it.

Always remember, you can still get 5-Star cars from a Silver Crate as well, so don’t just focus on Gold Keys 😉

Farming Live Races

Every 8 hours you can get Bronze Keys and Silvet Keys from Live Races and you should do them as much as you can.

If you have problems in Live Races, I can recommend you to check out my Live Race Guide that will show you how to win Live Races a lot more often.


As you can see you can get a ton of keys with only 10 minutes time invest every day, that should be no problem even on busy days (you got the toilet, right 😉 ). If you stick to this plan, you will have no problems with keys.

My last advice is to not just focus too much on Gold Keys, they have better drop rates for a 5-Star but no gurantuee and you can also pull a 1-Star T1 car out of it while you have still good chances to pull a great car with Silver Keys.

  1. Hi Boss.
    I have a little problem with Jerry´s Daily Rewards since many month. I missed a few daily rewards in the past. With the new month i only get 1 gold key for Day 26 and 3 gold keys for Day 28. Is it a bug or just a penalty for beeing lazy or tired cause of work?

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