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RP Farming Like A Boss

RP stands for Respect Points and it’s the score that indicates how well you perform in races as well as how frequently and consistently you play CSR2.

Primarily you will need a lot of RP to push your crew in the Crew Milestones but it’s also your entry fee to become member in one of the successful crews that are able to actually unlock the Crew Milestone car each season.

This guide here focus on getting as much RP Points as possible and I didn’t just wanted to throw several tips at you – I wanted to create you a plan for each season that will show you each day what you should do to reach 1+ million RP in one season easily with the lowest possible effort.

Sounds good? Then let’s not waste any more time and start.

crew milestones car

Farming RP Schedule

So, each season lasts 2 weeks and always starts on a Thursday – you can get an exact schedule here.

The below plan focus on the trials and cups that start on each day – if you have time and fuel left on any day you can easily jump into Live Races with a T5 car to farm additional RP.

Day #1-2 (Thursday + Friday)

There are Crew Cup and Prize Cup going on – they won’t reward you any additional RP aside from winning races but they will give you additional Silver Keys that you should get. Performing well in the Prestige Cup in the second week of the season is elementary and will give 300,000 RP bonus – but you will need the seasons Prestige Car for it that drops from Silver Crates with a 10x boosted chance. That’s why you should farn the Silver Keys here (and not spend any Silver Keys when you have it to get the next seasons’ Prestige Car again).

crew cup

Day #3 (Saturday)

Do your Token Cup races today and unlock the 30,000 bonus RP as well as the restriction trial for 25 more Silver Keys.

Day #4 (Sunday)

Today there’s a Supply Cup that will reward additional 12,000 RP if you have the manufacturer car you should do it for sure, also for the fisuion parts. If not, you can also easily farm Live Races. Sunday is typically a day where many have more free time so farming Live Races today is also a good thing to do to get like 50,000 to 100,000 additional RP.

Day #5-6 (Monday + Tuesday)

If you play frequently you should have last seasons’ Prestige Car and you can get 86,400 bonus RP by using it in the Crew Cup that starts today – if you haven’t got it you should farm Live Races today or any other race that includes a T5 car.

Day #7 (Wednesday)

Token Cup and Supply Cup today will give 42,000 bonus RP that you should also try to finish today as the next day the Prestige Cup will start. Make sure to finish them and if the Service Trial requires a T4 or T5 car you can optionally farm it as well for some nice extra RP.

Day #8 (Thursday)

This is the day the Prestige Cup starts and if you only use your Silver Keys during the 10x drop rate for the Prestige Car you should also unlocked it and tuned it a little bit to start big today – there are pently of races and 300,000 bonus RP to get so push today as far as you can get.

If you have problems try to strip same manufacturer cars to get fusion parts to finish it during the next days.

Day #9-11 (Friday – Sunday)

These are the days where you should focus on finishing the Prestige Cup – if you have downtimes you can also finish the Supply Cup on Saturday for the 12,000 bonus RP and farm other races in between while still trying to work on your prestige Car.

Live Races are also a niec addition if you have fuel left over.

Day #12 (Monday)

Today there’s a Token Cup that will reward 30,000 bonus RP that you don’t want to miss out so take part in a T5 car to get the most RP out of it.

Day #13-14 (Tuesday + Wednesday)

End sprint for the season and time to push RP now – there’s a Crew Cup and a Supply Cup that has 98,400 bonus RP that will come in handy today, focus on doing them!


In total you should now have more than 600,000 bonus RP plus all RP that you got for winning races that will easily be – depending on how many Live Races you could have pushed in and what Tier the cups, trials and Prestige Car was – another 500,000+ RP.

That’s your million and there was barely any dumb farming RP in Live Races or somewhere else, you only performed well in the cups and trials for that 🙂

  1. The schedule from Average Noobs you posted is a little outdated. It’s been a while since the RP from Supply Cups changed.

  2. The schedule from Average Noobs you posted is a little outdated. It’s been a while since the RP from Supply Cups changed.

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