How To Farm Cash In CSR2 (Fast)

If you’re a new player in CSR2 you’re short on cash because you always need to get new cars, if you play the game for some time you are short on cash because you need to spend a lot for upgrades on various cars and if you’re playing for a long time you’re getting short on cash when you always need to buy expensive cars to strip for fusion parts.

Looks like everyone needs cash in CSR2, right? 😉

I know that problem so I wanted to share some of my strategies to get cash in CSR2 without wasting too much time on it.

How To Earn Cash Fast

Yes, you earn cash for every race you do – but in most cases it’s simply not enough. If you get the Prestige Cup Car constantly and upgrade it you will spend $1M+ easily and it’s repeating. Also cars to strip for fusion parts cost $1M+ often times… cash is literally burning down all the time.

The most effective (and only way) to actually get cash effectively – except maybe the daily reward from Jerry where you get some cash without racing – is doing races. But there’s always a difference in doing the right or wrong races with the fuel you have.

Use T5 Races

No matter what races you do, prefer to do races with a Tier 5 car, this will reward a lot more than other lower tier races.

This applies to all races, also Live Races. Of course there are always trials of other tiers that you should do first, but your fuel should exceed this every day easily to get in some additional races for some nice extra cash.

Live Races

Live Races offer the biggest payout and more than normal races – the problem is, you can also lose them and don’t get much and wasted that fuel.

I always like to check the lobby if there are some bots around, you can easily spot them because they don’t have a crew and also run the same pictures all the time:

They are normally easy wins that you can take, but don’t bet them or they will refuse.

Often enough go back after racing a bot to the Live Race Lobby and race them over and over again – on T5 that’s a nice $15,000 per race and fills your pocket easily with cash

Betting Races?

Unless you’re really good in dyno tuning and messing with the lobby times I wouldn’t bet cash to race other players from an income perspective – normally only the strong players accept such a high extra bet.

The only region where you find people doing this is in the lower tiers, but those races won’t pay you much and the beginner players normally don’t have enough cash to hold your bet.

I only bet for fun and not for earning cash – like it should be in real life 😉

The Extra Shift

You get paid mone for each perfect shift you do. If you have a car that can beat opponents in trial races or other races quite well and you have a comfortable lead you can farm extra cash by shifting down and up again multiple times at the end – this can add up to $1,000 to $3,000 extra cash each race you do it.

shift pattern csr2

Try it out and get comfortable with this and don’t push it over the top – you will get slower doing this and you need a good lead for that.

For sure nothing you want to do in Live Races 😉

But it will be over the long run some serious extra cash – imagine $2,000 multiplied by hundreds of races you do every week/month – that’s $2M+ without doing any additional race or spending Gold for extra fuel 🙂

It’sa Grind

Every player needs to do it, you need to grind the cash if you need it – there’s no way trials and story races will give you enough cash that you don’t need to farm it – the earlier you accept this the happier you get with the game.

Good fuel amangement also helps.

Always wait until your fuel is empty and hope for the 2 fuel pips offers you get for watching a video – then accept them as long as none are coming anymore. You can exceed your fuel bar by 3 times with it, it will only change the color 🙂

csr2 life hack for more fuel

Happy farming 🙂

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