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afk arena forge the Elemental Blade answers afk arena forge the Elemental Blade answers

Forge the Elemental Blade Questions & Answers

There’s a special website available for AFK Arena on the official website that let you connect to your account and then forge the Elemental Blade and get some nice extra rewards. You will have to answer a few questions and I have all the answers below for you

forge the elemental blade website

You can find the event website here

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All Questions & Answers For Forging The Elemental Blade

So, some of the questions you will see are quite tricky, especially if you haven’t read all the lore for all the heroes in AFK Arena and in case you don’t want to jump into them all the time while forging the Elemental Blade, I have below all the questions and the answers to it

Who is the leader of the Arachin? Arachin Queen

Golus – The Bladestorm is the head of which regiment? The Centaurs

Which of these is one of Brutus’ skills? Brutal Defiance

Which of these heroes is NOT a Mauler? Dreaf

Khasos – The Unruly was once a what? Slave

What role within the Maulers is associated with Wisdom? Shaman

Who is Vurk – The Devious’s big brother? Skreg

By whose hands did Warek’s brother die? A Centaur

Which of these do the Maulers live by? Survival of the fittest

Vurk – The Devious is which of these? A Durri

Mauler Shamans used to adhere to an ancient creed: Voodoo should only be used for what? Ritual and prayer

What is Skreg’s mount? An Ironjaw Beast

Which Mauler tribe is at the top of hierarchy owing to its unrivaled strength? A Bearfolk

Which of these do the Maulers hold sacred? Temple Ruins

Safiya – The Daughter of the Desert is the Queen of which species? The Sphinxes

Satrana is what role in the Temple of the Seers? Flame Weaver

Drez is a member of which Hunting Squad? Bearfolk Wellson’s Squad

Which of these was NOT involved in the Great Mithril Caravan Heist? Drez

Skriath – The Wise One is obsessed with which of these? Thought

What item symbolizes the leadership of the Blood Guard? Blood Guard Warhorn

Which of these was once a member of the “Steel Fang” Artillery Division? Kren

What is Kren’s Model 53 Multi-function Hand Cannon called? Hot STuff

Which of these is a Mauler Scout? Alaro

As a Temple Knight one lives to defend and serve the Temple. If for any one reason a Knight strays from Extilheeir duties, what punishment awaits them? Exile

In what was the last Sphinx Queen killed? A rebellion

Which of these brings the greatest disgrace to Maulers? Battlefield Desertion

Which of these is inherent Durri nature? Cowardice

What species is Skriath – The Wise One? Falkin

What is the name of Skriath – The Wise One’s loyal elite military force? Blood Guard

Anoki’s father gave him what item before passing away? Blood Guard Warhorn

The concussive grenade launcher attached to Kren’s right wrist has what name? Lady

Where is The Land of the Exiles? The borderlands between the Maulers and the Lightbearer Empire

The dangerous “Quicksand Claws” hideout is rumored to be which? Demonic Sand Castle

Which of the following have The Sapera lived near for generations? The Bone Glades

Which inclusive desert city welcomes everyone and is illuminated by a marshland? Canter

What is “Zorn”? The name of a dummy

Which Faction was Granit – The Desert’s Stone with for an extended period before joining the Maulers? Wilders

Who did Thali – Maniacal Mage rescue through a prison heist? Kren – The Fanatical

How many snakes has Thesku – The Serpent Charmer raised? 4

Who is the current Blood Claw? Brutus

Which of these heroes is known as the Maniacal Mage? Thali

Which of these heroes is known as The Untamed? Warek

Which of these heroes is known as The Fanatical? Kren

Which of these heroes is known as The Quicksand Recluse? Drez

Which of these heroes is known as The Wise One? Skriath

Which of these heroes is known as The Unruly? Khasos

Which of these heroes is known as Desert Fury? Antandra

Which of these heroes is known as The Serpent Charmer? Thesku

Which of these heroes is known as Strongheart? Saveas


So, have fun forging the Elemental Blade, I hope the answers help you.

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