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3 Star Attacking Guide for Bowler

Bowler attacks are probably the most popular attacking strategy at Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 10. This attacking strategy is very powerful, maybe even overpowered, and quite easy to use because you primarily use just one kind of troop that you can pretty much spam. I know you all probably use this strategy, but let me show you how you can use it in the best way in this guide.

How Bowler Attacking Works

Bowlers deal some decent damage and have some solid hitpoints, but the most important thing is that they can destroy buildings with a ranged attack over a wall and even hit the structure that is behind that. This is perfect to take down bases fast and right now there is no way to defend against it.
You don’t even need maxed Heroes or Bowlers to use this strategy! When they are maxed you can pretty much 3 Star any base you want, but even with Level 2 Bowlers and an upgrading Hero you will do 2 Star attacks without any problem.
So, if you’re not into upgrading Bowlers and want to have a strategy where you can win constantly, you’ll be happy with this strategy.

Which Town Halls Levels does Bowlers work?

Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Trophy Pushing and Farming Gold & Elixir

Pros of Bowler Attacks:

+ Easy To Use 3 Star
+ No maxed troops required to win attacks
+ Even with mistakes you will get 2 Stars

Cons of Bowler Attacks:

– Bowler AI is hard to predict, so planning an attack or playing the same protocol is not always applicable. You often have to react during the attack.
– Very high Dark Elixir costs (more than 4,500 Dark Elixir)
– Long production time of the Bowlers with about 1 hour 15 minutes on unboosted Dark Barracks
– Will probably get nerfed in the next update in September (so don’t excessively upgrade your Bowlers if you haven’t already)

Variations for Bowler Attacks

There are different variations of mass Bowler attacks. Of course, all of them feature a lot of Bowlers but they have some differences. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Mass Bowler with clean-up Heroes: This is good if you have low Heroes or an upgrading Hero. You will use two small Bowler Walks at the flanks and then send in the rest along with delayed deployed Heroes. The healers will stick to the Bowlers when you deploy the Heroes after the Bowlers.
  • Mass Bowler with Queen Walk: With a Queen Walk you can clean out a lot and build a nice funnel for the Bowlers. Probably the most powerful version, but requires a high-level Archer Queen.
  • Bowlers with Healing Spells: This attacking strategy is more difficult to use because you will build a funnel to take down the key defenses (Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery) first. Works best in Clan Wars against Anti 3-Star bases, because it’s more controlled and you can scout before and plan your timing and spell placements.

I will now show you the steps of the attack and, at the end of this guide, I have a video linked to each of these strategies where you can see several attacks that will show you how they work in detail.

Bowler Attacking Step by Step

The steps are always pretty simple:

  1. Create Your Funnel
  2. Send in The Bowlers
  3. Drop Your Spells

It’s a mass – or spamming – attacking strategy, that means you will drop all troops at the beginning and then only support them with spells.

Step 1 & Step 2: Creating The Funnel & Start The Attack

If you use the Queen Walk strategy you should perform your Queen Walk on the side of the base where the Eagle Artillery / Inferno Tower are located. Try to make the funnel as wide as possible to force your Bowlers into the core as fast as possible.
[irp posts=”13711″ name=”The Queen Walk – What’s That & Why You Should Do It”]
If you use the version with low-level Heroes or missing Heroes, you will deploy 5-6 Bowlers on each side along with 2 Healers and then mass deploy the rest of them in between after the funnel is created.
mass bowler attacking funneling
[irp posts=”14386″ name=”The Bowler Walk Explained”]
The strategy with the Healing Spell is little more complicated. You will drop 2 Golems along with 6-7 Wizards and 4 Wall Breakers to create your funnel. This setup is very important because it won’t trigger the Eagle Artillery.
After the funnel is set, you will send in your Bowlers with a Jump Spell to go after the Eagle Artillery as fast as possible.

Drop The Spells

I think the spell deployment should be clear:

  • Rage Spells when the Bowlers are in the core. The more Bowlers you can get raged the better. Always drop them soon to get the Eagle Artillery and the Inferno Towers down as fast as possible.
  • Jump Spells to make a path to the core and out of the core depending on the base layout.
  • Freeze Spell on Multi-Target Inferno Tower.
  • Heal Spell (if you use the third variation) in the core. The Inferno Towers can only target 5 of your 20+ Bowlers, so the other Bowlers will benefit from it. You can also drop it after the Inferno Tower is down, if you can get it destroyed quickly.

Here are the videos I was talking about earlier in this guide. They are all from Clash_With_Ash and very well made and explained.

Bowler With Low Heroes/Upgrading Heroes

Bowler With Queen Walk

Bowler With Heal Spell


I don’t think we need to mention that Bowlers are a little overpowered right now, but this strategy is a lot of fun because you literally can’t lose the attack. I also have seen horrible performances against my base and the attacker did not fail to get at least 1 Star.
As mentioned in the beginning, don’t focus too much on this strategy and upgrade your Bowlers like crazy – they will get nerfed in the next update, I’m very sure about that.
Here’s a guide where I wrote about the troop nerfing/buffing policy from Supercell:
[irp posts=”14562″ name=”Maxing Out New Troops & Spells”]
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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