3 Star Attacking Guide For GoVaBo

I have waited quite some time before publishing this attacking strategy with the Bowler. This is because of several reasons; I will explain more detailed later in this guide, but now I have a strategy I think is worth posting – even if most of you won’t be able to use it (yet). GoVaBo features Golems, Valkyries and Bowlers and it’s, obviously, an attacking strategy for TH10 and Th11 – but can be very effective against a certain type, a very popular type, of bases.

How GoVaBo works

There are tons of Go**** attacking strategies, many of them work pretty much the same way with a few differences. GoVaBo has a different approach because you will use the Bowlers in the beginning to build your funnel.
It’s deadly against the popular Resource Ring bases and ring bases with a lot of tiles in between the buildings. They are effective against the slow attacking strategies out there because the troops are often too slow to really go for the full victory.
Of course, you can also beat ring bases with classic strategies, but there is a risk you might run into an unfortunate trap or have bad timing:
[irp posts=”14045″ name=”Break Popular Bases – TH10 Resource Ring Bases”]
[irp posts=”14183″ name=”Break Popular Bases – TH11 Resource Ring Bases”]
These are the kind of bases I’m talking about:
GoVaBo Bowler attacking th11 ring base attacking strategy
Of course, you can also attack other base layouts with this strategy. I just recommend this kind of bases because they are very easy to beat with GoVaBo – even 3 Star attacks against maxed TH11 are possible.

Which Town Halls Levels does GoVaBo work?

Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Pushing and War Attacks against Ring Base Layouts

Pros of GoVaBo:

+ Secure way to beat ring bases of all kinds (also with the resource ring)

Cons of GoVaBo:

– Need upgrades for Valkyries and Bowlers, which are expensive and not many have them

GoVaBo Step by Step

I want to explain the basic mechanics of GoVaBo attacking.
If I break it down to the very basics, this attacking strategy has 3 Steps:

  1. Create Your Funnel With Golems & Bowlers
  2. Send in your other forces to the core
  3. Drop your Spells

This sounds pretty easy, and it is – at least when you play it against the ring bases I mentioned in the beginning.
Before we look at the steps more in detail I want to talk about the benefits you have with this strategy. The Bowlers create the perfect funnel for your troops, because they can hit deep into the base as their rocks hit a second target after the first target.
Also this funnel makes using Valkyries easier – they are still not 100% predictable and sometimes simply go in the wrong direction in other attacking strategies.
Here is a possible setup you can use:

  • 3 Golems (one inside your Clan Castle)
  • 8 Bowlers
  • 8-10 Valkyries
  • 8-12 Wizards
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 2 Jump Spells
  • 4 Earthquake Spells (1 in your Clan Castle)

Step 1: Setting the Funnel

In the first wave you are placing troops at 3 different points – the first ones are your Golems and the outside ones also get some Bowlers (half of them on each side).
govabo setting funnel with bowlers
Now you can lay back and wait until the funnel is set.

Step 2: Send In The Destruction

As soon as your funnel is set you should drop your main forces behind the middle Golem. Now it will get fast, because your Valkyries will burn down everything.
govabo 3 star attacking with bowlers
I recommend you to drop the Earthquake Spells at the core Walls directly after you set them up.
The troops should now walk straight for the core.

Step 3: Watch, Enjoy

There’s not much to do from here. You have some Spells you should drop, especially the Rage Spell. Depending on the setup you’re attacking you might also drop a Jump Spell here or there, especially if your troops are done with the core and you want to go for the 3 Stars.
GoVaBo Bowler attacking strategy
Here’s a nice video showing you how it works:


GoVaBo is a nice way to 3 Star Ring Bases, even if your opponent is a maxed out TH11. Using this attacking strategy is also quite simple and effective, but the downside is that you will need well upgraded Valkyries and Bowlers – which is expensive and most of us haven’t done that yet.
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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