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Level Up Your Clan Faster

Clan Level and Clan Perks are a great addition bringing some great advantages, but with a certain downside. If you start a new clan many won’t like to stay in your clan because they are missing donation refunds, extra war bonus and much more.
Since we can’t all only join new clans, I have gathered together some tricks how you can make the way to a Level 10 clan faster (or at least as fast as possible)
Read here more about the different Clan perks:
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Leveling Up Your Clan

The only way your clan can earn experience to reach a new clan level is in Clan War, so that’s the only way to get clan experience.
If your clan is not really doing Clan Wars, you should start doing it to level up your clan. The advantages are simply too good to not have them:clan perks for leveling up your clan
You see that you can really benefit from a higher clan level, even if you’re not a war clan.

You can also level your clan up to Level 14 right now – you won’t get extra clan perks or other benefits right now, but it’s only a matter of time until they will come.

Here is what gives you clan experience in Clan War:

  • Each defeated enemy base in Clan War
  • 40% of possible Stars gives a bonus
  • 60% of possible Stars gives a bonus
  • Winning the Clan War rewards a bonus

Here are the possible experience points amounts in one table:

War Size Defeat All War Bases Score 40% of Possible Stars Score 60% of Possible Stars Win War Total
10 vs 10 +100 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +185 XP
15 vs 15 +150 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +235 XP
20 vs 20 +200 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +285 XP
25 vs 25 +250 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +335 XP
30 vs 30 +300 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +385 XP
40 vs 40 +400 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +485 XP
50 vs 50 +500 XP +10 XP +25 XP +50 XP +585 XP

I know that many think winning a Clan War is rewarding the biggest experience, but that’s not true.
The most important thing is to go to war with as many clan members as you can and try to defeat all enemy bases with at least 1 star.
If you go into a 50vs50 clan war and accomplish that you will get 535 XP, even if you lose the war – if you do a 20vs20 war instead and win it, you’ll only get 285 XP.
I think you see that the chances for the easy 1 Star are much higher than a smaller war.
This is the only way you can boost your clan level.
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Extra Boost

If you’re that clan leader you want at least a clan that is level 8 – this will give you the faster donation requests and more donation limit which helps everybody in your clan.
I understand how hard it can be to convince your whole clan to go to clan war and get at least a 1 Star result – especially when your clan is a farming clan or a casual clan.
A nice way can be to join a farming war community that raid against each other for loot. They war a lot and the rules are easy for everyone to get easy loot and only invest heroes for an attack.
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Unfortunately, that’s it and all you can do. Do Clan War with as many members as possible and go for 1 Star against each base.
I promise you that recruiting with a Level 10 Clan is much easier than with a Level 6 Clan.


I personally think that the current perk system is not working great. New clans have a huge disadvantage against older clans and they have only a little chance (and a lot of hard work) to rise.
The perks are very strong and I really appreciate them, but having to unlock all of them is just a huge pain that takes far too long.
I hope that Supercell will rethink that and either make earning clan experience possible for other actions (place in the global ranking, donations, etc.) or give new clans the opportunity to unlock certain levels for gems.
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