Clash of Clans Life Hacks

I’m sure that each player out there looked around for hacks for Clash of Clans at some point, am I right?
Well, taking the fact that you’re reading this page here right now I’m probably right 😉
The thing is, hacks for Clash of Clans come in many forms and I thought it might be helpful for you when I just review all of them and show you the results here on one page.
Just for clarification, I have here some hacks that I would rather call life hacks, they are using the game mechanics and are absolutely safe to use (you find them in the first section). On the other side there are hacks from 3rd party tools that are absolutely against fair play and could also danger your account (these are in the last section of this review), however, I have been trying them out as well to make this review as complete as possible.

Life Hacks in Clash of Clans – Make Sure To Use Them

All life hacks in this chapter here are safe to use and will not put any risk at your Clash of Clans account.

Life Hack #1 – Hide Elixir & Dark Elixir

You can always have 2 full armies in your Barracks with one being trained and one being queued up. The nice part of this small life hack is that the second army, the queued up one, can be un-trained and you will get a full refund of their training costs.
The fact that you can’t queue up heroes and that they need to regenerate after every attack will not let you use that secondary army right away anyways, so you can perfectly use it to hide resources while defending your base that no attacker can even take, especially Dark Elixir that is pretty rare in Clash of Clans.
hide elixir in clash of clans life hack
The only thing you should never forget when using this trick is to un-train them before you do your attack, otherwise, they will become the first army and you have a weird and expensive army that wasted plenty of resources ????
Important! Make sure to NOT attack before you un-queued them or you wasted the whole resources for that army.

Life Hack #2 – Free Resources From Events

The first life hack above will also help you get a nice profit at the end of every troop event when troops are at a 90% discount. You can use your second army slot to train all the discounted troops right before the event ends and then un-train them after the event ended to get a refund with the regular training cost.
This can be easy 5,000+ Dark Elixir or 300,000 Elixir for less than 30 seconds of work! ????
Earn Dark Elixir with events in clash of clans

Life Hack #3 – More Gem Boxes & Gem Mine Output

When you see a Gem Box (worth 25 Gems) spawning in your village in Clash of Clans – which can happen once per week but normally less than that – do not remove it in the first 48 hours. There is some kind of glitch in the spawning algorithm that will then give you a guaranteed new Gem Box in the next 5 days after that.
And also handling your Gem Mine in Clash of Clans rewards patience.
The production of the Gem Mine is not that fast and let’s say you have waited for 15 hours after you collected Gems from it you will have 1.3 Gems in your Gem Mine (if the Gem Mine is Level 1).
gem mine production
If you now collect it, you will collect 1 Gem and the production will start all over again – you basically wasted yourself 0.3 Gems here.
So always wait until the Gem Mine is almost filled until you collect it.
But how to check if it is almost full without collecting? ????
check collector loot without collecting it
Simply select any building (e.g. a wall piece) and move it around. Then you can select the collector you want to check and use the “info” icon to check it, you don’t collect the resources but can see how much it is filled.

Cheats & Hacks in Clash of Clans – Caution

Now we get to the “real” hacks that I tried.

Hack #1 – Gem Generators

These generators are all over the place and you can find them pretty much anywhere out there.
They don’t work!
They will ask you to insert your village name and how many Gems, Gold, Elixir etc. you want. Then they apparently start a connection to your account and in the last step you need to download a free app or sign up with your email to show them you’re not a bot.
clash of clans unlimited gems hack
They look all pretty well and often times come with a video that shows proof that they’re working. I personally wasn’t able to actually get them to work and I don’t believe they could actually work at all.

Hack #2 – Searching Bot (Nexting Bot)

When you search around for a base to raid you often come across many bases with just little loot or maybe ones that are too strong for you to actually raid. This means you’re nexting a lot and skipping bases for many minutes until you find a suitable one to raid.
hack for higher loot bases
This hack will do that for you. You enter what Town Hall Level and what minimum loot a base needs to have and it will automatically next until you have such a base. This one is handy, however, you need to stay next to the device because when a base is found you only have 30 seconds until the raid automatically starts.

Hack #3 – Raiding Bot

The raiding bot is the next part of the bots and will automatically search bases, re-train an army composition that you want and attack bases and repeats that all the time. As tempting as that sounds, in reality you can actually only use it in the lower trophy ranges and let him search for dead bases and snipe with BARCH (Barbarians + Archers).
coc base searching bot
It’s simply not complex enough to take on real bases with a more complex army composition and get anything out of it. Sniping abandoned bases is everything this bot can do.
To be honest, this can bring you some nice loot after some time but with the current loot situations in Clash of Clans and all the Clan Games, Clan War Leagues, Seasonal Challenges and nice Star- and League Bonuses you can also get enough loot to have all your builders busy upgrading by doing a few attacks every day by yourself instead of using this hack.

Hack #4 – Resource Collector Bot

This hack pretty much comes from a time where staying online could keep your base from getting raided – with the current shield system (well, actually with the one that got introduces in December 2015!), being online doesn’t really help that much because the system forces you to get offline so anyone can attack your base. And you can collect your resources yourself when you’re online, right? 😛
You can set it to auto-connect but there’s no real use to do that because you will get a 12 hour shield after the defense anyway.

Hack #5 – Clan War Cheating

There’s also a hack that allows you to practice war attacks in Clan War without using your real attacks. All it needs is someone who attacks a base (can be with a single Barbarian) and this hack tool will automatically read the whole enemy base, including all hidden traps and defending Clan Castle troops.
clash of clans war cheat tool
Now you can simply go into practice mode and attack this base as often as you want to until you know how to perfectly 3-Star it – with that strategy you will then start your real war attack and perform a perfect 3-Star magically. This method is called “sandboxing”
One Word Of Caution
This kind of cheating got extremely popular last year so Supercell has a really aggressive system of finding out the people using it, along with your enemy clan probably reporting you when you do the magical 3-Star that avoids their traps. When they catch you, they will ban your Clash of Clans account for good.

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