3 Star Attacking Guide for DragBat (BatBomb & BatWave)

After my guide for the BatSlap for TH12 last week, I also wanted to cover the DragBat strategy that is also viable in war attacks – using Dragons and Bats together where the bats are like the fast version of Balloons that will give you more time to clear the base.
I also will show you more details on using either the BatBomb technique or the BatWave and when to use them right.
Disclaimer! This strategy is still viable, although the bats got nerfed and there are a few less spawning. The deal with this strategy is carefully planning your attack and using it against certain bases – some bases simply won’t work with the strategy (I’ll show you below which ones still get wrecked by DragBat)

How DragBat Works

DragBat is designed to beat bases that are built against Balloons, so it’s actually a counter to the meta counter. At a certain point more and more war bases started to move all the Air Defenses to one side of the base so you as the attacker are limited to the sides you can actually attack from because if you use Lava Hounds and Loons together the Loons will then split up from the Hounds when they move towards the whole base where the Air Defenses are.
That’s where DragBat is coming into play, these are exactly the bases that you want to use this strategy on – as I said in the beginning, this is not a strategy to use against any base you will see, it’s one that’s highly effective against bases like this:
dragbat best base styles to attack
A base where you see the Air Defenses on one side and the Wizard Towers on the other side – or at least most of the Wizard Towers.
With DragBat you will have your Dragons deal with the section of the base where no Air Defenses are located while the Bats will take care of the section with the Air Defenses.
The Bats will take over the Loons duty and fast take down the Air Defenses because the Wizard Towers are the only defenses that can really cause them many problems.
Don’t mind too much when there’s a Wizard Tower in the Air Defense section or one Air Defense in the Wizard Tower section, I will show you below how to deal with it 🙂

Which Town Halls Levels does DragBat work?

You can use it at TH10 to TH12, but I actually only recommend it for TH11. At TH10 you find more powerful attacking strategies and at TH12 is’t a little too risky and you rather want to use BatSlap there.

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Clan War Leagues

Pros of DragBat:

+ Really powerful against the bases with Air Defenses in one section
+ Not really complicated to use

Cons of DragBat:

– No viable against other bases where Air Defenses and Wizard Towers are evenly spread around the base

Troop Variations for DragBat

Actually there’s only one variation and that’s how many Freeze Spells you will bring and that depends on the base. You will need Freeze Spells for these situations:

  1. Two Multi-Target Inferno Towers in a section where you want to use the bats
  2. You need to use a BatBomb on a Wizard Tower
  3. Your Dragons need to attack into an Air Defense

Troop Composition To Use

The regular setup is:

  • 11 Dragons
  • 7 Balloons
  • Balloons or Electro Dragon in your Clan Castle
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1-3 Freeze Spells (depends on the above situations)
  • 5-8 Bat Spells

DragBat Step by Step

Now let’s walk through one full attack here, there are typically three parts of this attack:

  1. Funneling with heroes
  2. Sending in Dragons
  3. Execute the DragWave/DragBomb

Due to the fact that we can only use this strategy against one kind of base (Air Defenses in one side, Wizard Towers on the other side), there’s not that much scouting that you will need to do… There’s one side that you will need to use your Dragons and one where you will use the Bats.

Building Your Funnel

This attack uses the Heroes to build your funnel, normally you take the Queen in one corner and the King on the other one so you have a nice funnel for your Dragons.
funnel with dragbat
You also don’t want to pull the Clan Castle troops with your heroes  and the reason is simple:

  • You have only air troops  once your Kind and Queen are down, so attacking with air only you won’t pull any ground troops like Ice Golems that will only waste your time and cause trouble
  • Your Dragons have massive health and splash damage so they can deal with any setup that will come out there

Send In The Dragons

Now you’ll send in the Dragons and Balloons along with the Grand Warden (Air Mode!!!) and use his ability to prevent a tough hit from The Eagle Artillery.
Use your Rage Spells especially do deal with any Air Sweeper and to get the Dragons in fast.
dragbat main attack
There’s not much attention required after they are inside their section and you should focus on your bats now to take down the Air Defenses before they can deal too much damage on your Dragons.

BatBomb or BatWave

Now here comes the secret sauce that makes this attack so delicious – using either the BatBomb or the BatWave technique right.
The huge advantage of the Bat Spell is that you can place it anywhere on the base, not just the outside areas, so you have a lot more flexibility when using it compared to the old school Balloons.
BatWave is placing your Bat Spells on the outside so they clump up and start one-shotting defenses one by one while BatBomb is placing them in a section in the base that you want to take down fast (often with a Wizard Tower that you freeze).
How effective they are is simply a matter on the base you’re attacking, so I’d like to show you two examples:
batbomb vs batwave
On the left side, you see a BatBomb, simply because there’s one Wizard Tower that needs to be taken down first before the bats can do their thing. When placing the Bat Spells right on top of the Wizard Tower they are not clumped up so the Wizard Tower can’t take down all of them plus the Freeze Spell will help you here.
In this case it’s the only way to play it, if there’s a Wizard Tower in the section of the Air Defenses you need to do that, although you will need an extra Freeze Spell and the bats will go in different directions after that instead of clumping up as nice as they do with a BatWave.
The BatWave on the right side is more effective but you can only use it if there’s no Wizard Tower around – you can also ignore if there’s one Multi-Target Inferno Tower, but when you see 2 of them in the area you will need to freeze as well. Always deploy the Bat Spells at the corner section, this will help to group the bats up a lot more!
So important for you – use the BatWave if possible (no Wizard Towers in the Air Defense section) but use the BatBomb if there’s one Wizard Tower.
dragbat finish
That’s pretty much it, the bats will now start one-shotting the defenses and have taken most of them down so you will have enough Dragons left that will clean the base, without much time problems because there’s no Queen Charge involved here that takes a lot of time and also you don’t have the slow Balloons you need to use 🙂


So, if you’re a TH11 (or you want to attack a TH11) in Clan War and you stumble upon a base that has this setup with Air Defenses and Wizard Towers like shown above, you really want to use the DragBat strategy –  it’s the only one that really crushes these bases and from my experience there are loads of these bases in any war 🙂

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