Best Trophy Range for Farming

There is more to Farming than simply being good at scouting bases and making successful attacks. A great Chief can only attack what is presented to him/her in matchmaking, and that’s what we’ll look further at in this post. I also want to show how your Trophy Range is directly related to the bases you will see. Your Trophy Range can have a big influence on your farming.

The Basics of Trophy Ranges in Clash of Clans

Let’s have a look at how matchmaking works in Clash of Clans. The first step is getting matched against all players without an active shield in a similar Trophy Range to your Trophy Count. Furthermore, Matchmaking presents to you the available bases that match your Town Hall Level. If there are no villages with the same TH Level available, you may get shown higher and/or lower Town Hall Level bases.
trophy range nexting costs
The idea that League Level isn’t too important because TH level is prioritized first is where a lot of Clashers make a mistake. This is not the case.
The goal, of course, is to hopefully get matched against bases with the same Town Hall Level as you – lower TH levels will give you a loot reduction and higher TH levels will be harder to attack. If you must choose between attacking a higher or a lower TH Level base, always take the lower one (but aim for bases maxed 1 Level lower than you), because you can offset the loot reduction with the League Bonus you should get with a successful attack.
The key is to be in a League where you get matched with bases worth attacking –  current spots that work for each Town Hall Level are shown below.farming bonus to shield
Speaking about the League Bonus… It has an impact on your farming profit because it has been raised a couple of times during the last Updates and will likely become more and more significant in the future. If you’re in a League that’s too low, the Bonus is so small it’s almost not adding anything worthwhile to your profit.

Daily Star Bonus

Don’t forget about the Daily Star Bonus! Every day you’re able to acquire the bonus if you earn at least 5 Stars in total from your matchmaking attacks. This can be easily reached if you’re attacking 2-3 times a day even if only farming. The Star Bonus can add a significant amount to your total profit depending on the League you’re in:
daily star bonus for all leagues

Trophy Ranges at a glance:

  • Trophy Range determines how big the pool of bases you can attack is
  • If your trophy range is too high, you get matched against too strong opponents and also get hit by harder opponents on defense
  • The League Bonus can make up for a difference in TH Level
  • If you’re too low, the League Bonus can be too small for you and you won’t get enough bases shown at your TH Level
  • Don’t forget about the Daily Star Bonus. It will potentially reward you with a large amount of resources

Important! Here are some things about getting matched that are still a myth in the Clash Community, but DO NOT work!

Farming in Sub 200 Trophies: You will get matched against hardcore farmers and abandoned bases are very limited. Also you will see a lot of very low bases – you’ll simply waste time and nexting-costs on. Read more about that here:
[irp posts=”9643″ name=”Why Sub 200 Farming is wasting your time”]
P.S.: You also will not get any League Bonus being that low.
Changing the language or country on your device/game: I have tested this several times and talked to Clashers who have as well. It doesn’t work. Please read the whole story here:
[irp posts=”11766″ name=”Loot affection from changing language or country”]

Best Trophy Ranges to farm for TH3 to TH11

I mentioned earlier in this post that I’d list some ranges that are working well these days, here you are:

  • Town Hall 7 & lower: as high as you can get without dropping trophies on purpose
  • Town Hall 8: 2000 and above
  • Town Hall 9: 2600 and above
  • Town Hall 10: 3200 and above (depending how much maxed or rushed your base is)
  • Town Hall 11: 3600 and above

These are only recommendations. My personal rule is that I should be in a League that rewards a League Bonus + about one-third of the Daily Star Bonus that makes up for my army building costs.
Example: Using an army with 12 Giants, 15 Valkyries, 4 Healer, 2 Wall Breaker and 6 Wizards costs around 250,000 Elixir & 3,000 Dark Elixir with the Spells. In that case I will farm at least in Champions III League (rewarding 200k Elixir & 1,2k Dark Elixir PLUS 100k & 500 Dark Elixir proportionately).
This makes it much easier for me to loot because I will make up for my attacking costs with the base itself and the loot I get is my profit. I don’t have to search for ages to find high loot bases.

Upgrading Heroes!

There is a myth around that you have to go down in Leagues when you upgrade your Heroes.
That’s simply not true!
I upgrade my Heroes right now on the last levels to max them out and I farm around 3900 trophies as a Town Hall 11. Here’s how I do that and still get 1 Star and 2 Star victories:
[irp posts=”14599″ name=”Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes”]

Farming is Not Just About Trophy Range

Trophy Range is the most important factor with regards to farming. However, there is another factor that’s having an impact on the loot situation more globally; the time of the day and the day itself.
Loot generation and the global economy are directly related to raiding and defending. It’s a very sensitive structure. If you’re having a pretty useless time with farming, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the wrong Trophy Range, it could be just bad timing.
Here’s, by the way, a nice tool that shows when there are good times to farm and when not:
[irp posts=”12495″ name=”Find the best time for farming”]
Last but not least, here are some excellent armies for every Town Hall to farm with:
[irp posts=”14885″ name=”Farming Strategies For All Town Hall Level”]


Hopefully in this post, I’ve shown you why it’s so important to be in the appropriate Trophy Range. It will certainly have an impact on how many opponents you can get matched against before you start to get matched against higher and lower opponents. Make sure to check out the Loot Forecaster I linked in the post in regards to finding the best time for farming.
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, MikeO

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