Good Clan Rules For Your Clan

Managing a Clan is often about harmoniously keeping  a group of people together and with up to 50 Clashers it can sometimes get a little bit crazy. All successful Clans have one thing in common that results in success – Clan Rules. These rules define what everyone in the Clan may or may not do.  This is the only way to make it so that many different people work and operate as single entity. In this post, I will show you some Clan Rules that you might want to adopt to help manage your Clan.  
So Many Clan Rules
There will always be Clan members who are irritated by written Clan Rules. These people can often be separated into two groups:

  1. The ones who think there’s no requirement for common sense to be addressed in written rules
  2. The others who simply do whatever they want in the game

Don’t let anyone talk you out of making comprehensive Clan Rules especially if you’re the Clan Leader. The first group above are already adhering to some kind of unwritten rules so they won’t actually be bothered. The second group however needs to be made to understand that rules are put in place to make The Clan work. Without following these rules they will cause more harm than good and you’ll continually have people coming and leaving.
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Too Many Rules For The Clan Description

Many times I hear that the ‘Clan Description’ is too limited in space to make definitive Clan Rules. That may be correct but don’t let that limitation allow your Clan to become a fortress of hippies! The Clan Description is actually only for recruiting and representation purposes:
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Every time a new member joins the Clan, The Leader, Co-Leader or even an Elder after a hearty welcome should post the Clan Rules (simply copy paste from your Notes-App) as well as asking for the new person to agree. Although this won’t be a favourite job, doing so prevents a situation of  “I haven’t read or didn’t know the rules should something undesirable occur. Keeping your Clan Description clean and making sure the rules are thorough goes a long way to them being understood by everyone joining the Clan.
Another great option is to set up a free and fast Clan Website to post these rules for all to view:
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Clan Rules You Should Implement

Here are some essential items you might want to consider when creating your Clan Rules


Clarifying troop requests is often an issue. These should be clear to everyone and the details probably pretty important:

  • What members may ask for, – if everybody TH7 and lower only requests max Dragons and Witches it’s almost impossible for many to maintain a proper ratio between donating and requesting. A good rule of thumb (and one we use in our Clan) is to only request what you can also provide yourself.
  • Over-donations! There are Clashers donating a lot of troops due to being online quite often. How are less active players able to have a good donation ratio if there are almost no open donation requests they can fulfill? Let someone else show their generosity.
  • What penalties (if any) should be applied to those donating unwanted troops, – more importantly how involved do you want get, or need be concerning this issue.

As you can see there can be a lot more involved than just donating with some additional thoughts below:
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Clan War, Activity & Participation

A Clan War is a team effort, winning is almost impossible if your Clan is not 100% involved and committed. Inactive, non compliant players that don’t care leave dedicated War Clashers frustrated.

  • Opt-In / Opt-Out. Should only those who are 100% committed to war, who are powerful and skilled enough be allowed to take part?
  • What about farmers or those simply not helping your Clan achieve victory?
  • What if someone is not using both attacks?

More details to consider here:
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Social Priorities

Some like to mess around but how should you manage the use of curse words or those people that are always trash talking another player? Define your communication structure, this will vary from Clan to Clan so it’s up to you to decide what you want your Clan to be like?

Clan Hierarchy

A very common question is what do members have to do to obtain Elder, Co-Leader, status. Define your rules as best you can even if they are not clear cut requirements. One option is to require a certain amount of donated troops to become Elder, another is to use the Elder promotion based on Clan War activity. Make such decisions easier by posting such requirements in your Clan Rules.
An equally important element coming with a promotion is defining what they are permitted to do! Just because a Co-Leader can start a Clan War doesn’t necessarily mean you need to allow him to it! Most importantly the ability to ‘kick’ members needs to be clearly defined, you need to decide who is authorized to make such a decision and clarify that it may not be based solely on the promotion level.


Clan Rules can be the central driver to make sure your Clan works as you see fit. Bear in mind of course keeping them active is essential to keeping them respected. Those that choose not to abide by your Clans rules should also expect to be dealt any consequences for breaking them. If there are no consequences for broken rules then don’t complain about it or waste time setting them up 🙂

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