recover hacked clash of clans account

Recover A Hacked Account

I get a lot of emails about hacked or lost accounts and how they can be recovered. Unfortunately, there is no source explaining what options you have when this worst-case scenario strikes – a hacked account. If you’re not in this situation right now, it might still be helpful for future reference.

This tutorial is split into different sections:

  1. How can your account get hacked?
  2. What to do to get your account back?
  3. How to prevent this situation.

Clash of Clans Account Got Hacked

The situation is always the same – you log into the game and you suddenly see things that you didn’t do. Worst case, all your gems and resources are gone, your saved base designs are deleted and your whole base is rearranged in a very bad way.

First of all, it can happen to anyone – even big Youtubers have been hacked:

A pretty bad situation, but I have never heard of a case when somebody actually brute force tried to hack someone because of a Clash of Clans account.

To be honest, I think the term “hacked” doesn’t really fit the case; it’s more that somebody has access to your account at the same time. Here are the reasons this could happen:

  • A family member or someone else knows your device lock code and simply did it when you left your device laying around.
  • You connected to Clash of Clans on a friend’s device, loaded your village there and this very person can now access your Clash of Clans account at any time.
  • You bought your account and the old owner still has access.
  • You gave away your account data on some “cheap gems websites” (I hope you didn’t do that!!!!)

I think in 99% of the cases is one of the 3 things above.

Recover Hacked Account

Here’s step by step what you need to do to get back your account. This will cover any situation as I assume you don’t know who is responsible.

Step 1 – Change Account Passwords

First of all, this person not only has access to your Clash of Clans account. They have access to your Gamecenter account if you play on iOS (which hopefully has different password than your Apple ID), your Facebook account and/or your Google Account.

These are the accounts you need to protect first!

  • Change the password of the email addresses you signed up with on Facebook, Google and/or Apple.

This is essential because if the person has access to your email account, this person can get the new password as well.

  • Change the password of your Facebook, Google and Apple account.

Now you can be sure that no one can access these accounts anymore. Make sure to use SAFE passwords (8+ characters including numbers) and don’t use the same password on every account.

Somebody can still be signed in with these accounts, so force logout on all devices!

Facebooksign out facebook after hacked coc account

Googlehacked clash of clans account log out everywhere

Applecoc lost account recovery

Step 2 – Your Clash of Clans Account

The problem here is that you don’t need to log into your Clash of Clans account every time – you can simply play. This means when your account is already loaded on another device, the user can access it, even when you changed all the passwords.

This is the point where you will need to contact Supercell. They are able to force logout your account on all devices and you can then load it on your device only.

You can contact them directly in the game:

contact supercell for hacked account help

Attention! If you bought the account from someone (or got it as a present, etc.), you need to be aware that Supercell will just ban your account if they find out. It’s against the TOS! You don’t want to mention this in your support request…

Just explain to them that someone else you don’t know has access to your account and ask them to sign off your account on all devices.

Now you have to be patient and wait until Supercell works through your case – this takes a couple of days or sometimes longer.

Make Sure Your Account Can’t Get Hacked

Here are some simple guidelines to follow to make sure that you will never end up in this situation:

  1. Don’t load your village on devices that you don’t own.
  2. Don’t tell anyone your lock code.
  3. If you don’t use a code to lock your device, start using one.
  4. Don’t give away account credentials to anyone. No friends, but especially on some websites that claim to give you gems or whatever. Just don’t do it.
  5. Don’t buy an account. The old owner can still access it.

With these simple rules you can prevent having a lot of trouble.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. Sir , I am from india and I am playing coc for more then 2 or 3 years as nowadays my exams where going on and my phone is not with me some boy has registered my account Name- Rithik which was connected to REMOVED EMAIL , this gmail account from starting till today but when I tried to open it now it is showing that Load your Village by logging with your supercell id but I dont have any supercell id sir ….
    Sir I love coc sir and i love my village sir it took me 2 -3 years to reach th9 sir please sir please do something and please Sir Bring my village back to REMOVED EMAIL please sir do something 😭😭😭

    I am eagely Waiting for your reply sir

    • so somebody with access to your phone created a supercell ID -> you have to write support in game (create a new account and then go to settings -> support & help -> submit ticket)

  2. Someone sign up his Id to supercell id from my CPC account. Now I can’t open my village. Plz.. Help me sir. I need very much my village. Please help me sir.
    Plzzzz, plzzzzz….

    • Contact support and hope for the best that they will reset it (start new village and go to game settings -> help & support and then write a support ticket)
      PS: if you play on an unsopported device of any kind like PC etc. do not tell them or they won’t help you

  3. By mistake I have removed ascess of clash of clans from my own account of Google now I am unable to connect it again please help me but still it is in my phone but when I log in with my that account another account is opened of mine

  4. How can get back my account ? 8 months ago feb. 2016. I Lost my device and i hope tht one of your staff can help me about my problem. My character name D’mons Vasquez and i know that my character name isnt changing.please response with me .

  5. hello sir, the new update of clash of clan is not supported in my phone and i forget to register my account with google play, now how can i recover my account? please inform me .
    my user name is DJ Bittu.

  6. They blocked my account.I recovered it. I m the original owner.Thw bann is permanent.Ihave not sone anything wrong but they just dont listen.How rude coc support is!!😂😂

  7. Can I get a TH 11 Max account from a player who is not playing now…after maxing his/her account…..
    Please help me Supercell…..

  8. Hey
    I lost my village
    When am trying to open coc again after 5 min
    It will show the game from begning
    Pls help me get my village back

  9. Help me .my account has using some one .i changed my password also . I din get back my id .if developers know plz share ur tips .

  10. I have regreat on my fult.
    Please help me
    This is very important account
    Please .
    Now i have know i can not live with out my gamil account .i will not anything with my account please help me.
    I will send from you new email .

  11. I am sorry supercell.
    I saw my facebook freegems so i try this please forgive us ….
    Please back my account please please.
    I will never do again .please

  12. When I connect to my account it says there is a problem with the Google server for the past two days how can I get my account back

  13. Bhai koi air help do Maine apne phone to restart mar diya San data lost ho chuka hai .
    Bhai help me

    I beg my contact no. Is 8858102977

  14. Bhai koi air help do Maine apne phone to restart mar diya San data lost ho chuka hai .
    Bhai help me


  15. help me supercell.last month i saw a post on facebook that they givd free gems then i clicj enter my email after an hour i tried to open my email but it was haked now what i do??????

  16. plss help me supercell, lastday I saw a post from facebook that there will be a free gems and not fake, so I click them and sign in my gmail and password of my coc account, after an hour, I am open my account and did not log in and also my google account . I am beg you please supercell to help me. I am spending a lot of time and money before.

  17. plss help me supercell, 1 day I saw a post from facebook that there will be a free gem and not fake, so I click them and sign in my gmail and password of my coc account, 1day later, I am wake up in d morning and open my account and they doesn’t. I am beg you please supercell to help me. I am spending a lot of time and money before.

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