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Best Components For Each Game Mode in TopWar

There are many different types of components in TopWar and when you think about the possible combinations they can form, the variety is almost endless – good question is what components you should prioritize on depending on the game modes. Apparently, there’s some very clear answers to that so please check out my guide here to get a better understanding what you should invest in and what components you should actually use.

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Best Components Per Game Mode

Well, there’s in general no clear answer to say use these components and you’re settled for everything. But, luckily, it’s quite straightforward when looking at the different game modes and there are only a few exceptions that I will highlight below to help you not waste time and effort.

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Those are probably the components that you’ll be using the most and here they are:

topwar best pvp components

With High-rate Fire you will increase the speed of your stacks attacking, DMG Increase & Decreased DMG Taken will be flat buffs on everything you do and everything that is done to you (except debuffs), Armor Buff & Weapon Buff will increase your base stats. In general you can see them as increase of damage dealing and also survivability to make sure you get through that fight better.

Attention!! High-rate Fire is by far the most important component to use and the one you should level up with the highest priority! The only exception is when your opponent has a higher level of High-rate fire. This practically means that he will be able to fire all of his units before you and makes your full component doing nothing! To prevent this when you see it, use DEX Buff instead of High-rate Fire, this will give you the chance to evade attacks with a dodge bonus and is more useful to you than the High-rate Fire that is practically useless in that scenario. keep in mind! This only applies in the scenario when your see that your opponent has his High-rate Fire leveled up more than you.

World Boss (PvE)

Now let’s have a look at the components setup you should use for World Boss fights in Top War:

topwar best world boss components

As a matter of fact, the world boss doesn’t hit that hard so you can take away all the components that will provide survivability and go all-in on damage with Weapon Buff, Damage Increase, Crit DMG, Hit and Crit Buff.

There’s a slight confusion about using Hit here as you might see that the enemy has 0% dodge, but there’s always a hidden small percentage of dodge that can apply and this Hit component will make sure it will be reduced as much as possible.

Attention! An alternative setup here can be putting High-rate Fire on the off units to make sure to trigger explosions while the main units in the front row will trigger after them. It’s debatable and I don’t think Hit or High-rate Fire setups are much different on the outcome, it’s simply a different style of play.

Special Case

As it can get more complicated, I like to give you one advice that I think will apply to most players… if you’re not able to fit all your stacks with one type (navy or army), you might fill in the gap with an air force stack and this is a great way to use them as a bulkhead to take damage and protect your main type better – in that case you want to go all defensive with your components, like that:

topwar best special case components


Of course, a very clear answer to the question of what components you should use depends on your individual situation in Top War but I hope I was able to give you some advice that will help you prioritize your components better and get more out of them. If you have additional suggestions, the comment form is below and I’d love to hear them.

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