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top war gift codes

There are gift codes in Top War that will reward some nice things here and there in infrequent order. I know how much pain it is to search for them, especially as they are normally only valid for a limited time, and also how annoying it can be to follow many sources to always get the fresh codes.

Luckily, I already do that so I though it is helpful for you if I will update them here so you only have a single source that you have to follow to always stay up to date with gift codes in Top War, right?

How To Use Gift Codes In Top War

Go to your account in the Top War app and go to your player profile where you see the options. There you will find a point in the menu called “Gifts”. Once you go there you will see a text field where you need to enter the gift code you want to redeem.

top war enter gift code

Now just look in the list below for the current codes that I tagged with the status: active

All Top War Codes (Updated Frequently)

Alright, here’s the list where I list the codes and always provide an expiration date or tag them as active/expired so you don’t need to waste your time on expired codes…

Here’s the full list.

New Year Code (January 1st, 2021)

top war gift code new yearStatus: Active

Yes, this is the new year code but it still appears to work. It will reward you with 100x Gems, 1x Emoji and 3x Large VIP Capsules which is pretty nice

The code is 2021NYGIFTS

Christmas Code (December 22nd, 2020)

Status: Expired

Just in time for Christmas we have this beauty of a new gift code in Top War that I really like. You will get 100x Gems, 3x Large VIP Capsules and 1x Snowman (you will like this one!)

The code is enj0yxma5

Thanksgiving Code (November 24th, 2020)

top war gift code thanksgivingStatus: Expired

What would a festive time be without any gift code in Top War? Not a good one. Good we don’t need to find out as we have a code with a crazy difficult code that will reward with 200x Gems, 3x Large VIP Capsules and 1x Thanksgiving Turkey.

The code is thanksgiving

Streamer Code

Status: Expired

A code that some streamer got to promote the game. Don’t know exactly who but the code will give 200x Gems that I will take gratefully.

The code is wissenswert

New Code

top war gift codeStatus: Expired

A code that some streamer got to promote the game. Don’t know exactly who but the code will give 150x Gems and 100 Lab Booster. Copy the code.

The code is TOPWAR-العربية

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