Treasury, Daily Bonus & Loot Cart Tips

The January Update is here and right away you will notice some changes to the game interface. I want to show you in this post what you need to know about number and interface changes and how to move forward.
Full Update Release Notes:
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january update features

Treasury Insights

The Treasury is Storage inside your Clan Castle for loot.  Capacity depends on your Town Hall and Clan Perk Level. This does not add to your total Storage capacity. You will need to take the loot out to use it for upgrades, etc.
The Treasury, however, is now the safest place for loot. It is wise to keep all your loot in there until you need it!
Only about 5% can be taken out when your Clan Castle is destroyed during an attack (your Storages offer at least 20% of the loot).

How to fill the Treasury?

The Treasury can only be filled by earning the Daily Star Bonus or Clan War Bonus.  You are not able to transfer loot to the Treasury manually. The Daily Star Bonus will reward you extra loot if you earn 5 Stars from matchmaking within the same day and the amount is dependent on your current League.  Revenge attack stars do not count towards Daily Star Bonus.
daily star bonus
As mentioned, The Star Bonus depends on current League. I’ve included an overview for all Bonus scales here:
daily star bonus for all leagues

The Loot Cart

Do you know how Cashback works? It’s pretty much the same concept with the Loot Cart. Every time someone attacks your base, the Loot Cart will give back 20% of what the attacker took. This amount will go directly into your Storages (not the Treasury!).
loot cart
Be aware that you can only have 1 Loot Cart at a time so always collect the loot when you have one! The next attack will replace it, if that attacker took more loot than the previous one, or just disappear. This is a very nice feature and will add up quickly. When I take a look at my Defense Log from the past ten days, I would have gotten back about 4.2 million Gold and Elixir each… WOW!
Simply collect it like a Tombstone.
The loot IS NOT DEDUCTED from the attacker’s take. If you attack a base, you won’t lose 20% of what you earned – the defending base is simply getting sympathy compensation because you pillaged it!


While trying to save up resources for an expensive upgrade you are playing more often to reach the resource amount needed. The more you have raided though, the more can be taken away and The Treasury is here to help you retain some of that hard earned loot.
The Loot Cart will bring extra resources back into the game. With this new feature there will be approximately 20% more resources everyone of us has.
The Daily Star Bonus will also add extra loot to the game. Most frequent attackers will be rewarded because 5 Stars is very easy to accumulate in one days time.  Only 2-3 solid attacks per day are needed.
Alright Clashers, let’s get to it!
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