best victoria build in omniheroes best victoria build in omniheroes

Victoria in Omniheroes – Best Build & Guide

Building Victoria in Omniheroes is important or you will not get the full potential of the hero on the battleground and let me tell you, there are some minor pitfalls many players step into. Below I have the best build for Victoria in Omniheroes which includes primarily picking the right runes, what rune exclusive skill to develop to put it in perspective with the other heroes and also what relics Victoria will work the best with

Before we start, please also see here how Victoria performs in general among all heroes in Omniheroes and you will find all possible other builds link here as well:

  • VictoriaSFull Tier List
    Here is a quick overview of the rankings of Victoria. Please refer to the full tier list linked below to see the ranking of all heroes in Omniheroes and full evaluation and priority.Campaign: SLost City/Expedition: SForgotten Land: ACelestial Trial: A+Arena: 10Full Tier List

Please also make sure to keep up to date with the latest changes in the hero tier list here.

Exclusive Rune Set Skills for Victoria in Omniheroes

The Exclusive Rune Set Skills boost heroes individually but you don’t need to prioritize all and some heroes have amazing ones and some have mediocre ones but most heroes’ Exclusive Rune Set Skill are only really needed for certain game modes. The shed some light in all of this, here are the Exclusive Rune Set Skills for Victoria to give you insight if you should invest and prioritize them or not.

Epic Exlusive Skill (Bronze)

Sky Aurora
When the ally team’s total number of kills is higher than 2, Victoria gains 100% DMG Boost.

Here is how it works in the different game modes of Omniheroes:

  • MissionsA
  • Lost City/Northern ExpeditionB
  • Forgotten LandsS
  • Celestial TrialsC
  • ArenaA+

Legendary Exlusive Skill (Golden)

Sky Aurora: Evolved
At the start of the round, Victoria applies Bind on 2 random targets for 2 round(s).

Here is how it works in the different game modes of Omniheroes:

  • MissionsS+
  • Lost City/Northern ExpeditionA+
  • Forgotten LandsB
  • Celestial TrialsC
  • ArenaS+

Relic Synergies for Victoria in Omniheroes

And now let’s talk relic synergies with Victoria which is not that easy as relics in Omniheroes, unlike other similar game, do not apply to single heroes but on your team and have to make synergies. This can get super complicated so I did look at the typical teams and synergies that you would run Victoria in and then look what relics made most sense there.

Knights Edge
Knights Edge
Deaths Scythe
Deaths Scythe
Plague Bow
Plague Bow
Vulcans Hammer
Vulcans Hammer

Please also refer to my general relic guide here.

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