omniheroes best heroes tier list december 2023 omniheroes best heroes tier list december 2023

Best Heroes Tier List in Omniheroes (2024)

What heroes are great in Omniheroes? Well, that’s a little bit of a trick question with the most-hated answer “it depends”… Some heroes in Omniheroes are great pretty much everywhere, some are great at the beginning but fall off later and some shine in certain game modes and don’t in others.

To put that all in perspective I have a total ranking below which an average rank foe each hero but also ranked them in every main game mode so you can see exactly what a hero is about before investing into them.

This is the best way to create a tier list as most tier lists out there are pretty much random.

What Heroes Are The Best in Omniheroes

So, below you find the heroes with a total rank, so some heroes simply shine everywhere but it’s also worth to take a closer look at the lower raned ones as some of them have great performance in certain game modes and can be still very important to build.

You can use the “Show More” button next to each hero to see the full individual ranking and also please check out my tier list for the relics here that follow the same pattern and can help you make your teams perform even better in Omniheroes.



If you have any further questions or maybe think I should adjust a ranking of a hero, please post a comment below and I will be happy to reply. Also thanks are appreciated 😉 Just let me know what you think or have any ideas what else I should add here.

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