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Supercell ID Info & Guide

We all know that securing our account(s) with Google Play or Gamecenter is very important to not lose years of game progress when losing your device. Now Supercell started a service called Supercell ID and I want to show you everything you need to know about it.

ATTENTION!!!! The comment section is flooded of the “lost” village & email verification issue. I added a section at the end of this article that will tell you what you need to do to not have to confirm with email every single time you change your Supercell ID and also how to add more villages once you have created your first Supercell ID

What’s Supercell ID

You have been able to connect your account with either Google Play Service or Gamecenter and when you get a new smartphone or tablet, you could easily load your village there or sync your game progress between multiple devices, like playing the same village on your smartphone and your tablet.

Well, this worked but had multiple problems:

  • Switching between accounts is not that easy
  • Syncing between iOS & Android devices is pretty much a pain with the linking

That’s where Supercell ID now comes into the game – a centralized service that will save your progress accross all different systems with one single ID, especially if you use iOS & Andoird devices and play multiple accounts, you will love Supercell ID 🙂

Multiple Accounts Now Supported!

Playing multiple accounts is something many people do in Clash of Clans, but it was not supported by Supercell officially – now looking at the FAQ of the Supercell ID in the game, you can see that this will now become officially supported:

multiple accounts coc with supercell ID

Using the Supercell ID instead of Google Play or Gamecenter has multiple advantages:

  • No need to type “CONFIRM” anymore
  • You can switch accounts in regions where Google is blocked (China etc.)
  • Way better way linking your villages accross different platforms

Well, still it takes for Google Play users a little longer until Supercell ID is signed in (loading time), but you don’t have to do the annoying “CONFIRM” typing again.

Attention! There’s no way back once you use Supercell ID, as this is quite new I would suggest you to wait until we have some more community feedback before going to Supercell ID

How to set up Supercell ID

You can find the Supercell ID in the game settings where the “Link Device” option used to be:

how to set up cupercell ID in Clash of Clans

If you use some Supercell IDs and some Non-Supercell IDs in same device, it’ll be a nightmare (you’ll have to enter new confirmation code for each account everytime after using a non-SC ID while switching back to SC ID). So, either use Supercell ID for all your accounts or don’t use Supercell ID for any account.

Once you choose that option, you will only to enter your email address and confirm your email in the confirmation email you will get – after that, you can simply log into any of your villages by just signing in to the according Supercell ID without switching Gamecenter or Google Play accounts on your device 🙂

how to use supercell ID in clash of clans

I really like that idea as it makes it easier for many and also those who have not been playing more than one account due to all the trouble switching accounts might now try it out 🙂

Email Confirmation Problems

Many people here say they are annoyed by always having to wait for the code that is sent via email when switching accounts.

The solution is simple!

Simply mark the “remember this ID” and you won’t need any email confirmation when switching accounts 🙂

Lost Villages

First of all, no village is lost – when you got it with Gamecenter or Google Play you haven’t lost any progress.

Especially people with multiple accounts thing they lost villages, but that’s just a misunderstanding. When you added a village to Supercell ID and want to add another one, make sure you’re signed into Gamecenter/Google Play where that “lost” village is connected on your device and then sign off from Supercell ID in Clash of Clans.

Now start Clash of Clans and play through the tutorial – after that the game will ask you to load the village that is connected to Gamecenter or Google Play and you can load it and add another Supercell ID with it 🙂

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  1. hi,van you help me plzz,i just connected coc with supercell id and rrgret it,i would like to delete my suoercell id and connect with google olay like before,i hezrd that support can help le to di it,so how can i cintact supoort ??

  2. I don’t think this is good option for android player. Most of android devices now support dual application, and i only need to create two instance of CoC, along with two logged accounts for that. I just accidentally link it to Super ID and i regret about it.

  3. I was looking to sell my cs go skins on a website and stumbled upon something called selling my accounts and saw some coc accounts in there…you see I haven’t played coc in like 2 and half years or so. Is it true that I can sell my account now, now this Supercell ID thingy has come? what are your thoughts? I don’t really need that money but, that account is still lying their unused.TH9 with 20+ King and Queen.

  4. i did not know much about the super cell ID . but today a guy in my friend list came to my clan and told me that he was not playing hiss account for some time and asked me to play for a while then he game me his email id and asked me to create new super cell id and log in with it and told me to play his account for a while then i said yes ok ,but after that i lost my account mean it said that some other device is playing or using my current account after that when i logged in in from my other account ,and saw that ,my accounts name had been changed and left clan . now i have changed my gmail password but still cant log in with that account .
    someone please help me i’ve invested like 2,3 years in that account

    • go to settings and sign off from supercell ID, then start new and select new game without supercell ID -> finish the tutorial and it will load your village (if you have secured it with google play or gamecenter)

    • Yes bro I have also same problems can u know bro how he work its my what’sap no bro 7369094365 plz contact on me bro. I have same problem

  5. I have connected to Supercell ID some days before. But now it is not connected to google play. Now can my village be lost if I uninstall the game? Please reply. I need help.

  6. some one spammed my id using supercell id. I connected my base to hia id with supercell id. I click create new from my nase and enter his email. My base is commectes to supercell id with his email. Pls help me

    • contact support (like the other people in the comments below that felt that they should give their account to other people). Sorry but I don’t understand how one can possibly do something like that, simply connecting something to someone else’s email address …

  7. I have stopped playing the game since two months, now someone othet player is playing that account.I didn’t give my account to anyone,but now i want to start again .I don’t have supercell id,but my game is stored in Google play account.I want to get my village back,but it is asking for supercell id! What shall i do now? Please help.

    • Someone has/had access to a device you have been logged in with Clash of Clans. It’s totally impossible that somebody out of nowhere got into your account without you letting them -> you probably have either shared your google login info with somebody or let one of your device without PIN or whatever…
      Once SupercellID is locked on your account, you will need support to help you out as you don’t have access to the email address it’s connected to

      • But I don’t know the person who has done this . And neither i have given my phone nor my account details to anyone.As i was inactive for sometime,he might have contacted supercell and gave wrong info.and took away the account.

      • Ok, I don’t really understand it. If I sign in with my account to SC ID, then log out and try to load my village using Google Play, will it work?

      • you can’t use SupercellID and Google Play at the same time -> once you#re on SupercellID, you can’t store the progress in Google Play anymore. Every time you sign out from Supercell ID, it will store your progress and return to that very point when signing in again

  8. Supercell ID worked hyper for me!! took roughly 10 mins to link my two accounts(main and mini) to it. Now switching between the two has never been so easy. I neglected my mini account because on the ‘CONFIRM’ struggle!! haha!! It was really frustrating especially if you needed to go back and forth between your accounts. Ended up typing CONFIRM 20x per day. Now I just log out and log in! Continue the good work Tim 🙂 you’re the only one I trust and follow about COC. ALL your tips and guides have worked for me and really helped in my COC experience. This site is like THE HOLY GRAIL of Clash Of Clans.
    keep it up <3

    • did you already confirm it with that gmail? if you haven’t confirmed it by typing in the code that is sent to that email address you can still change it to another one, if you did you need to write support

  9. Hey Tim, i read your article and comments/replies too but those all didn’t answered my question. I have th9 account in iphone and th8 in android phone. Now my question- is it possible to use both accounts in my iphone with this SC ID? If not without SC ID?


    • You need 2 email addresses you have access to. With one you will connect your android th8 and with the other your iphone th9. Then you can on each device sign off from supercell id and and connect the other one when reloading the game. Make sure to mark the „remember this id on this device“ iption when signing in the first time on the other device and boom you have both accounts on both devices easily 🙂

  10. SC ID is worst to switch multiple account. Playstore is much better to swich quickly.You have to type CONFIRM only.But in SC ID you have to go gmail for code. When you back to Coc by taking code it almost lost internet connection.
    So I want to delete my account from SC-ID. Not from playstore.
    Help me for this condition. I Don’t want SC ID. But im unable to delete. Where to delete???

    • Oh another opne who did not understand the system… well why you didn’t read the other 170 comments below complaining about this just to find out that when you select the “remember my on this device” will make the whole email confirm go away?
      Guess it’s easier to complain silly all over the place that the older thing was better 😉

  11. I have 3 accounts in supercell.then supercell id is very easy to swich in both villages.then i love supercell id.theare is a great idean in supercell.but one problem i have.i go to the settings and click out the supercell id,then it’s too much time to load.but very easy to swiching the accounts.

  12. I lost my Th11 account due to confusion on supercell ID. A new game popped up saying to setup supercell ID, but I put my old gmail id. now my game is synced into this new account. How to recover my th11 base?

    • Bivek, follow these steps.
      Disconnect from Supercell ID.
      Login without Supercell ID.
      A box will prompt. Cancel to load your village.
      Tap on Settings(Top-Left)
      Choose your E-Mail.
      Start playing with your old A/C.

      If you’re still having trouble, contact Supercell by tapping on Help and Support.

  13. I use an old gmail id only because my coc account is linked with it. Does this supercell id thing means that i can dump my old gmail account as it is of no use to me and the name is embarassing in itself.

    • you should connect it to an email address where you have access to it – once you need to use it on a new device (e.g. new phone), you’ll need the verification code you get via email

  14. I have 4 accounts. I had 3 of them on the same tablet. When i tried Supercell ID. I lost the ability to access 2 of the accounts. How do i get them back? I LOST the google play sign in when the Supercel ID was activated.

    • Sign in on your device with one of the 2 other ones (google play or gamecenter whatever applied) and then start the game and disconnect from supercell id.
      Now select „play without supercell id“ and finish the tutorial amd then it ahould ask you if you would like to load the village. After that you can add a new supercell id for this village to all moce them to supercell id 🙂

    • One big disadvantage of Supercell ID is for player with more than 20 villages. Supercell limit up to 20 Supercell ID per clash of clans apps.

      For Android user who have switch some account to Supercell ID but wish to keep majority of it with Google Play sign in, the only workaround or solution is to use APP Cloner to clone Clash of clans apps, use the clone for Supercell ID while retain the main clash of clans app for Google Play sign in accounts. I can’t seem to post a link in comment field, Google “how to switch between google play sign in and supercell id clash of clans account”

      My personal experience, Google Play sign in are still much faster despite the need to Confirm as these can be easily overcome with frequently use word using Google Pinyin Input keyboard. Clash on.

  15. I think so that changing Gmail id ‘s email..can dislink our coc id from SC id ..well I m just thinking .hey Tim can u try this make make us know . I have near 8 ids including some of my frnds id.i need to open them to atk in war…so tim help

  16. Supercell id helps for those countries where google is blocked or people cannot access google play services but countries which can access google play services, Supercell must provide them both the choices i.e., either connect with Supercell id or connect with google play or even switch back to their former google account with the same saved game by logging out of the Supercell id.

  17. Idk if it was made known yet but saw the comment about china just wanted to say sc id is not available in china, was over there teaching english when i set my account up and now that im home i still can’t use it