Versus Battles Attacking Strategies

best attacking strategies for versus battles

The latest gameplay mode in Clash of Clans is the Versus Battle.  This is a fast-paced, 1-on-1 mode you play from your Builder Base (also known as the “night village”) once you cross the ocean with the boat from your main village. In this guide, I’d like to show you how to attack in this Versus Battle Mode and what you should know.

Attention! In this article, you’ll find more basic techniques – if you’re at Builder Hall 3 and higher, please refer to one of these guides here:

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Versus Battles – How It Works

Versus Battles are different from the attacks we know from our Home Village. Since the beginning we have been training armies to either attack a certain base in Clan War or a base found through matchmaking in Multiplayer Mode. In Versus Battles, you have the ability to adapt your army to the base you get matched against.

This brings a new strategical aspect to the game. Different combinations must be utilized instead of focusing on the two or three compositions you prefer to play in normal battles.

switching troop clash of clans nightmode

Your victory depends on two things:

  • Getting as much destruction and as many Stars as possible on your enemy’s base
  • Preventing your enemy from getting destruction and Stars on your base

In this guide, I’ll focus on the attacking aspect, but if you would like to get some defensive tips and general tips for your Builder Base, check out my Beginner Guide here:

How Your BUILDER'S BASE Works - Beginner Tips

A Versus Battle always works the same way:

  1. Wait until your army slots to be filled
  2. Start an Attack
  3. Scout your enemy’s base
  4. Perform your attack
  5. Get loot if you have outperformed the enemy

Right now, the loot cap will prevent you from farming full-time, but I can recommend you do as many attacks as you can to climb up the trophy ladder. The higher you get, the more reward you will see at the end of each victory. Considering there are only 3 rewards given per day, this is how you break the bottleneck.

versus battles reward in clash of clans

If you do your 3 attacks per day, you will climb only 90 Trophies per day. However is you keep attacking and push to 600 Trophies, you will earn 155,000 Gold & Elixir per day versus only 30,000 Gold & Elixir.

Your army don’t cost you anything, except the few minutes of waiting time, and you can’t lose any loot in Versus Battles. 🙂

Planning Your Versus Battle Attack

So far we have covered the differences from regular battles, where normally you bring an army and then attack a base of your choosing.

The key to success in Versus Battles is scouting a base and then adapting your strategy according to this base in quite a short time!

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Attacking Strategies & Troop Compositions for Versus Battles

The Builder Bases are far less complex and smaller than the Home Villages we’re used to. What I want to show you are different spots that will let you break a base easily.

The most commonly used troops are Raged Barbarians, Sneaky Archers, Beta Minions and Boxer Giants. They are all able to perform great against all kinds of bases.

The crucial part, that ultimately results in a win or loss is:

  • Picking the right troops
  • Choosing where to place them
  • How many of the troops you will place at these spots

You have very few troops compared to regular battles or Clan War attacks, so you have to deploy them wisely!

I will now show you some classic base setups and how you can crack them.


Sneaky Archers are always a good choice in any attack. They perform a ranged attack and are invisible for the first seconds (make sure to upgrade them to Level 2 ASAP!)

Be careful when sniping outside buildings to not get them in range of the defenses!

snipng range in versus attacks

One important note here, the ranges in your Builder Base are different from the ranges you are used to from your Home Village.

You simply need to remember them and then you can count tiles:

  • Double Cannon, Hidden Tesla & Archer Tower (Fast Attack): 7 tiles
  • Cannon: 9 tiles
  • Archer Tower (Long Range): 11 tiles

When you see an Archer Tower set to Long Range mode, it’s almost impossible to snipe outside buildings, but sometimes you can still see a few spots where you can do it.

Sniping Over Walls

Sneaky Archer’s invisibility for the first seconds let them take out defenses from over walls without getting hit.

sniping over wall with sneaky archers ability in versus battles

If you see a situation like this where two defenses are next to each other, a pack of 6 Sneak Archers can take them out comfortably.

In general, if you see a setup with walls like that, I recommend you use Sneaky Archers only and snipe over the wall.

versus attaks

These layouts are a lot harder to attack when you try to break the walls with Giants or Barbarians first, so sniping is almost always a 3-Star attack.

Mind Traps

When deploying, always be super-cautious about traps! Often times you’ll see open sides or spots with no walls and you can be very sure that there are traps.

trap placement nightvillage

You don’t want to lose a big part of your troops, so always test the water by deploying a single Barbarian or Archer and see if that will trigger the traps.

That’s a small sacrifice and will disarm the traps before they can really do much harm. If you deploy troops like Sneaky Archer, Raged Barbarians or Beta Minions, you should always draw a line of troops instead of deploying them at one spot – a single trap could ruin your whole attack.

avoid traps when attacking in versus battles

Surgical Deployment

I know many tend to simply deploy everything and let happen what will happen.

Especially when you use Giants, you should split them and support them with Archers or Minions. A single Giant can tank from at least 1 defense comfortably while 2-3 Archers behind deal enough damage to take them down.

giants deployment in versus battles in clash of clans

As you can see, the right Giant will take down the Archer Tower with the single Archer and the other Giant will have enough time to tank until the other Archers take down the defenses.

Also, if one of your Giants steps into a Spring Trap, you still have good chance to pull off a 2-Star attack that will be enough to take home the victory.

Air Attacks

Not many bases below 1000 Trophies have the Firecrackers defense, so many people think it’s an easy 3-Star to just send in 8 Beta Minions and they almost always fail (I see that happening against my own base a lot).

The thing is, you might still have to deal with a long ranged Archer Tower, a Hidden Tesla and set-to-air traps.

Never do an All-Minions attack! Period.

beta minions attack coc versus mode

The Minions go down very fast and I always send them in, along with Sneaky Archers, to snipe over walls first. If you can’t manage to take down the Archer Tower (no matter what mode) in the beginning of the battle, you shouldn’t use Beta Minions at all!

Corner Building

Always zoom out at the beginning of the scouting period to see if there’s a building in one of the corners. You can spot that easily because the area with active buildings is always lit up.

corner building anti 3 star clash of clans

This can either bring you valuable percentage points or cost your a 3-Star attack. I have set this up in my base and, according to my replays, it often times works great!

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  1. ive been using giants/minions and archers/minions at bh3 at works insanely well because there are only 3 towers that hit air: archer tower, firecracker, tesla. really strong got to 1000 trophs.

  2. I have a very well working bh3 base, with all traps n buildings.. I’ve pur a pusher-crusher trap, that pushes troops directly to the crusher. This was suggested by a friend who pushed well over 1600 trophies.

  3. Anybody got a good strategy for dealing with crushers? At the moment I’m just sniping and base with a crusher with all archers and hoping to do more damage than the opponent.

    Is there anymore we can do at BH3?

  4. Hey Tim..Hi I read your article today..
    I’m quite impressed with your battle strategies ..Thank you very much . I’m a regular visitor of your site…Nice job buddy😇☺

  5. How does supercell determine who attacks who? I have been matches up with people that have 3 army camps and I only have 2! Does it go by trolhies or what?

  6. Hey Tim…..I love your site and am a regular visitor. I gotta say bud..You are doing an awesome job with this. Keep up the great work. Looking forwards for more builder base stuff. Please try for layout guide too.

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