Dragon City Combat Guide To Win More Battles

dragon city combat guide

Playing combats and battling other players is the best and most effective way to earn Experience, Gems and Gold in Dragon City – but many players struggle to actually beat opponents frequently. I’ve seen also a lot of opponents that made horrible or small mistakes that just cost them the victory.

That’s why I decided write this guide and give you my personal tips to win more combats in Dragon City (and have more fun with it).

Let’s go.

Battling Guide For Dragon City – Top Tips

I have here my best tips that I want to give you, they are in no specific order but all helpful 🙂

In general, team building and choosing your dragons wisely will make like 70% of your success in Dragon City.

dragon city arena pvp fight


Avoid Weakness Over Strength

Each dragon in Dragon City has a primary element that will make him weak against other elements – in reality this means that your attacks will only deal half damage and your opponent will deal double damage.

This is a hupe disadvantage for you and you really want to avoid having that, rather take down an opponent with a dragon

First Dragon Choice

It’s randomly chosen if you or your opponent will get the first attack so you can’t plan with that directly.

What you can plan is what dragon will go against his first dragon (the first one) so make a smart move here choosing a dragon that counters him well – means that your dragon should not get down by the first hit.

In the above example, I will need to face the Einar Dragon first, a war element dragon so I don’t want to choose any terra or fire element dragon first because if my opponent gets the first hit he could take my first dragon down instantly.


Only the first element determines strength and weaknesses, so you can ignore all other elements when it comes to weak/strong.

You could also play it risky and set there and ice or water elemental dragon to hope for the first hit but I personally don’t like gambling here at all and use a pure dragon with high hitpoints to not have any bad surprises at the start and play by battle after the first move.


It’s really important that you don’t just throw in all your strongest dragons and hope for the best – it’s a lot more effective if you take a closer look to the parent (first) elements of each dragon your opponent has and choose a dragon that will be strong against that dragon, that will let you cycle through your dragons and take out his dragons a lot faster.

I’ve written a full guide about that here.

Best Dragons To Choose

If you would have all dragons in Dragon City and maxed them out (impossible), you could always set up the best possible team – in reality, you won’t have that many dragons at that level that you can use for combat so it’s smart to have several dragons that you can fill in because they will work good most of the time.

You’re Lower Than Level 38

Hybrid dragons are always nice to use in combat so try have some of them ready, like Alpine, Tropical,Spicy, Fluorescent, Coral or Venom.

Once you unlocked the rare hybrids you should level them up to start to use them for battles, like Gummy, Cool Fire, Soccer, Pirate, Petroleum, Poo or Leviathan.

You’re higher than Level 38

Go for the Legendary Dragon!

He has the most health out of all dragons and is only weak against other legendary dragons – this makes him a perfect first dragon to use, except your opponent uses a legendary dragon in first spot, this will make it a 50:50 gamble who will win because the one that will not get the first attack will lose the first dragon instantly.

Droconos and Nirobi are also good options but hard to get so fully focus on getting the Legendary Dragon now, it will help you a lot in battles.

Plan Ahead!!!!

If your opponents dragon has only little health left and you know you will kill it with the next hit, take a small break and a look what dragon will come next. Often times you should consider swapping the dragon for the final hit to get a better dragon for the upcoming dragon.

dragon city swap dragons smartly

Yes, I could kill it with my High Priest Dragon (active), but his next dragon will be a nature element dragon (strong against light element of my High Priest Dragon) that very likely will take my High Priest Dragon down – this is a perfect situation to swap the dragon and use another dragon instead.

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