The Best Dragons in Dragon City (Earnings/Hitpoints/Attack)

best dragons in dragon city

With hundreds of dragons available in Dragon City, you have the hard choice which one to get.

Of course, many of them are only seasonal dragons or extremely hard to get or only available when you spend a small fortune… which most of us players can’t get.

So, what I wanted  to do is making a list of dragons that you actually can get (e.g. through breeding) and that you really should have because they have outstanding abilities that will boost your dragon roaster (not only in combat).

Best Dragons For Gold

Let’s have a look at the dragons with the highest Gold/hour rate in Dragon City…

Without any doubt, the High Star Dragon is the most-earning dragon in Dragon City with a total of up to 2066 Gold/hour.

The only downside is that you can’t breed this dragon at all and the only way to actually get it is getting the egg for whopping 6,000 Gems from the shop.

If you have some Gems and want to spend them but the price for the High Star Dragon is too expensive for you, you might want to consider the Archaic Dragon.

This dragon will give you 1911 Gold/hour, the second-highest earning, but you “only” need 3,000 Gems to get it.

millennium dragonThe Millenium Dragon has the highest gold income for you and is breedable as well.

You can breed it in a Sanctuary Level 8 by matching together dragons that have together with the elements sea, war, terra and metal – setups like Panzer + Waterfall or Leviathan + Armadillo do work.

If you have a setup running don’t get impatient, it can take quite some time to breed this dragon but it’s really worth it when you look at the 1186 Gold/hour it can earn for you  🙂

Best  Dragons For Battles

Here are my favorite dragons that have high hp and also hit like a truck.

Dragons That Cost Gems

Here are the three strongest dragons when it comes to hitpoints and also the damage they deal.

The Barbarian Dragon is my favorite dragon in Dragon City with 9,000 ATK and 24,000 HP – the strongest a dragon can have!

Giant Claw and Primitive Ram are already trained attack and hit hard and the trainable attacks all have over 1,000 base damage as well so you can take down pretty much any opponent dragon easily with him – unfortunately, you can only get him for 4,500 Gems.

Next in my list is the Durian Dragon. It has the same base stats as the Barbarian Dragon but the trained attacks are a little weaker than the ones the Barbarian Dragon has. Still this dragon wrecks other dragons easily but also costs 4,500 Gems…

Breedable Dragons

I can recommend you one strategy here that will help you breed the strongest dragons but it will take time, still the only way to get them without spending Gems.

You will need 2 Pure Dragons for breeding them, so if you haven’t got any Pure Dragons yet, here are the combinations that will get you the Pure Dragon as fast as possible (still less than 10% chance!):

  1. Wind Dragon + War Dragon
  2. Archangel + Mirror Dragon
  3. Crystal + War Dragon
  4. Mirror + War Dragon

The Pure Dragon itself is already pretty nice so it’s a win-win anyway 😉

Now that you have the 2 Pure Dragons you can start breeding them and if you’re lucky enough, you will get one of the strongest breedable dragons to use for attacks.

Please note, the individual chances are quite low but if you add all of them up, you have an okay chance to get one of the dragons at about 4%…

All of the dragons below have 6,000 ATK and 13,600 HP, but let’s have a look at their individual attacks

The trained attacks of the Nirobi Dragon are not that crazy, but the trainable attacks are really catching up – Mystery Myth, Aurora Borealis and Legend Spell are all dealing 2,000 to 3,000 base damage and will really wreck any enemy dragon.


The Droconus Dragon is also awesome and with Head Butt and RAinbow you have already 2 base attacks that deal more than 1,000 base damage and the trainable attacks really hit like a truck with 2,000 to 3,000 base damage each.


The Lightspeed Dragon is dealing insane damage for a breedable dragon and probably my favorite one in this section – the base damages are already hitting hard and can easily one-striker many opponents easily and the trainable attacks make it a one-strike wonder. Really nice one ☝️


The Drathic Dragon is also one dragon you can get – well, to admit he isn’t as powerful as the other ones but in total still one of the 5% strongest dragons in Dragon City so also a nice option, although the base attacks are not that powerful as the trainable ones.

Other dragons you can get here are the Brainy Dragon, Poisonux Dragon, Norse Dragon or Ranger Dragon that are as good as the ones above.

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