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The Best Officers in Age of Origins (Age of Z) – Tier List

Officers in Age of Origins provide you with important boosts that will make a huge difference in your progress and performance in the game – in battle and base progression. But also officers are build so slow and cost a lot of resources + the fact that they’re not easily unlocked makes it important to really know what you’re going for.

Below is my overview that will give you a better insight in what officers are worth it in Age of Origins and which ones are not – some officers have great skills but that sometimes don’t make them a great pick as you also have to look for different skills depending where you are in the game in terms of progress.

What are the best officers in Age of Origins?

The officers below a divided into their sections as this is how you will appoint them to activate their skill. You can go through them and see which ones you have and which ones you should plan to get and build.

Please also use the ‘Show More’ button next to each officer to read a short explanation why they are ranked the way they’re ranked which gives you a better understanding what you should look for in an officer.


  • Best Director Officers

  • Doc GraySBest Officer Skills
    Available quite early in the game is one aspect that speaks for him but even more important is that he will boost your research speed a lot. Take that over a long run and you will save a lot of time researching (or Gold skipping the research time).Rarity: EpicClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • I MediciSBest Officer Skills
    Providing general gather speed is really helpful as it will limit down the time ou actually have to spend out there so it directly translate into a higher risk that another Age of Origins player will simply hunt you down while gathering before your capacity is full and your march returns to your base. The strong thing here is that you have general gather speed and not specialized gather speed on his talents, which applies to everything you gather. Important! Gather speed will become more important as you progress and I would recommend new players to rather go for a officer here that provides construction speed simply as time is your most valuable resource.Rarity: EpicClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • F MediciA+Best Officer Skills
    Boosts your construction speed and is amazing unless you're far progressed as construction times get insane in Age of Origins at one point. If you get him early on, great, use him and he will save you a ton of time but for endgame players not that relevant anymore.Rarity: EpicClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • HackerB+Best Officer Skills
    Just for the research speed boost he is worth using right at the start until you ca use Doc Gray. Keep in mind that the research speed bonus he provides is a lot lower compared to Doc Grey but even the small percentages make a big difference in Age of Origins in the long run. Just imagine.Rarity: RareClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • GingerBBest Officer Skills
    The construciton speed helps you all way even with the little boost until youc an appoint a better officer hereRarity: RareClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • GreeneBBest Officer Skills
    Has the reserach speed bonus, just like Hacker and Doc Grey which makes him a very important early pick until you replace him with the better options in Age of Origins, which are Hacker and Doc Grey.Rarity: CommonClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • EdwardC+Best Officer Skills
    The construction speed bonus is tiny but still helps from the start onRarity: CommonClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • JesseD+Best Officer Skills
    Same as Red Grace, only for swap in as gather speed is not crucial in earlier stages and at the point where it becomes, you normally have better officers available that provide that skill already.Rarity: RareClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • Red GraceDBest Officer Skills
    Not really that great for multiple reasons. The only real use-case is if you're really early and you swap her in while gathering and you don't have any other officer in Age of Origins that provides gather speed. Other than that, research speed and construction speed is so much more important early in the game.Rarity: CommonClass: DirectorBest Officer Skills
  • Best Strategy Officers

  • SakiS+Best Officer Skills
    Incredible skill that increases your fleet capacity so much is incredible and unique in terms of how much she boosts the capacity and should be in every serious players appoint board.Rarity: EpicClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • LorelineSBest Officer Skills
    The increased troop recruitment speed helps you from Day 0 to your last day in Age of Origins simply as recruiting is all you do nonstop all the time and reducing that time significantly is a big difference and she (or a officer that has that skill at a lower level) should be on your appoint board all the time.Rarity: EpicClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • Major MorganA+Best Officer Skills
    Boosts fleet capacity bonus but not nearly as much as Saki but still a officer you see many progressed players run as the higher fleet capacity is so vital in Age of Origins.Rarity: EpicClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • GodfatherABest Officer Skills
    Also boosts fleet capacity and I described already for Saki and Major Morgan how important that is if you progress in Age of Origins. His percentage increase is just a lot lower than what they provideRarity: RareClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • Sergeant BarneyB+Best Officer Skills
    Boosts recruitment speed which is incredibly useful (please read Loreline's description), but his percentage boost is a lot lower than what she offers so I rank him lower.Rarity: RareClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • StevenBBest Officer Skills
    Recruitment speed is always useful, at any stage of the game and no matter how little it is, so Steven is a solid choice to have appointed unless you have a officer like Loreline or Sergent BarneyRarity: RareClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • BravestarCBest Officer Skills
    The max wounded skill is actually not that gret compared to the fleet bonus or recruitment speed bonus in the strategy section of officers.Rarity: EpicClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • RockbellD+Best Officer Skills
    The max wounded skill is actually not that gret compared to the fleet bonus or recruitment speed bonus in the strategy section of officers.Rarity: RareClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • VictoriaD+Best Officer Skills
    She boosts your fleet capacity but for the same reasons that make Major Morgan or Saki great, it makes her bad. First of all, the bonus is very small, really small to be precise, and by the time fleet capacity becomes more and more important in Age of Origins, she is simply not good enough anymore or you have picked up a better officer that can do that so I give her a small credit here but actually she is not useful at all.Rarity: CommonClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • Miss SuzyDBest Officer Skills
    The max wounded skill is actually not that gret compared to the fleet bonus or recruitment speed bonus in the strategy section of officers.Rarity: CommonClass: StrategyBest Officer Skills
  • Best Drillmaster Officers

  • MariaS+Best Officer Skills
    Maria is easily the best drillmaster officer in Age of Origins simply as she will give every troop type a big percentage attack boost without downsides. Yes, super rare to unlock and build but she is the best here.Rarity: EpicClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • CattieA+Best Officer Skills
    Cattie works on the opposite side of Maria and reduces enemy attack, but compared to Maria she reduces that a lot less so she is clearly falling off (still pretty good, just in perspective)Rarity: EpicClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • SimonA+Best Officer Skills
    Great for ambush with a massive boost and along Eric you can build some pretty exciting setups that ambush, but whenever your battle takes longer you will get in troubleRarity: EpicClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • EricABest Officer Skills
    I mean you can build him around a burst ambush where his stat reduce is massive and ramps up your damage a lot, espcially as HP is such an heavy stat in Age of Origins, but if you don't manage to do much in burst ambush in the first 20 seeconds, it will jump up again and you might see an unfortunate turn.Rarity: EpicClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • JimmyB+Best Officer Skills
    Reduces incoming damage just like Cattie but at a significant lower percentageRarity: RareClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • LaylaCBest Officer Skills
    Hard to rank actually as you will not ambush much and you need a build around that and as soon as you're even able to do that you have different officers available that make your day.Rarity: RareClass: DrillmasterBest Officer Skills
  • Best Warfare Officers

  • ZeusS+
    Great kit as he will increase the damage dealt to all troops signifincatly which makes him a no-brainer to appoint.Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • TifaS
    Great attack increase for all your troops makes her a great officer to appoint without second thoughts.Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • AlexandriaS
    Offers a flat damage reduction no matter what troops attack you, along Zeus a no-brainer to run when unlocked in Age of Origins.Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • Storm BowA
    Nice for the defensive side but I actually would prefer attacking stats or Alexandria with the flat damage reduction as math can get wonky here in the game...Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • KingsleyA
    For city defense yes but are you normally in a situation where this would really help unless you're a whale?Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • Big DogB
    You get him at start and his stats are okay but you wil replace him later anyway so don't spend too much with him.Rarity: RareClass: Warfare
  • AeonB
    Great if you run melee troops, but only if you do. I don't want to get too deep into the dive of troop types here but I am not the biggest fan of her due to the troop specific buff.Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • Panda JackB
    Only if you siege but also then why not take a officer that has flat all troop types buffed?Rarity: EpicClass: Warfare
  • ButterflyB
    Debatable. The skill is actually good here but the percentage is quite low and if you're a lower player that will translate in only a tiny boost.Rarity: RareClass: Warfare
  • RattlesnakeC+
    The skill is nice but the percentage so low that the impact is really smallRarity: CommonClass: Warfare
  • Ninja OkoC
    Just a tiny boost that you will in earlier stages when you consider her not even feel.Rarity: CommonClass: Warfare
  • BullD+
    No, this will not save your day when getting hit and almost make no difference at all.Rarity: RareClass: Warfare
  • ArthurD
    No, you will not siege when you consider running Arthur as appointed warfare officerRarity: RareClass: Warfare
  • RookerD
    No, this will not help you at all. Only appoint if you have no other officer available!Rarity: CommonClass: Warfare


I hope this list here gave you an idea of which officers to run early, mid and late game in Age of Origins and also why their skills work so differently and should have different priorities to you. If you have any more questions, please comment below and I will be happy to reply.

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