age of origins best director officer skills age of origins best director officer skills

Best Director Officer Skills in Age of Origins

Each director officer you have appointed in Age of Origins has their own unique skills but you can add additional officer skills that will apply to your whole base – and those boosts are quite essential espcially for earlier and mid-game players.

In this guide I want to give you some advice which skills work best depending where you are in the game and please also make sure to check out the ranking of the best director officers to use in Age of Origins here.

Director Officer Skills Overview in Age of Origins

So, the options you have here consist mainly of consturction speed, research speed, different kinds of gathering optimizatinons (speed, capacity) and resource output. And I can tell you soome are more important than others early and some become more important later, that’s why this guide here is divided into different sections so please look in the correct section depending if you’re a new player, a progressed player or an endgame player.

Early Game Director Officer Skills

Here you have two options and as you will be online frequntly and do two things – start new constructions and gather resources. That’s all you do. I personally advice to take the research and construction speed bonus as this will help you with the literally years of total time it takes to do that and even the smallest improvment here goes a long way.

Alternatively you can also improve your gather speed to get quicker off the map before someone spots you and hunts you down. Also, as your officers at this point are unlikely 4-Star you have limited slots to equip those skills so pick them wisely.

Technology Research
Technology ResearchResearch takes so long and even the smallest percentage you can improve here is so important so I highly recommend that you get it although it might sounds a little boring right at the start, it will help your progress in Age of Origins by a lot.
Construction Speed
Construction SpeedConstruction speed also goes a long way and although the upgrades don't seem too long, they quickly go towards many hours and saving several minutes on each of them together makes a huge improvement. Always remember, at the end of the day time is your most valuable asset in Age of Origins, not the resources!
Gather Speed
Gather SpeedGather Speed can be also a useful pick as you really want to get off the map as quickly as possible as your gather marches already have a mark on their back and you don't want them to get hunted down quickly and saving them time gathering can also be a significant boost.

Progressed Director Officer Skills

If you left the early-game period and you’re not that vulnerable anymore in Age of Origins and your director officers have more stars and can use more skills, this whole list extends a little bit.

I would, if possible, fine-tune the gather speed here a little bit by how much it is needed and I believe that oil is more importan than minerals and food at this point + with the new slots the specific gathering skills here are not possible to use together and give a bigger boost than the general gather speed officer skill:

Technology Research
Technology ResearchResearch is still one of your main bottlenecks in progressing so I highly recommend to have director officer skills selected that will improve that.
Construction Speed
Construction SpeedConstruction speed is the same as research speed and a small percentage here saves you many hours, if not days at the end of each month if you plan it out correctly.
Gather Oil
Gather OilGathering Oil is a pain and you need it a lot so you can easily equip this on both of your director officers and have two of them active and it will help.
Gather Food
Gather FoodGathering Food I find also helpful at this stage so having this officer skill when you have the above ones helps for sure.
Gather Minerals
Gather MineralsGathering Minerals I find also helpful at this stage so having this officer skill when you have the above ones helps for sure.

Endgame Director Officer Skills

At this point research and construction becomes less important and you should focus more on resource output and gather speed in the priority you need it. At this point it is very complex what boosts you have what direction you’re playing the game but if you’re here you play for years and you very likely don’t need a guide anymore 🙂


I hope this helps and please also check out my guide for the drillmaster officer skills and the strategy officer skills here.

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