chronicle of infinity best class tier list chronicle of infinity best class tier list

Best Classes in Chronicle of Infinity (Tier List)

You’re not sure what class you should pick in Chronicles of Infinity? Well, I have below all classes described, including some more info what they will work like in PvP and PvE so you have some support finding the perfect class in Chronicle of Infinity for you.

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Best Class for PvP & PvE in Chronicle of Infinity

Arcania (PvP: S) – Along with Phantom, the Arcania is another force to be reckoned with in PvP. And it is the same reason they are fantastic in PvE. The Arcania seems to excel at almost everything. While they might struggle a little bit against expert Phantom players, they can still hold their own. Thanks to their spells and skills lingering for a time, it will be hard for players to get in on her without taking a lot of damage.

I would have to give the Arcania the slight edge in PvP due to her being easier to do damage compared to the Phantom. The Phantom has to get in close, while the Arcania can stay far away while doing constant damage. She may not have the burst damage, but she excels either way.

Arcania (PvE: A) – The Arcania is the mage class of the game, and much like the mage class, she excels at doing massive area of effect damage from afar. Though her survival is easily the lowest in the game. Making her a glass canon. That’s not to say she can’t survive in a fight. The Arcania class has excellent mobility and the best-sustained damage in the game. Because her dash skill can do damage and allow her to escape, this makes her very dangerous.

A lot of her skills also stay on the battlefield for a duration, allowing you to weave in and out of your spells to set up damage. Since her skills take up a lot of space on the battlefield, you are easily able to do damage to multiple enemies. She is easily one of the best classes in PvE due to her sustained damage over time and area damage.

chronicle of infinity phantom class

Phantom (PvP: A) – Phantoms are some of the best player killers in PvP. Because of their very high burst damage, they are easily able to take out other Phantoms and Arcanias in one combo. They won’t have much luck with fighting Dragoons, due to their high health and armor, but can easily take on the other classes. But there is a huge skill gap between a good and bad Phantom player.

Phantoms are one the harder classes to use. A bad Phantom player will probably put out the same amount of damage as a Dragoon player. A good player should have thousands more damage, depending on their gear, it could be much higher. Learning how to approach a combat situation, do big damage, and get out is crucial. Because of this, the Phantom has a high spot for PvP on this tier list.

Phantom (PvE: C) – Phantoms are your classic assassin class that is prominent in other games. They are quick, nimble, and have amazing burst damage. However, they aren’t meant to stay in the fight for long as they have low health and armor. This makes the class a high-risk high-reward type of character. Their dash skill leaves them open for a few frames as well. So knowing when to jump in and jump out of a situation is crucial.

When it comes to PvE, Phantoms can only output a lot of damage, usually toward a single target, they don’t have any support skills for their teammates. So it can still feel like a solo experience.

Dragoon (PvP: B) – In PvP, they aren’t the most needed by far. When it comes to PvP, mobility and damage are the most important. The only thing that the Dragoon can provide in PvP is some crowd control effects. While this is useful for team PvP, a lot of their attacks have longer start-up frames. This makes it easier for other classes to evade Dragoon attacks. However, if you can get the team to focus on you while your team attacks them, then they can be useful.

The Dragoon has some moves that can be used from a distance, but most are melee. This makes them worse than the other classes in PvP. They don’t have the damage or the speed, yet they still have to get near their target to be effective. This is even more true for duels, it is highly unlikely to win against a similarly skilled player that is using another class.

Dragoon (PvE: C) – The Dragoon is a more tanky and warrior-based class compared to the others. They are a heavy armor-wearing class. However, because they have a much bigger health pool and better defenses, they aren’t as mobile. You don’t necessarily need it too much when you are meant to soak up the damage. The good thing about this class is that they are good for beginners.

This makes them decent in PvE. Their damage is the worst out of all three classes, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hold their own in PvE. As long as you are dodging enemy attacks and providing crowd control effects, the Dragoon will do just fine. Of course, this depends on you set up your Ougi as well.


I hope this overview gives you a good indication of what class you should take and probably have the most fun with in the long run. If you have further questions or would like to add something, please comment below.

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