TapTap Heroes All Valid Gift Codes (With Proof)

taptap heroes gift codes

Here and there we see new gift codes in TapTap Heroes that will get you Gems, Keys, Shards and all other kinds of items for free.

Sounds pretty nice, right? The problem is, you need to enter the gift codes in time so I will give you an overview below of all the gift codes in TapTap Heroes that you can use and also tell you which ones are valid – nothing is more annoying than spending lot of time typing in gift codes that are not valid anymore or missing a gift code.

How To Use Gift Codes In TapTap Heroes

taptap heroes use gift codeUsing gift codes is not difficult in TapTap Heroes – you simply need to go to “Privileges” on the right side of your main screen and select the “Special” tab.

There you will find a field that is called “Gift Code” where you only need to enter the code.

When you enter a valid code you will see the gift sent to your inbox where you can claim your reward. Please mind that you need to have a certain Player Level or VIP Level for some gift codes, so you will see a message about your level not being eligible for a gift code. But normally Player Level 50 is enough for most of the codes.

Just enter the code from below (with the status active) and you will get the rewards ๐Ÿ™‚

All TapTap Heroes Codes (Updated Frequently)

Here I will list you all codes and also add new codes as soon as they will get released.

Here’s the full list.

TH777 Code (September 4th)

taptap heroes gift code th777Status: Active

A new gift code arrived and it will give you 20x Keys once you enter it. I don’t know how long it will be valid so don’t wait too long and use it right away.

The code is TH777

SUGGESTION1 Code (September 4th)

Status: Active

A new gift code arrived and it will give you 300x Gems once you enter it. I don’t know how long it will be valid so don’t wait too long and use it right away.

The code is SUGGESTION1

DRAGONBOAT5 Code (June 25th)

Status: Expired

Get 500x Gems and 2x Miracle Eyes with this code. There’s no expiry date announced so I think it will not last longer than one week. As always, redeem quick ๐Ÿ™‚

The code is DRAGONBOAT5

Anniversary Codes (June 5th)

Status: Expired

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of TapTap Heroes we have gotten 3 gift codes. Mind that the last one will only be valid for Player Level 50+


taptap heroes anniversary giftcodes 2020

TTHSURPRISE Code (March 31st)

Status: Expired

No, this is no April’s Fool joke, this code is real and will give you 300x Gems for free when you use it. I think it will only be valid for a short time so redeem it right now.


2020LOVEYOU Code (February 20th)

Status: Expired

Not sure for what this code is but a fresh gift code is out for TapTap Heroes and it will give you 500x Gems for free when using it.

The code is 2020LOVEYOU

Chinese New Yeat Code (February 20th)

Status: Expired

To celebrate Chinese new year, we have two codes that we can use – mind that you can only use one of them and they give the same reward

The code is NEWYEAR2020 or 2CHINESEEVE

QQFJJODAFFF Code (November 23rd)

Status: Expired

Just in time for Halloween we have a new gift code that will reward you with 200x Gems once used. It’s valid for 1 week so make sure to use it before it expires ๐Ÿ™‚


19DALKJGK70 Code (October 1st)

Status: Expired

Fresh code for 500x Gems for a random reason via social channels. Don’t know how long it will be valid, but looks like no order code is longer valid than 1 week, so… redeem it as long as it’s hot ๐Ÿ™‚

The code is 19DALKJGK70

ALSGDKF Code (March 20th)

Status: Expired

A new gift code arrived and it will give you 300x Gems when entering it, it was originally posted on the official Facebook Page

The code is ALSGDKF

EVYJGVDIXGRU Code (Februray 14th)

Status: Expired

For the end of the latest event the developers released a new gift code as well via private message in Facebook Messenger. Nit sure if it is personalized or you need to follow the official page to actually redeem the code.


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