summon dragons best team building guide summon dragons best team building guide

Summon Dragons – How to build the best team

When it comes to team building, you have so many options in Summon Dragons, it’s simply impossible to list them all. So, to shed some light into he dark, I have put together the best practices and will give you some options how you can assemble a good team.

How to build a good team

So, you have multiple dragons to put together and that gives you basically unlimited options, right?

Well, the current meta, luckily, has evolved that for most cases you will run best when you assemble your team like this:

  • 1 Tank
  • 2 Mercy
  • 2 Agility
  • 1 Mage

I know it’s not the 100% best setup for all situations, but i’d say you can cover 93% of all situations well running a team like that in Summon Dragons.

I mean I can now list the strongest dragons of each type and simply leave you here, but that will not help if you don’t have those dragons, right?

So, to help you find the best team setup that fits your roaster of dragons you have, I have you the best options listed so you can fit in the ones that you have available (please mind, this goes tight to my tier list of best dragons that I recently posted here):

Tank Type (Choose 1 Dragon)

  • Very good: Margaret, Grover
  • Good: Darwin, Edwyn
  • Solid: Sebastian, Bruce
  • Last resort: Kamath, Erinis, Heracles, Greed, Blade, Neptune

Please mind that I only listed legendary dragons here for the reason that the lower rarities will not sustain enough to stand as the bulky meatshields that protect the more vulnerable dragons.

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Mercy Type (Choose 2 Dragons)

  • Very good: Lumerius
  • Good: Cosmo, Edwards, Lilly
  • Solid: Phoenix, Envy, Jane
  • Last resort: Iris, Raenor

Here you have multiple options between the legendary heroes that make sense and they all have a good to great synergy between each other that makes them perform well.

Agility Type (Choose 2 Dragons)

  • Very good: Yazi, Tenebris
  • Good: Jett, Grison, Lion
  • Solid: Flog, Garfield, Bert, Uranus, Carney, Umbriel
  • Last resort: Elijah

Agility dragons are more rare in Summon Dragons, therefore you have some very good options while most of them are more solid, so they work, but not outstanding and definitely falling off behind the other ones.

Mage Type (Choose 1 Dragons)

  • Very good: Miya, Shai-Sahra
  • Good: Ao Bing, Daniel, Sol, Liz
  • Solid: Kali, Vulcan, Terra, Nicolas
  • Last resort: Toby

I mean with Miya you will run by far the best dragon here, so powerful and better then the other ones it should not be possible. But you also see other valid options for that position.

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I hope this helps you build your squad in a balanced way without throwing 2 or 3 pre-made teams at you that you’re either impossible to build or will struggle with. After all, you decide what dragons you invest in and merging them together to a solid team with the basic setup rules I gave you above will work in almost all the times.

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