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PP Range Downtuning – How To Do It Right

Certain trials require cars that are within a specific PP range and even when you have the proper car for that trial, you might have upgraded it so far that your PP range exceeds the required range and prevents you from racing that trial.

So, the answer is you need to downgrade your car, specifically use lower stage upgrades to fit the required range.

End of guide 😉 No. There are some things you should mind when doing that and that’s what I will cover here.

The reason? You still want to bring the strongest car possible, even when the PP range is limited.

csr2 re fit lower stage upgrade part

In case you don’t know how to fit a lower stage upgrade part, simply go to the upgrade menu and scroll to a lower stage and use the “Re-Fit Part” button to activate a certain lower stage upgrade part.

But here come some additional advice what you need to mind

Choosing The Right Parts To Remove

First of all go through all the different tuning parts (engine, body, etc.) and see how much PP lowers when going to a lower stage upgrade there – some will give you a small decrease, other a huge decrease.

Normally you will have a mix of Stage 5 and Stage 6 parts in that car so bringing all of them on the same level is most of the times a good strategy.

I personally always try to lower tires and nitro at the last option, because they don’t have the highest PP weight but will give you a significant boost (grip and nitro) that will help you more than some additional horsepower from your engine.

Here’s my personal priority list how I lower the upgrades in order (top first, bottom last):


  • intake/engine/turbo – they have normally the highest PP range weight and not the biggest impact on your cars handling, for me the first section to lower
  • body – also not that important but normally only a small PP weight so rather a choice for doing if your less than 10 PP too high
  • transmission – faster shifting is, obviously, pretty helpful. But take care and check if the current upgrade part only reduces weight then you can lower is without much trouble
  • nitro/tires – really important, only lower if the other stages have many fusion parts or are already 2 stages below the current nitro stage

Speaking of fusion parts, this leads me to the next point…

Fusion Parts Matter

Depending on the car you need to downgrade, you have more or less fusion parts fitted in the stage upgrades. The good thing is, fusion parts will add EVO, not PP!

This means, you want to try keeping as many fusion parts as possible! If you need to decide between two stage downgrades to use (list above) and you’re not sure it sometimes helps looking at how many fusion parts the certain stage has and remove the stage with less fusion parts.

keep fusion parts when changing pp range

What PP Range To Hit

Those trials aren’t normally so hard that you need to land at the top of the required PP range. Let’s say the required PP range is 415-455, you can also finish it when you have a PP range of 440 or something like that.

Also, PP range is not primarily time, you can race some dyno test races to see that some setups with lower PP are still faster than others 🙂

Don’t Forget Tuning

When fitting a lower stage upgrade part, your tuning setup will change in 99% of the cases so you need to go to the tuning section now and tune for max EVO. This is essential to still get the best time possible even with a car that has a lower PP.

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