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Arcade Machine in CSR2 – Where Is It?

Some of you haven’t heard of the Arcade Machine yet? Well, it’s pretty well hidden in CSR2 and you might get a daily goal for it sooner or later that will require you to play the Arcade Machine.

csr2 daily goal arcade machine

So, if you get the daily goal – or you simply want to play it for fun – here’s what you need to do in order to be able to play it.

Go to your garage view and turn the camera around until you can see the corner with the stairs.

At this point, you already spot the Arcade Machine and when you tap that area you will get taken there for a closer look.

There you will see the Classic Drift Arcade Machine in the corner and simply clicking it will start the mini-game.

where is the arcade machine in csr2

There’s not much more about it than a pretty fun classic drift mini-game that is free to play (unless you want to continue once you ran out of time to get a bigger high score).

It doesn’t matter what cars you have or how far your progress in the game is, you will always play it with a Ferrari 488 and see the same map there.

csr2 arcade machine high score

The game itself is pretty straight forward – simply turn left and right to not hit any other cars or obstacles and stay on the track to get to the next checkpoint before you run out of time 🙂

Good luck and if you want, you can post your high score in the comments below 😉

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