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How to increase your rank in Fortnite and perform better in matches How to increase your rank in Fortnite and perform better in matches

How to increase your rank in Fortnite and perform better in matches

How to increase your rank in Fortnite and perform better in matches

Fortnite is a battle royale project that was inspired by the incredible popularity of PUBG and was released by Epic Games.

100 players land on the game map in the selected location and begin to look for equipment and resources for construction in order to fight among themselves, trying to remain the last survivor, who will take the title of top 1 player on the server.

You will have to look for weapons and equipment, grenades and medicine, and always remember that everyone around you is an enemy, and the playing area will gradually begin to narrow, forcing all players to constantly fight among themselves and decide who will occupy what status in the entire game.

Depending on your places that you will occupy during your matches, a rating will be formed – for victories and places close to it, you will receive Fortnite ranked carry, for low and weak ones – a reduction and selection of opponents more suitable in level.

How to gain experience and increase your rank in Fortnite

How to gain experience and increase your rank in Fortnite

Play matches

While you play regular or team matches, you accumulate experience points by performing in-game actions.

The total survival time, kill and place in the final statistics that you took as a result are taken into account.


All players who can destroy a large number of enemies after landing are awarded additional experience.

To increase this indicator and your Fortnite boost, simply choose large points to land in, where the biggest battle for resources always takes place and the majority of players are destroyed.

You will have a chance to quickly grab a weapon and start destroying your opponents, but such an adventure will also lead to your frequent deaths, but you will quickly learn to shoot, look for valuable loot and survive in difficult conditions.


The longer you survive in the match, the more experience you will receive in the end.

Moreover, your number of kills does not directly depend on and does not affect your boosting in Fortnite.

You need to land in one of the zones in which there will be two or three houses, and then you will have the opportunity to relatively quickly and safely collect starting equipment and immediately go to destroy opponents for the sake of experience, or survival, also for a similar goal.

If your goal is to survive, then you need to track the location of the narrowing of the playing area and roughly understand the general movement of the players in order to engage in battle with them on favorable terms, or, on the contrary, hide and wait until the bulk of gamers kill each other.

Quests and Challenges

Every week, you will receive new tasks and challenges that will help you gain new experience and increase your Fortnite rank.

These are tasks for killing, surviving, participating in matches, using certain weapons and equipment.

These are normal in-game tasks that you’ll do during a match anyway, but the system encourages you to focus on potential new gaming experiences and increase your rank and introduce new mechanics that you might otherwise miss.

Buy a battle pass if you are an active player

Fortnite, like many cooperative and competitive projects, relies on earning extra money by providing players with new and unique content, mostly visual.

You will complete various tasks and challenges, thereby increasing your Battle Pass level and unlocking various rewards. Starting with skins for weapons and characters and ending with additional rewards and animations for various actions.

Choose a team format

If you play with friends in a team, then you will be opposed by the same groups, but this will open up a large number of tactical actions for you, which will allow you to survive longer in matches and kill more opponents simply through team interactions and communication.

For example, you can even get a second chance, because if you are knocked down, you will no longer get up in single mode, while in team matches they can help you and extend your life.

Also, playing together allows you to distribute responsibilities and roles, and then the group can have its own sniper, orderly, shooter and master of building fortifications in places where the group will hold the defense.

Fortnite Gameplay Tips

Fortnite Gameplay Tips

Choose a landing point based on your playing skills and goals for the match

If you are a beginner, then avoid large cities, where you will be quickly killed, and often you will not even understand how it happened, which will not help you progress in matches. Of course, you will often die in any case, but in fair shootouts you will at least understand the principles of the weapon’s operation and aiming methods, which will help your hero emerge victorious from the battle more often.

Try different weapons and learn to shoot with them

You will never be in an absolutely convenient and comfortable situation in a match, and you will not always come across assault rifles.

You’ll start matches with pistols, shotguns, and automatic weapons until you get to the assault rifle.

It is advisable to be able to shoot with anything or at least understand the principles of operation of this weapon.

Don’t chase the Airdrop

Fortnite will periodically drop random valuable equipment, and you can pick it up if you arrive at the drop point before other players.

Remember that this is a source of danger and a guaranteed battle with other players, and if your game level is weaker, or you do not have good enough weapons, then you will most likely die and start the match again.

Build as needed

The most active players can use the mechanics of building up the territory with various shelters that will withstand some hits until they are completely destroyed.

The building makes noise and this must be taken into account, so that enemies can hear you – so use the tool when necessary, and not in any situation.

Metal and stone will be more dense and stable, but there are no indestructible objects in the game, and you need to be able to alternate buildings for defense and at the same time have time to rebuild the destroyed elements and have time to attack the enemy, because if you become completely defensive, then sooner or later the enemy will get you with its persistent damage.

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