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rise of kingdoms migration guide rise of kingdoms migration guide

How To Get Passport Pages In Rise of Kingdoms & Migrate To Another Kingdom

Many players to consider migrating to another kingdom for several reasons – I wanted to write this guide to give you a full overview what to expect plus also a guide on how to get the required passport pages in Rise of Kingdoms.

Migrate Kingdom

If you want to get your city migrated to another kingdom, there are some things you should keep in mind. I don’t want to give you a guide here where to click to find the migration tool (it’s scrolling out as far as you can and then click on the globe symbol in the bottom right corner)

The things I want to talk about is more if you#re sure and how to pick a good kingdom where you want to migrate to.

Do You Really Want To Migrate?

Have you ever heard “the grass is always greener on the other side”?

I understand if you have friends playing in another kingdom and you want to migrate there to play together with them, but if you migrate for reasons that are other than that, let’s say you feel like everyone crushes you all the time or there are a lot of toxic players in your kingdom, you really want to give this a second thought! Once immigrated to another kingdom, you will need to perform the same steps to get back to your old kingdom or another kingdom – keep that in mind!

How To Choose A Good Kingdom

There are several things that you should look at when you join a new kingdom – unless, of course, you’re doing this to play with someone you know.

Those things are always a rough rule of thumbs but I have here some things that you really want to check out first before you migrate to a new kingdom (remember, once immigrated you will have to wait 30 days until you can migrate to another kingdom).

Here’s what you really want to take a closer look at BEFORE migrating:

Population Size

There’s theoretically no limit on how many players can be in a kingdom, but if a kingdom gets too crowded it will turn out to become a “war” about resource nodes because they don’t scale with the number of players.

too many players

It sounds hard and most of the times, those kingdoms are running well, but ask yourself if you really want to do a lot more traveling for resource nodes or search for a long time to get one?

King Rotation

I’ve already written about this in my guide to titles in Rise of Kingdoms, but TL;DR you want to be able to get the titles like duke whenever you need them and this requires a king that will give it to you.

So, the best thing that can happen is if there’s one king alliance where the king is in and he/she will give away the titles equally.

Otherwise, if the king rotates through different alliances, there will be times when you won’t get a title as frequently because a king will always favor his own alliance (no accusation here, but they have the alliance chat and this will happen naturally).

Check out who the king is and if you see that the king is in a mini alliance you know that this kingdom will cycle titles equally.

Ruling Alliances Ecosystem

In every kingdom, there are several alliances, for sure, but there are big differences.

There’s one kind of kingdom where you will see one major alliance with sub-alliances that will pretty much support each other and the other alliances there play a minor role and keep on track with what the big alliance does. This is a peaceful place where you can make your progress easily.

This will look something like that:

one main alliance running kingdom example

The other kind is when you have multiple alliances of the same size dividing the kingdom and this can lead to conflicts because no every alliance will agree on what the other alliances say and you might find yourself in the middle of a civil war in that kingdom sooner or later – and that’s something you really don’t want to get yourself into unless you’re actively looking for such a thing.

multiple alliances running kingdom example

So, take a closer look at the alliances and how they divide the kingdom among them and you will get quite a fast clue what’s going on there before migrating.

Player Power

Also consider how strong the players are – you probably don’t want to migrate to a kingdom where everyone is a lot stronger.

player power

You can do that by simply creating a new account in that kingdom and get it to City Hall Level 8 as fast as possible to see the ranking – I mean, it’s your new home so this sounds like a lot of work but you can do this within like 1-2 hours if the above things look good in that kingdom. This is just a burner account so do nothing but leveling up your City Hall by doing the campaign and quests and you can get the rankings to see where you would stay.

That’s about it and that’s what you should put a focus on instead of randomly choose a new kingdom. You will have 30 days there if you migrate, no matter what.

Of course, sometimes thing don’t turn out but it’s better to check those facts than not checking anything 🙂

How To Get Passport Pages

To migrate to another kingdom, you will need passport pages – and the amount of passport pages you need depends on the total strength you have:

table strength and pages needed

So, for most of you out there you will probably not need more than 1-3 passport pages, but let’s take a look at the best ways to get those passport pages to migrate your city to another kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

A New World Offer

Inside the special offers, you will see the “A New World” offer that will refresh every 14 days – it’s actually quite a nice deal and will get you a passport page as well.

get passport page

If you do spend money on gems consider getting this one, even if you don’t plan to leave your kingdom new just in case you will need it later.

But there are also other places where you can get the passport pages, especially if you need more than it can become expensive fast.

Alliance Shop

Another way is getting them through the alliance shop where your leader or officers can place them in the alliance shop so you can pick them up there for 800,000 Credits.

passport page from alliance shop

They might ask why they should do that and the reason is simple – nor do they want to hold a player that wants to leave and everyone horts passport pages for the future if they might need it, so you’re probably not the only player that would like to have some of them in the inventory.

Ask your leaders or officers and you might be able to get one there (but make sure you have the 800,000 credits that you will need to pay for that!)

If you don’t know how many passport pages you need, simply scroll out as much as you can on the map and click the globe symbol at the bottom right corner and you can click in any kingdom there and select migrate – this will show you a screen where you will see how many you need:

how many passport pages needed

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