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rise of kingdoms commander leveling guide rise of kingdoms commander leveling guide

How To Level Up Commander In Rise of Kingdoms As Fast As Possible

Unlocking a commander is one thing, but taking that commander to maximum level is another one.

In this guide I wanted to show you some tips that can speed up the leveling progress of your commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. I have a good strategy for gaining experience as fast as possible as well as some tips on sculptures to star your commanders up.

Let’s do this 🙂

Gain Experience Fast

It’s all about gaining experience when you want to level up your commander – and experience is gained in action, right?

So, you could technically send the commander you want to level out there and let him gain experience – but if that commander is quite low, you can’t really take on that heavy opponents and you will only gain experience very slow.

Here’s the strategy that most players use to level up their commander faster.

Barbarians Farming With Lohar

You will need Lohar with his 3rd passive skill unlocked for that – Lohar’s Trial.

This skill allows him and his secondary commander to gain up to 70% more experience from defeating barbarians on the map.

I think you see where this is going but there’s a little more about this strategy to make it really effective!

So, get Lohar leveld up and with his healing effect and the right build, you can have him really durable and you can go from barbarians to barbarians without getting back to your city in between.

Here’s the build that you want to use with him:

best lohar build hunt barbarians

With Curing Chant and Counterattack, he will gain extra healing and this will make him – when you chose the right level of barbarians – impossible to loose any strength. Yes, you can just defeat barbarians, get the extra experience and go to the next barbarians until you have used your action points or want to finish your session.

Now you take the commander you want to level up with Lohar as the secondary commander – Lohar will do most of the job and your secondary commander will simply be carried through the fights and gain the extra experience and level up a lot faster than taking on lower level barbarians himself – always remember, there’s no difference in the amount of experience a commander will get based on if that commander is primary or secondary commander.

gain experience faster

The only difference is that the secondary commander can only use skill and no talents – and if that commander is the lower-level commander that you want to level, that’s exactly what you want, right?

Star Up Commanders

There are two things that I like to mention here – one is how to use your sculptures and stars to star up your commander and the other one is how you can even skip stars.

Using Stars & Crit Luck

So, with every star you use there’s also a chance to get double the Star EXP.

Basic question is, should you use all stars at once or rather do them one by one?

Statistically, the chances are the same but you will always be under the favor of luck here. If you use 6 stars and get the crit, lucky you. If you do instead use those 6 stars one by one you will get a smaller crit in Star EXP but have more shots for getting it a lower percentage.

Rise of Kingdoms crit star exp

The best strategy is to use one with the highest chances along with 5 regular ones. This will give you the highest possible chance for each try and also the best amount of extra Star EXP when you get the crit.

Skip Stars

There’s a technique that will allow you to go from 1-Star to 3-Stars without leveling your commander up to Level 20 – this means, you will get the 3rd skill sooner and can do the leveling later.

To do this, you want to level your commander to 80% of your 2nd Star:

skip stars

Now add the best stars and sculptures you have to get at least 40% on the 3rd Star – when you’re now lucky you will get the crit and it will take you automatically to the 3rd Star:

go from 1 star to 3 star

Unfortunately this doesn’t work on the higher stars because you won’t get enough Star EXP from 6 sculptures/stars to do that, but it’s still a nice thing that you can use if you#re heavily working on leveling one commander and having the 3rd skill earlier it will give you a good boost in the meantime 🙂

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