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Empires & Puzzles Leveling Guide – The Fastest & Cheapest Ways

Leveling up your heroes in Empires & Puzzles is expensive and time-consuming at one point and I often hear about strategies that I totally disagree on, so I did spend a lot of time going through the different tactics and wanted to share my results here that I believe make the best long-term strategy to level up your heroes.

This guide has two sections, the first will show you which heroes to feed and why to do that, so you will get the most out of it – the second section will then give you more insights on how to get the tons of heroes to feed your main heroes, primarily which Training Camp levels are the best to use.

Feeding The Right Heroes

Ok, you simply feed heroes that will fill the XP bar and level up your hero – sounds simple but there are some things that you need to mind when feeding heroes, otherwise you’ll be burning a lot of experience and food as well.

The best way is to always feed your heroes 10 lower heroes of the same color, preferably the same hero if you have it – for several reasons:

The first reason is the skill boost and this applies to all heroes that are not legendary (5 Star)*. Especially 3-Star heroes but also occasionally 4-Star heroes can be at max level but only have their special ability at something like 5/8. The problem is, there’s no way to level that hero up any further so no chance to also increase the skill level and your hero is not as strong as it could be!

*Legendary Heroes have som many levels to go through that it’s pretty impossible to not get their skill maxed out by the time you have them at Level 80.

level up heroes chances

The second reason why you only feed the same color is the extra experience you will get plus the same color has double the chances to increase the skill level when leveling up. If you feed another color hero you will get only 1% chance instead of 2% – or other way around, feeding random 10 1-Star heroes will give only 10% chance to level up the hero skill instead of 20%.

Here’s how much chances to level up the skill a hero of the same color will give you

  • 1 Star = 2%
  • 2 Star =4%
  • 3 Star = 6%
  • 4 Star = 8%
  • 5 Star = 10%
  • Exact Copy = 25%

The third reason is you will save a ton of food over time. Each time you level up a hero (no matter which if you use one hero or 10 heroes to do that), the price you will have to pay next time will increase. So, when feeding a 3-Star hero the first time you will spend 2,100 food per hero you feed, by the time you will get this 3-Star hero to Level 50 it can be more than 10,000 food.

This is why you never want to feed them 1-Star heroes one by one, this will make it even more expensive

So, TL;DR feeding always 10 heroes of the same color will:

  • Make sure you have the best chances to reach the max level skill for that hero
  • Saves time and food with boosted experience
  • Will prevent paying too much in the later levels

Reason enough to be a little patient and wait until you have enough heroes, right?

How To Get Heroes To Feed

So now let’s talk about the tons of heroes you will need to feed your heroes to level them up.

First things first, the best way to get them is through your Training Camps – but with 20 different training methods in each camp, there are a lot of possibilities, right?

So I have been taking a closer look and present you here the best ones to train in Training Camp for a steady supply of feeder heroes 🙂

Training Camp Setup

For me it is always finding the best setup that let me run all Training Camps 24/7 without burning all my food – because I still need that food to level up my heroes 😉

So, in general I have here one setup that will be the best, no matter at what stage in the game you are (math below).

extra low cost training

No matter what, try to reach Stronghold Level 20 and Training Camps Level 11 as fast as possible, this will give you the cheapest training option and also 4 Training Camps!

  • Training Camp 1 should always train the Level 1 option that requires Wooden Swords
  • Training Camp 2 should always train the Level 2 option that requires backpacks
  • Training Camp 3+4 should train Level 11 option that is by far the cheapest available and doesn’t require anything other than recruits and food) – if you haven’t unlocked it yet, take the Level 4 option

The good thing about this strategy is that you can always get in some Level 11 or Level 4 training when you’re out of Wooden Swords or Backpacks.

Some explaining to this… Always use the 1-Star and 2-Star heroes that you trained to feed, training 3-Star heroes just to feed them is not worth it, it takes like 10 times more time to train them and also costs like 10 times more, just to get double the XP for that – you can use 10 2-Star or 1-Star heroes instead and pay less for more XP gained.

Level 5-9 training cost about 5-6 times more food per XP gained from the heroes you get from there so don’t use them unless you really need a hero of that specific color!

Of course you should train other options if you need to pull a new hero, but we’re talking about leveling up your heroes as fast as possible here 😉

  1. Hi
    I’m trying to make sense out of all that you’ve written.
    It all makes sense to people who aren’t relative novices like me.
    Lets say I have a red 5* KAGAN, currently at level 1/1. I’ve also got a red 3* NASHGAR currently at level 3/5 and 10 red 1* SHARAN.
    Are you saying its better to feed KAGAN with any/all red stars I get straight away thus avoid feeding them to increase their level first OR feed them, increase their level THEN feed them to KAGAN?
    For example, is it better to feed KAGAN with all 10 x red 1* SHARAN all at level 1/1 individually (so feeding him with 10 x 1*)
    should I combine all 10 x red 1* SHARAN to give me a SHARAN at about red 1* 5/1?
    Should I feed either 10 x 1/1 SHARAN or combine all 10 SHARAN to make 1 x 5/1 SHARAN feed that to NASHGAR boosting HIS level then feed the boosted NASHGAR to KAGAN?
    Which would build KAGAN up the quickest?
    To try and build KAGAN up as quickly as possible, should I only feed him other RED heroes or does it not matter what colour they are?
    Thanks heaps.

    1. its best to ALWAYS feed 10 heroes at one time; in other words, select the hero you want to level, choose 10 heroes to feed it, then click level up. the reason is the food cost. notice that after you click level up the next time you go to feed the hero the food cost is more.

      1. perhaps a better way to say it is that every time you go to level a hero, there is a food cost per feeder hero set for that batch of feeder heroes. as soon as you click level up, the next time that food cost per feeder hero has gone up. by leveling 10 at a time, you lock in the lower food cost per feeder hero for all 10.

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