Empires & Puzzles Best Heroes Tier List (July 2022)

empires puzzles best heroes grades tier list july 2022

Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Wouldn’t it be really frustrating when you do that for a hero not worth it?

Of course, it would so I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard-earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles.

To make this list here useful, I separated them in different categories such as tanks, healers, splash damage dealer, etc. – the reason for this is it wouldn’t make much sense to have a list where like 3 of the best 10 heroes would be tanks or healers… You need a balanced team and to have that, you will need these different roles in your team 🙂

Let’s go.

Update July 2022! I added several new heroes and adjusted some rankings slightly. Enjoy.

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

I tried to structure this list in a new way to give you more insights on how the ranking is done, I hope you find this helpful.

Please mind S = Superior (Best of the Best); A = Really Strong; B = Mediocre; C = Weak

I update this tier list here frequently and try to add new heroes/costumes but please mind that it sometime takes time to actually test and try them before giving them a final grading

Hero Total Titan Off Def Raid Tourn.


Black Knight S+ S+ S+ S+ S+/S+/S+
Morel S+ S+ S+ S+ S+/S+/S+
Ursena S+ S+ S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Frigg S+ S+ S+ S+ S/S+/S+
Krampus S+ S S+ S+ S+/S+/S+
Magni S+ S S+ S+ S/S+/S+
Marjana S+ S+ S+ S S/S/S+
Finley S+ S S+ S+ S/S/S+
Cobalt S+ S S+ S+ A+/S/S+
Phileas Fogg S+ S+ S+ S A+/S+/S
Master Lepus S S S+ S+ S/B+/S+
Onyx S S S+ S S/S+/S
Zeline S S S+ S S/S/S
Kingston S S S+ S S/S/S
Francine S S S+ S S/S/S
Drake Fong S A+ S+ S+ S/S/S
Buddy S S+ S A+ S+/S+/S+
Elizabeth S A S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Sir Roostley S A S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Milena S A S+ S+ S+/S+/S
Odin S A+ S S+ S+/S/S+
Joon S S S+ S A/S/S
Evelyn S S+ S+ A S/S+/S
Bobo S S+ S A+ S+/S/S
Hannah S A S+ S+ S/S/S+
Dr. Moreau S A+ S+ S S/S/S
Wilbur S S+ S+ B+ S+/S+/S+
Glenda A+ S S S A+/S/S
Seshat A+ A+ S S S/S+/S+
Alfrike A+ A S+ S+ S+/A/S
White Rabbit A+ S+ S A+ S/S/A+
Santa Claus A+ S S S S+/S/B+
Santa Claus A+ S S A+ S+/S/S
Lewana A+ B+ S+ S+ S/S/S+
Lianna A+ S S S A+/A+/S
Guardian Panther A+ S+ S+ B+ S/S+/S
Jabberwock A+ A S S+ S/S/S+
Almur A+ S+ S A S/S/S+
Guardian Jackal A+ S+ S A S/S/S+
Gefjon A+ A+ S S A+/S/S+
Guardian Gazelle A+ S S+ A+ S/S/B+
Leonidas A+ S+ S+ A S/A/A+
Vela A+ A+ S S S/S/S
Tiburtus A+ A+ S+ A S+/S+/S+
Gravemaker A+ A S S+ A/S/S+
Heimdall A+ A+ S+ S+ S+/S/D
Aouda A+ A S+ S A/S/S+
Tiburtus A+ S S A S+/S/S+
Azlar A+ A+ S S S+/B+/S
Kunchen A+ S+ S S S+/B+/C
Saoirse A+ B+ A+ A+ B+/S/S+
Alice A+ A+ S S S/A/S
Kadilen A+ A S S+ S+/A/A+
Grimm A+ S S A S+/S/S
Vivica A+ S+ S A+ S+/S/C
Mica A+ A+ S S A/S+/A
Magni A+ S S A+ A/S/A+
Thor A+ A+ S S A/A+/S
Joon A+ S S A+ A/A/S
Rigard A+ S S+ A S+/S+/C
Frida A+ S+ S B+ S/S/A+
Faline A+ A+ S A+ S/S/A+
Telluria A+ B+ S S+ S+/S+/B
Kageburado A+ A S S A/S/S
Malicna A+ S S A S/S/A
Kiril A+ S S A S/S+/B+
Poseidon A+ B+ S+ S B+/S/S
Emilio A+ B+ S+ S+ B+/A/A+
Sif A+ A A+ S S/S/S
Hel A+ A S+ A S/S/S
Eiora & Fluffy A+ A S A+ S/A+/S+
Prof. Lidenbrock A+ B+ S+ S+ S+/S/D
Athena A+ S+ S B+ A/A/S
Toxicandra A+ B+ S+ S S+/S+/C
Scarlett A+ S A+ A A+/S/S
Killhare A+ C S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Scarlett A+ A+ A+ A S/S+/S+
Guardian Kong A+ A S S A/B+/S
Alasie A+ A S S B+/A/S
Kiril A+ S S A S/S+/C
Dark Lord A+ A S A+ A+/A+/S
Misandra A+ A S S B+/A/A+
Miki A+ S+ A+ B+ S/S/B+
Garjammal A+ A S A+ A/S/A+
Silvaria A+ A+ A+ A+ A+/A+/A+
Hansel A+ A S A S/S/S
Proteus A+ A S A S/S/S
Lianna A A S A+ A/A/S
Richard A A S A A+/S/S
Obakan A A A+ A+ S/A+/S
Lady Loki A B+ S A+ A+/S+/A
Crystalis A A A+ A+ A+/A+/S
Clarissa A B+ A+ S B+/S/S+
Sartana A C S+ S S/S/S+
Gormek A S A B+ S+/S/S
Mist A B+ S A S+/S/S
Garnet A B+ S+ S+ S/B+/D
Tyr A B+ S S S+/S/C
Khiona A S A+ A+ A/B+/B+
Alberich A B+ S+ A+ S+/S/C
Bai Yeong A A+ S A A+/A/A
Bera A B+ S S A/B+/S
Zimkitha A B+ S+ A+ A/A/A
Khagan A S A A S+/A/A
Ariel A B+ S+ A+ S/S/C
Malosi A A S+ B+ B+/S/S
Karnov A S+ A B+ S+/A/A
Jott A S+ A B+ S/A/A+
Mother North A B+ S+ S S+/B+/D
King Arthur A S+ A+ B+ B+/A/A+
Gullinbursti A A S A+ S+/S/D
Isarnia A S A+ B+ S+/A/B+
Aegir A A A S S/S/B
Yunan A A A A+ S+/A+/A+
Lord Loki A A S A S+/B+/A
Russula A A A+ A+ A/A/S
Director Zuri A B+ S S S/A+/C
Devana A B+ S+ A A+/A/A+
Asterius A A A+ A A+/S/S
Horghall A B+ A+ A+ S+/A+/A+
Gretel A A A+ A S/S/A
Senan A B+ A+ A+ S/A/S
Isarnia A S A+ B+ S/A/B+
Captain Kestrel A B+ A S S/B+/S
Horghall A B+ A+ A+ S+/A/A
Quintus A S A B+ S+/A/A
Theobald A A A+ A+ B+/A/A+
Margaret A S A A B+/A/A
Lady Locke A A+ A A A+/A+/A
Caitlin A B+ S B+ S/S+/A
Rian A B+ A+ A S+/A/S
Domitia A A A+ A A+/A/A+
Yang Mai A A A A A+/A+/S
Atomos A B A+ A+ S+/B+/S
Bertila A B A+ A+ S+/A+/A
Grimm A S A B A+/S/A+
Vanda A A A A+ B+/S/A
Vanda A B+ A+ A+ B+/S/A
Onatel A B+ S A S/B+/A
Gravemaker A B+ A+ A+ B+/B+/S
Uraeus A A S B+ A+/B+/A+
Shadereave A S A B+ A+/S/B
Caedmon A B+ S A B+/S+/B+
Melendor A B+ S A S/S+/C
Delilah A B+ S A+ A+/A/C
Boldtusk A S A+ B S/S/C
Sartana A B A+ A+ A/A+/S
Frank A A A B+ S+/A+/S
Ares A S A+ B A+/S/C
Isrod A B+ A+ A+ B+/A/A
Marie-Thérèse A A A+ A S+/S/D
Frosth A A A A A/A/S
Skittleskull A A A A S/A/A
Li Xiu A B+ A A+ S/A/A
Baldur A A+ A B+ S/B+/S+
Lepiota A C S A+ A+/S/A+
Marjana A B S A+ B+/B+/A
Sapphire A B+ A+ A A/B+/S
The Hatter A B+ S B+ A+/A/A
Tarlak A S+ A B+ B+/B+/C
Musashi A A A A A/A/A
Freya A A A A B+/B+/S
Zenobia A A A A B+/B+/S
Kavekrush A B+ A A S+/A/A
Sonya A B+ S B+ B+/S/B+
Sabina A B+ S B+ A+/S+/C
Justice A B+ A A S/B+/S
Wu Kong A S+ B B S/S/B+
Guardian Falcon A S+ A+ C A+/B+/A
Hu Tao A A A B+ S+/A/A
Jean-François B+ B+ A A B+/A+/S
Lady of the Lake B+ A A A+ S+/B+/D
Neith B+ A A A A+/B+/B+
Alexandrine B+ S A B+ A/A/C
Thorne B+ B+ A A S/A/A
Captain Nemo B+ B+ A+ B+ A/S/A
Roc B+ B+ A+ B+ A/S/A
Skittleskull B+ A A B+ S/A/A
Little John B+ A A B+ S/A/A
Hu Tao B+ B+ A B+ S/S/A
Queen of Hearts B+ B+ A A A/S/B+
Inari B+ S B+ B+ A/B+/B+
Gadeirus B+ S B+ B+ S/A/C
Mitsuko B+ B S A B+/B+/B+
Elena B+ A+ B B+ S/B+/S
Rana (Costume) B+ B+ A A A/A/C
Rigard B+ B+ S B+ S/A+/D
Ratatoskr B+ S A B+ B+/A/D
Merlin B+ A A+ B A/B+/A
Yunan B+ C A+ A+ S+/B+/A
Peters B+ B+ A+ B A/A/S
Little John B+ B+ A B+ S/A/A
Brynhild B+ A A B A/S+/B+
Fenrir B+ B+ A+ B+ B+/B+/A
Vivica B+ B+ A+ B+ S/S/D
Melendor B+ B+ A+ B+ A+/S+/D
Caedmon B+ B+ A+ B B+/S/A
Puss in Boots B+ A A B+ B+/B+/B+
Gregorion B+ A+ B+ B+ B+/B+/B+
Sabina B+ B+ A+ B+ A/S+/D
Kadilen B+ B A A B+/A+/A
Boldtusk B+ A A B S/S/C
Wu Kong B+ C S A S/C/S
Colen B+ B+ B+ B+ S+/B+/A+
Ranvir B+ S+ A C C/A/A
Skadi B+ C S B+ S/B+/A+
Fura B+ C A+ A S/A/A
Azlar B+ A B+ B+ S/C/A
Reuben B+ B A A A/B+/B+
Lady Woolerton B+ B S B+ B+/S/D
Rumpelstiltskin B+ B+ B+ A S/A/C
Richard B+ B+ A+ B A/B+/B+
Domitia B+ A B+ B+ B+/A/B+
Chao B+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/A
Ametrine B+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/A
Elradir B+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/B+
Aeron B+ B+ A B+ A+/A/C
Jack O’Hare B+ B+ A B+ C/B+/S
Gafar B+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/B+
Cathal B+ C A A S/A/A+
Boril B+ B B+ A S/B+/B+
Sonya B+ B S C B+/S/S
Snow White B+ C A B+ S/S/S
Victor B+ A A B C/A+/B+
Zulag B+ C B+ A S/S+/B+
Guinevere B+ C B S+ S+/B+/C
Grazul B+ C S+ B B+/B+/S+
Obakan B+ A B+ B+ C/B+/B+
Thorne B+ C A A S/B/A
Mok-Arr B+ B+ A+ C S/B+/B+
Boril B+ B B+ B+ S/B+/B+
Raffaele B C S B+ S+/B+/D
Thoth-Amun B B+ A B+ C/B/B+
Chakkoszrot B C A+ B+ A+/B+/B+
Rana B C A+ B+ A+/B+/B+
Sumie B B+ A C S/B+/A+
Ingolf B B B+ B S/A/A
Anzogh B B A B+ A/B+/C
Grimble B C A+ B+ A/B+/B+
Jabbar B B B+ B+ A/B+/B+
Colen B B+ B B S+/B/A
Cyprian B C B+ A S/A/B+
Elena B B+ B B S/B/A
Khagan B B+ B B S/B+/B+
Zagrog B C A B+ A/A/A
Elkanen B C A A B+/B+/B+
Boomer B B+ B B+ B+/B+/B+
Jade B C A B+ S/B+/B+
Elkanen B C A A B+/B+/B
Kelile B C A B+ B+/B+/A+
Mireweave B C A B+ B+/B+/A+
Kashhrek B C A A S/B+/D
Zocc B B B+ B A/B+/B+
Li Xiu B B B B+ B+/B+/A
Boss Wolf B C B+ B+ S+/B+/B+
Cheshire Cat B S B+ C C/C/B+
Triton B A B+ C B+/S/C
Russell B B B+ b B+/B+/B+
Norns B B B+ B B+/B/B+
Justice B B C A A+/B+/B+
Morgan Le Fay B C B+ A A/B+/C
Red Hood B B B+ B B+/B+/C
Captain Sargasso B C B+ B+ B+/B+/B+
Sir Lancelot B A+ C C B+/S/B+
Gormek B C A+ C A/B+/A
Agwe B C B+ B B+/B+/A
Leonidas B B B+ B C/B+/C
Perseus B B B B C/B+/B+
Ameonna B A C B C/B+/B+
Quintus C+ B C B+ A+/C/B+
Kelile C+ C B+ C B+/B+/S
Natalya C+ B+ B+ C C/C/B
Danzaburo C+ C B+ C B+/A/B+
Guardian Owl C+ C C B+ S/C/B+
Myztero C+ C B+ C B+/B+/B+
Chao C+ C B+ C B+/B+/B+
Gobbler C+ D A B B+/C/B
Cyprian C+ B C B C/B/B+
Noor C+ B C C A/B+/B+
Captain of Diamonds C+ C B+ C B/B+/B
Sanngrior C+ C C B+ B+/B+/C
Sumitomo C+ C B C B+/B+/B+
Valeria C+ C B+ C B+/C/B
Kashhrek C+ D C A A+/A/D
Guardian Chameleon C C C C C/B+/B+
Salmon Loki C C C C C/C/C
Shale C C C C B+/B+/D
Stonecleave C C C C C/C/B
Carol C C C C C/C/C

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  1. Old Cynic’s reviews are much much better. This list here is completely outdated. Lacking tons of heroes like season 5, gargoyles, knights, styx…

  2. Cyprian costume is quite good. all allies get counter attack attack. Why do you rate so low? Also do you need the fully levelled hero head shot?

  3. Can you explain, why Hu Tao is better in offensive than Justice? They are both slow, they have the same offensive skill, but Justice deals more damage and has more life.

    • Guess it is relative to the star . So justice will be compared to 5* hero’s and Hu Tao to 4* , at least that was what was done in the past

  4. Does anyone see Obakan w/o the Costume? I’ve looked through the list three times and while I was able to find Costume Obakan, I don’t see him w/o it. If you see him, can you please let me know where his Grade falls?

  5. Thank you for the update!
    And thank you for continuously leveling up Heroes, ranking them and publishing your results. I look refer to this list often.

  6. Holy Crap.
    As a long time player of this game, I recommend all of you ignore this list entirely. It is completely out of whack. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSON’S ADVICE.

  7. Loved finding this list! Had a feeling I was wasting some resources plus confirming some of my Beliefs. Finding some of the powerful 4*s was cool too!

  8. nice and clear list!
    could you explane me, why u rated caedmon different to sonya? expect of the colour they are the same?! (total rank is identical, but the other parts are not)

  9. Here is a unique commentary as it doesn’t fit in your rankings at all, but I figured you would find it interesting. I’m a new player, less than half a year, so I don’t have a lot of anything. I did, however, get lucky and draw 2 x Devanas. For me, she’s a beast. Her minions are not the tiny ones I see summoned by other toons, and they take damage FIRST before she does. Plus she destroys any other minions, debuffs, and hits three opponents in one hit (growing a cat every time). Why this matters is since I’m new, I haven’t cleared the campaign yet. With even one of my Devanas, I can ghost the board and the cats will eat everything. I’m punching WAY above my level on both the campaigns and on raids because of this. I love your rankings because they’ll let me plan my upgrades and not waste mats on “weaker” toons, but this “sixth column” info is something useful to anyone who doesn’t yet have giant boards of 4 and 5 stars yet.

    • Herzlichen Dank für die super Liste sie ist sehr aufschlussreich ..Und vorallem die Zeit und die Mühe jeden Helden aufzulisten ..finde ich großartig . Herzlichen Dank dafür und weiterso..!

  10. Hi, nice list! Thanks!
    I need some help, Bobo is not on your list. And I am going to max my blue hero. But I cannot choose between Bobo and cobalt.
    Can some one help me?


  11. Hello!
    Nice work! It helps me a lot. Thank you!

    Two questions:
    You wrote you separated the Heroes into categories. Where is that? I cannot find this feature.

    What categories did you use?


    • I don’t know if you are still looking for this information but Dark Lord is in the B+ Column. I happened across the name while looking for my own Heroes.

  12. FANTASTIC list!! I along with my alliance have been having discussions about who we should prioritize and rank up and this is a terrific conversation piece and is very well put together. Thank you so much for doing this.

    My only question is when will you be adding the Villains Family to your rankings or did you intentionally leave them out? I only ask because I have DarkLord and Crystalis newly added to my roster and was wondering what your thoughts were on them.


    • Crystalis is on the list already. Might want to check them again. I am not sure why there are so many lists with duplicate names. But Crystalis was the last name on one of the pages.

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