Empires & Puzzles Best Heroes Tier List (July 2021)

best heroes in empires and puzzles

Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Wouldn’t it be really frustrating when you do that for a hero not worth it?

Of course, it would so I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard-earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles.

To make this list here useful, I separated them in different categories such as tanks, healers, splash damage dealer, etc. – the reason for this is it wouldn’t make much sense to have a list where like 3 of the best 10 heroes would be tanks or healers… You need a balanced team and to have that, you will need these different roles in your team 🙂

Let’s go.

Please take note that this is based on stats and individual strengths and team setups and enemy setups are not part of this list.

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

I tried to structure this list in a new way to give you more insights on how the ranking is done, I hope you find this helpful.

Please mind S = Superior (Best of the Best); A = Really Strong; B = Mediocre; C = Weak

I update this tier list here frequently and try to add new heroes/costumes but please mind that it sometime takes time to actually test and try them before giving them a final grading

Hero Total Titan Off Def Raid Tourn.


Black Knight S+ S+ S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Marjana S+ S+ S+ S S/S/S+
Elizabeth S A S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Santa Claus A+ S S S S+/S/B+
Gefjon A+ A+ S S A+/S/S+
Azlar A+ A+ S S S+/B+/S
Gravemaker A+ B+ S S+ A/A/S+
Garnet A+ B+ S+ S S+/B+/S+
Guardian Kong A+ A S S A/B+/S
Lady Loki A B+ S A+ A+/S+/A
Tyr A B+ S S S+/S/C
Zimkitha A B+ S+ A+ A/A/A
Khagan A S A A S+/A/A
Asterius A A A+ A A+/S/S
Captain Kestrel A B+ A S S/B+/S
Yang Mai A A A A A+/A+/S
Vanda A A A A+ B+/S/A
Finley A S S+ S+ B+/S/S
Magni A S S+ S+ S/S+/S+
Cobalt A S S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Krampus A S S+ S+ S+/S+/S+
Zeline A S S+ S+ S/S/S
Kingston A S S+ S+ S/S/S
Frigg A S S+ S+ S/S+/S+
Phileas Fogg A S+ S+ S A+/S+/S
Kunchen A S+ S+ S S+/B+/C
Ursena A S S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Ares A S A+ B A+/S/C
Isrod A B+ A+ A+ B+/A/A
Baldur A A+ A B+ S/B+/S+
Marjana A B S A+ B+/B+/A
Master Lepus A S S S+ S/B+/S+
Heimdall A A+ S+ S+ S+/S/D
Francine A S S+ S S/S/S
Drake Fong A A+ S+ S+ S/S/S
Joon A S S+ S A/S/S
Mica A S S+ S A/S+/A
Onyx A S S+ S S/S+/S
Jean-François B+ B+ A A B+/A+/S
Queen of Hearts B+ B+ A A A/S/B+
Mitsuko B+ B S A B+/B+/B+
Elena B+ A+ B B+ S/B+/S
Glenda B+ S S S A+/S/S
Evelyn B+ S+ S+ A S/S+/S
Lianna B+ S S S A+/A+/S
Guardian Gazelle B+ S S+ A+ S/S/B+
Sir Roostley B+ A S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Odin B+ A+ S S+ A+/S/S+
Leonidas B+ S+ S+ A S/A/A+
Dr. Moreau B+ A+ S+ S S/S/S
Buddy B+ S+ S A+ S+/S+/S+
Puss in Boots B+ A A B+ B+/B+/B+
Magni B+ S S A+ A/S/A+
Alice B+ A+ S S S/A/S
Vela B+ A+ S S S/S/S
Kadilen B+ A S S+ S+/A/A+
Joon B+ S S A+ A/A/S
Vivica B+ S S A+ S+/S/C
White Rabbit B+ S S A+ S/S/A+
Thor B+ A+ S S A/A+/S
Prof. Lidenbrock B+ B+ S+ S+ S+/S/D
Guardian Panther B+ S+ S+ B+ S/S+/S
Seshat B+ A+ S S S/S+/S+
Jabberwock B+ A S S+ S/S/S+
Wilbur B+ S+ S+ B+ S+/S+/S+
Almur B+ S+ S A S/S/S+
Rigard B+ S S+ A S+/S+/C
Azlar B+ A B+ B+ S/C/A
Reuben B+ B A A A/B+/B+
Athena B+ S+ S B+ A/A/S
Alasie B+ A S S B+/A/S
Misandra B+ A S S B+/A/A+
Frida B+ S+ S B+ S/S/A+
Mother North B+ B+ S+ S S+/B+/D
Telluria B+ B+ S S+ S+/S+/B
Toxicandra B+ B+ S+ S S+/S+/C
Poseidon B+ B+ S+ S B+/S/S
Khiona B+ S A+ A+ A/B+/B+
Kageburado B+ A S S A/S/S
Malicna B+ S S A S/S/A
Kiril B+ S S A S/S+/C
Grimm B+ S S A S+/S/S
Kiril B+ S S A S/S+/B+
Guardian Jackal B+ S S A S/S/S+
Tiburtus B+ S S A S+/S/S+
Tiburtus B+ A+ S+ A S+/S+/S+
Emilio B+ B+ B+ B+ B+/B+/B+
Grazul B+ C S+ B B+/B+/S+
Miki B+ S+ A+ B+ S/S/B+
Ariel B+ B+ S+ A+ S/S/C
Alberich B+ B+ S+ A+ S+/S/C
Lianna B+ A S A+ A/A/S
Garjammal B+ A S A+ A/S/A+
Sif B+ A A+ S S/S/S
Bai Yeong B+ A+ S A A+/A/A
Akkorog B+ A S A+ A+/A/S
Hel B+ A S+ A S/S/S
Bera B+ B+ S S A/B+/S
Dark Lord B+ A S A+ A+/A+/S
Scarlett B+ S A+ A A+/S/S
Gullinbursti B+ A S A+ S+/S/D
Anzogh B B A B+ A/B+/C
Elena B B+ B B S/B/A
Khagan B B+ B B S/B+/B+
Isarnia B S A+ B+ S+/A/B+
Richard B A S A A+/S/S
King Arthur B S A+ B+ B+/A/A+
Aegir B A A S S/S/B
Isarnia B S A+ B+ S/A/B+
Lord Loki B A S A S+/B+/A
Crystalis B A A+ A+ A+/A+/S
Russula B A A+ A+ A/A/S
Tarlak B S+ A B+ B+/B+/C
Margaret B S A A B+/A/A
Delilah B B+ S A+ A+/A/C
Malosi B A S+ B+ B+/S/S
Killhare B C S+ S+ S+/S/S+
Alfrike B C S+ S+ S+/B+/S
Clarissa B B+ A+ S B+/S/S+
Obakan B A A+ A+ S/A+/S
Karnov B S+ A B+ S+/A/A
Scarlett B A+ A+ A S/S+/S+
Hansel B A S A S/S/S
Proteus B A S A S/S/S
Lady Locke B A+ A A A+/A+/A
Horghall B B+ A+ A+ S+/A+/A+
Lady of the Lake B A A A+ S/B+/D
Horghall B B+ A+ A+ S+/A/A
Ratatoskr B S A B+ B+/A/D
Onatel B B+ S A S/B+/A
Uraeus B A S B+ A+/B+/A+
Quintus B S A B+ S+/A/A
Marie-Thérèse B A A+ A S+/S/D
Sartana B C S+ S S/S/S+
Domitia B A A+ A A+/A/A+
Boldtusk B S A+ B S/S/C
Gormek B S A B+ S+/S/S
Shadereave B S A B+ A+/S/B
Jott B S A B+ S/A/A+
Caedmon B B+ S A B+/S+/B+
Melendor B B+ S A S/S+/C
Gretel B A A+ A S/S/A
Mist B B+ S A S+/S/S
Red Hood B B B+ B B+/B+/C
Frosth B A A A A/A/S
Atomos B B A+ A+ S+/B+/S
Bertila B B A+ A+ S+/A+/A
Musashi B A A A A/A/A
Inari B S B+ B+ A/B+/B+
Neith B A A A A+/B+/B+
Sartana B B A+ A+ A/A+/S
Freya B A A A B+/B+/S
Sonya B B+ S B+ B+/S/B+
Sapphire B B+ A+ A A/B+/S
Grimm B S A B A+/S/A+
Gadeirus B S B+ B+ S/A/C
Skittleskull B A A A S/A/A
Li Xiu B B+ A A+ S/A/A
Rigard B B+ S B+ S/A+/D
Sabina B B+ S B+ A+/S+/C
Fenrir B B+ A+ B+ B+/B+/A
Thorne B B+ A A S/A/A
Gregorion B A+ B+ B+ B+/B+/B+
The Hatter B B+ A+ B+ A+/A/A
Vivica B B+ A+ B+ S/S/D
Ranvir B S+ A C C/A/A
Roc B B+ A+ B+ A/S/A
Justice B B+ A A S/B+/S
Lepiota B C S A+ A+/S/A+
Guardian Falcon B S A+ C A+/B+/A
Frank B A A B+ S+/A+/S
Skittleskull B A A B+ S/A/A
Melendor B B+ A+ B+ A+/S+/D
Little John B A A B+ S/A/A
Wu Kong B S+ B B S/S/B+
Lady Woolerton B B S B+ B+/S/D
Hu Tao B A A B+ S+/A/A
Sabina B B+ A+ B+ A/S+/D
Merlin B A A+ B A/B+/A
Rumpelstiltskin C+ B+ B+ A S/A/C
Richard C+ B+ A+ B A/B+/B+
Kadilen C+ B A A B+/A+/A
Yunan C+ C A+ A+ S+/B+/A
Elradir C+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/B+
Domitia C+ A B+ B+ B+/A/B+
Obakan C+ A B+ B+ C/B+/B+
Aeron C+ B+ A B+ A+/A/C
Victor C+ A A B C/A+/B+
Boldtusk C+ A A B S/S/C
Jack O’Hare C+ B+ A B+ C/B+/S
Peters C+ B+ A+ B A/A/S
Little John C+ B+ A B+ S/A/A
Brynhild C+ A A B A/S+/B+
Caedmon C+ B+ A+ B B+/S/A
Chao C+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/A
Hu Tao C+ B+ A B+ S/S/A
Wu Kong C+ C S A S/C/S
Gafar C+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/B+
Ametrine C+ B+ A B+ B+/B+/A
Natalya C+ B+ B+ C C/C/B
Raffaele C+ C S B+ S+/B+/D
Skadi C+ C S B+ S/B+/A+
Guinevere C+ C B S+ S+/B+/C
Colen C+ B+ B+ B+ S+/B+/A+
Boril C+ B B+ A S/B+/B+
Cheshire Cat C+ S B+ C C/C/B+
Fura C+ C A+ A S/A/A
Noor C+ B C C A/B+/B+
Thorne C+ C A A S/B/A
Elkanen C+ C A A B+/B+/B
Elkanen C+ C A A B+/B+/B+
Rana C+ C A+ B+ A+/B+/B+
Mok-Arr C+ B+ A+ C S/B+/B+
Grimble C+ C A+ B+ A/B+/B+
Sonya C+ B S C B+/S/S
Boril C+ B B+ B+ S/B+/B+
Kashhrek C+ C A A S/B+/D
Boomer C+ B+ B B+ B+/B+/B+
Jabbar C+ B B+ B+ A/B+/B+
Snow White C+ C A B+ S/S/S
Morgan Le Fay C+ C B+ A A/B+/C
Zocc C+ B B+ B A/B+/B+
Jade C+ C A B+ S/B+/B+
Leonidas C+ B B+ B C/B+/C
Norns C+ B B+ B B+/B/B+
Thoth-Amun C+ B+ B B C/B/B+
Zulag C+ C B+ A S/S+/B+
Colen C+ B+ B B S+/B/A
Sumle C+ B+ A C S/B+/A+
Kelile C+ C A B+ B+/B+/A+
Triton C+ A B+ C B+/S/C
Mireweave C+ C A B+ B+/B+/A+
Li Xiu C+ B B B+ B+/B+/A
Cyprian C+ C B+ A S/A/B+
Ingolf C+ B B+ B S/A/A
Perseus C B B B C/B+/B+
Justice C B C A A+/B+/B+
Captain Sargasso C C B+ B+ B+/B+/B+
Boss Wolf C C B+ B+ S+/B+/B+
Ameonna C A C B C/B+/B+
Quintus C B C B+ A+/C/B+
Sir Lancelot C A+ C C B+/S/B+
Gormek C C A+ C A/B+/A
Agwe C C B+ B B+/B+/A
Gobbler C D A B B+/C/B
Cyprian C B C B C/B/B+
Guardian Owl C C C B+ S/C/B+
Myztero C C B+ C B+/B+/B+
Kelile C C B+ C B+/B+/S
Valeria C C B+ C B+/C/B
Captain of Diamonds C C B+ C B/B+/B
Sanngrior C C C B+ B+/B+/C
Danzaburo C C B+ C B+/A/B+
Chao C C B+ C B+/B+/B+
Sumitomo D+ C B C B+/B+/B+
Kashhrek D+ D C A A+/A/D
Guardian Chameleon D+ C C C C/B+/B+
Shale D+ C C C B+/B+/D
Carol D+ C C C C/C/C
Stonecleave D+ C C C C/C/B
Bobo D D D D D/D/D
Theobald D D D D D/D/D
Morel D D D D D/D/D
Alexandrine D D D D D/D/D
Eiora & Fluffy D D D D D/D/D
Yunan D D D D D/D/D
Director Zuri D D D D D/D/D
Faline D D D D D/D/D
Devana D D D D D/D/D
Rana D D D D D/D/D
Hannah D D D D D/D/D
Salmon Loki D D D D D/D/D
Chakkoszrot D D D D D/D/D
Eichbelborg D D D D D/D/D
Marcel D D D D D/D/D
D’Andre D D D D D/D/D


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  1. Hi, nice list! Thanks!
    I need some help, Bobo is not on your list. And I am going to max my blue hero. But I cannot choose between Bobo and cobalt.
    Can some one help me?


  2. Hello!
    Nice work! It helps me a lot. Thank you!

    Two questions:
    You wrote you separated the Heroes into categories. Where is that? I cannot find this feature.

    What categories did you use?


  3. FANTASTIC list!! I along with my alliance have been having discussions about who we should prioritize and rank up and this is a terrific conversation piece and is very well put together. Thank you so much for doing this.

    My only question is when will you be adding the Villains Family to your rankings or did you intentionally leave them out? I only ask because I have DarkLord and Crystalis newly added to my roster and was wondering what your thoughts were on them.


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