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empires & puzzles seasonal challenges empires & puzzles seasonal challenges

Challenge Events Schedule In Empires & Puzzles

Challenge Events are a great way to get class emblems to train your heroes skills and talents in the talent grid.

In this article here you will find a list of all upcoming events so you can plan ahead as well as some valuable tips that will not only help you complete the events but als rank higher on the ladder to get some nice extra rewards.

Challenge Event Calendar 2021

Challenge Events always start on the second Thursday of each month and they always follow a fixed pattern, so this is how the events will look this year


To not have to update different calendars you will now all the events, quests and trials ind one calendar that I update every month – click here to see it

Each one has three different tiers of quests that you can use:


  • Heroes must be 3-Star or less & troops and items must be 2-Star or less


  • Heroes must be 4-Star or less & troops and items must be 3-Star or less


  • All heroes, troops, and items are available

Challenge Event Rewards

The most important thing about challenge events are the emblems you can get:

Pirates of Corellia

  • Rare: 5x Barbarian Emblems & 5x Druid Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Rogue Emblems & 10x Wizard Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Monk Emblems & 20x Paladin Emblems

Riddles of Wonderland:

  • Rare: 5x Cleric Emblems & 5x Monk Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Paladin Emblems & 10x Ranger Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Fighter Emblems & 20x Rogue Emblems

Fables of Grimforest:

  • Rare: 5x Paladin Emblems & 5x Ranger Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Fighter Emblems & 10x Sorcerer Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Druid Emblems & 20x Ranger Emblems

Guardians of Teltoc

  • Rare: 5x Fighter Emblems & 5x Wizard Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Barbarian Emblems & 10x Druid Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Cleric Emblems & 20x Sorcerer Emblems

Knights of Avalon:

  • Rare: 5x Rogue Emblems & 5x Sorcerer Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Cleric Emblems & 10x Monk Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Barbarian Emblems & 20x Wizard Emblems

Tip For Challenge Events

Now here are my best tips that will help you to get through the events.

challenge events score

Don’t Copy Top Leaderboard Teams

You can see the teams that the top players have in the leaderboard of the event, but don’t get lazy and copy their team! More than 90% of these players don’t want to reveal how they got that far and will set up a team that doesn’t work just to cloak how they did it.

From my experience you can just save you the effort and don’t try to find a good team that way.

Use The Right Heroes

In Challenge Events adapting your color is one of the most important things to do, so here’s a solid tip for wach event elements:

Pirates of Corellia

This reflects dark element so don’t use any dark heroes at all, you might lose them from one single reflection and this is simply not worth it!

The monsters are mostly fire/dark element, except Stage 2 & 6 where the monsters are exclusively nature. So use many light and water elements or fire elements in stage 2 & 6.

Also the bosses have these elements so avoid using dark or nature.

Riddles of Wonderland

This reflects nature so nature is an element you must not use here. You have many nature and fire monters and bosses with very few dark elements in it.

This makes it perfect to focus using fire element heroes as much as possible as well as light. I wouldn’t recommend using water because there are nature monsters in every single stage and they can wreck them easily.

Fables of Grimforest

Reflects fire and has many water and fire monsters as well as some nature monsters and bosses.

I normally use water element heroes here because it is either strong or a normal attack while getting less damage from fire elements that are in every single stage. If you have problems filling your team, add some light or also dark heroes as well.

Guardians of Teltoc

Reflects light and uses light and nature element monsters in every single stage as well as only light element bosses.

This also makes it hard to use dark element heroes because they will burn down fast with double damage, especially from the bosses so it’s more like a suicide fill. Try to just use fire element heroes and add nature to fill your team – if that isn’t enough to fill your team you can add strong dark element heroes as well if you need to.

Knights of Avalon

Reflects water and water/nature or dark/water monters. I usually try to use as many nature heroes here but it’s a tough spot. In Stage 5 and Stage 9 you can also add fire heroes because there’s no water element. Alternatively you can also add light and dark heroes.

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