legend of mushroom best archer class build legend of mushroom best archer class build

Best Setup for Archer Class Mushroom in Legend of Mushroom

The first big class selection you do in Legend of Mushroom – and probably the most significant selection – is selecting between the Warrior, Archer and Mage class.

I already described in very details what the different classes will mean for your further progress here in my overall class guide, but I want to wrap it in here another time so you know what this selection is all about:

  • Warrior with the subclasses means you will build a character that can take a lot of hits and melts enemies with counterattack damage (best build and guide here)
  • Archer with the subclasses means you will deal a lot of crit damage and extra combo attacks to kill enemies with high burst damage before they can reach and hit you
  • Mage with the subclasses means you will deal a lot of AoE damage and over-time skill damage while keeping control effects on the enemies like stuns to keep them away (best build and guide here)

2 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS HERE: first, you will not be able to pick a class like archer and then build for damage-over time skills and stuns. This wastes the unique class active and passive skills and will never unlock the full crit potential. Your class choice determines how you will play and what skills, pals, relics etc. you will have to pick. All classes perform equally strong, but they mean you will play differently. Second is you can switch your class for 4000 Diamonds if you don’t like your class choice and rather do that than build a Frankenstein class that will not work in the long run.

Best Build for Archer Class

There is not much fine-tuning going on here in terms of skills and pals simply as your choices are quite limited and when you get the higher-rarity pulls, you will already by in one of the advanced classes – and this is what I want to describe here a little bit more in detail.

So, don’t overthink here and use the equipment with the highest stats, do your pulls on skills and pals to level up there and access higher-rarity ones and if you get stuck you will be able to upgrade your lamps a few hours later and get equipment that let you get past the next line.

What is more important is to plan ahead where you want to take your class from here…

Level 50+

At Level 50 you will do your last class choice that has an impact on the class itself, and it is between the Shadow Sniper and the Wind Crossbower and they have some main differences:

legend of mushroom first archer class selection

Shadow Sniper is the ranged mushroom class that hits with a lot of critical hits that deal massive damage and takes down enemies before they can reach you (full build here). You will get some combo hits as well but skill crits are your main focus with this class with a ton of burst damage.

Wind Crossbower if you like a ranged mushroom that focus on fast basic attacks and get additional basic attacks that don’t hit as hard but a lot more frequently to take down enemies quickly (full build here). You build this class for combo and crits and additional attacks and everything that scales through that.

Level 70+

Each of the classes at this point will get another passive individual skill that defines the role more clearly and you have higher-rarity skills and pals available which makes a huge difference. There is no choices anymore, you literally will just advance and shape your class more clearly:

shadow sniper sharpshooter

Shadow Sniper -> Sharpshooter and deals additional damage based on the target current HP with each basic attack (full build here). But you will have higher-rarity pals and skills now that starts snowballing a lot.

wind crossbower dual crossbower

Wind Crossbower -> Dual Crossbower will be able to shoot two shots with every combo shot (full build here) and with the skills and pals that favor that, this means more synergy that will roll down to a lot more damage where enemy evade will be less significant compared to the Sharpshooter that lands those huge massive hits but if an enemy evades them it can be fatal for you.

Level 100+

From here the classes will get another individual skill that changes the skills and pals a little bit more, so please don’t think you just need to equip immortal ones and call it a day – you’ll be surprised what ones you can use:

  • Sharpshooter -> Shadow Hunter and get a nice attack boost after each critical strike which should become active all the time (full build here)
  • Dual Crossbower -> Arrowgod and shoot 2 projectiles with basic attacks which scales more into combos (full build here)

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