legend of mushroom best class guide legend of mushroom best class guide

The Best Class (For You) in Legend of Mushroom – With Ideal Skills/Pets/Artifacts

What’s the best class in Legend of Mushroom? A question that has a very simply yet complex answer that I want to address in this guide here as I see so many wrong info out there that I find horrifying. In this guide you will find all you need to know about your class choice in Legend of Mushroom and what that means for your future progress and build of your character.

The “Best” Class in Legend of Mushroom

In short… none of them. All the different classes in the game are quite well balanced out and have the same potential of playing all the content – BUT they have significant differences in playstyle since every class in Legend of Mushroom has a unique active skill and several passive skills. But let’s make a quick overview:

  • Warrior Classes: they build towards taking a lot of damage and melting your opponent through dealing counterattack damage. This class is hard to take down and punish every enemy that attacks you. This splits up later to a really tanky swordsman class and a more counterattack-oriented axe warrior class
  • Archer Classes: focus on dealing damage, ideally critical damage and additional basic damage from further away. This class is vulnerable so you want to slow down your enemies while dealing a lot of damage in a short time to take them down before they reach you. This class splits into sniper that deals burst damage with crits and the crossbow class that deals a lot of additional combo damage which is additional basic attacks and scales through that
  • Mage Classes: more oriented towards controlling the enemy with stuns and other slowing effects and dealing the damage more with over-time skills and effects. Although the class imply there is healing, there is no healing happening in the kit so you can choose it without fear to have a support class mushroom that won’t do anything

You see, they all have way to deal with enemies, just differently. The only main reason for you to pick a class is not the question “which is the best” as they all are very well-balanced, it’s about what style fits your play style most. If you like bursting, go with archer classes, if you like sturdy sustain ones the warrior is your path and mages if you like to keep enemies under control effects. This is the only thing you need to know when picking your class (and no worries you can change it later for 4000 Diamonds).

In the guide below we will walk through the promotion tiers and I will tell you not just what each class choice means for you in terms of playstyle, I also have linked you the full builds for each class and tell you what skills, palls, relics etc. are working best.


legend of mushroom first class selection

Once you reach Level 30, you have to decide between the three main class branches in legend of Mushroom – the warrior, archer and mage trees. Again, all classes are viable put do work differently as you get individual skills that only work when you play the class as it is intended to be played:

  • choose Warrior if you want a defensive mushroom that is hard to kill and melts enemies over time with counterattacks
  • choose Archer if you like a mushroom that deals a ton of single-target burst damage and crits enemies down before they reach you. However, you are more fragile when enemy waves actually reach you
  • choose Mage if you like to keep enemies in stun and slow effects while dealing area damage and over-time damage
You will find the builds for the main classes below


Once you reach Level 50, which is normally after a few days depending on the time you invest, you will be able to pick within the main class which changes the fine-tuning. This is the last class choice you will make, after that your class will gradually evolve!

legend of mushroom first warrior class selection

if you’re in the Warrior Tree:

    • choose Swordsman if you want a very tanky and sturdy class that can take a lot of hits and make it hard for the enemy to scratch you (full build here)
    • choose Axe Warrior if you want a little less tanky class but still be able to take a lot and deal more counterattack damage which basically punish every enemy that dares to hit you (full build here)

legend of mushroom first archer class selection

if you’re in the Archer Tree:

    • choose Shadow Sniper if you like a ranged mushroom that hits with a lot of critical hits that deal massive damage and takes down enemies before they can reach you (full build here)
    • choose Wind Crossbower if you like a ranged mushroom that focus on fast basic attacks and get additional basic attacks that don*t hit as hard but a lot more frequently to take down enemies quickly (full build here)

legend of mushroom first mage class selection

if you’re in the Mage Tree:

    • choose Healer if you want a ranged mushroom that will generate skill energy quickly and ideally fire than as often as possible while also extending all damage-over-time skills (yes the class name is picked unfortunate as this mushroom has no healing skill whatsoever) – (full build here)
    • choose Spellcaster if you like a ranged mushroom that deals more crit area damage to deal with enemies (full build here)

As I said, this is the last pick what your class will be like – after that each promotion in class results in more individual skills that will make the role stronger – but those are the main archetypes in Legend of Mushroom you have.


Each of the classes at this point will get another passive individual skill that defines the role more clearly and you have higher-rarity skills and pals available which makes a huge difference.

legend of mushroom level 50 to 70 class upgrade

  • Swordsman -> Claymore Wielder and gets a periodical shield that absorbs damage (full build here)
  • Axe Warrior -> Berserker and gets the ability to reflect 80% of the attack damage when he gets hit (full build here)
  • Shadow Sniper -> Sharpshooter and deals additional damage based on the target current HP with each basic attack (full build here)
  • Wind Crossbower -> Dual Crossbower and will be able to shoot two shots with every combo shot (full build here)
  • Healer -> Chronomancer and gets more duration on all skills that have an over-time effect (full build here)
  • Spellcaster -> Storm Priest and starts dealing more additional damage to targets that have less than 50% health (full build here)


From here the classes will get another individual skill that changes the skills and pals a little bit more, so please don’t think you just need to equip immortal ones and call it a day – you’ll be surprised what ones you can use:

  • Claymore Wielder -> Swordmaster and gets gradually more damage resistance the more HP you lose (full build here)
  • Berserker -> Warmonger and gradually get more attack the more HP you lose (full build here)
  • Sharpshooter -> Shadow Hunter and get a nice attack boost after each critical strike which should become active all the time (full build here)
  • Dual Crossbower -> Arrowgod and shoot 2 projectiles with basic attacks which scales more into combos (full build here)
  • Chronomancer -> Holy Guide and each of your stuns will reduce downtimes so you will roll your skills a lot more frequently with the additional energy you get (full build here)
  • Storm Priest -> Bishop and deal more damage after each skill use (full build here)


I hope this general guide about classes helps you – and always remember you can switch your class for 4000 Diamonds and you don’t have to restart if you chose a class that doesn’t fit you. But I am positive this guide here helps you to pick a class you like and I will bring more guide in the future so check back in soon.

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