Best Hunters Tier List in Hunt Royale (July 2023) with Jester

hunt royale best hunter tier list july 2023

Time to bring some light into the different hunters in Hunt Royale – they all have different abilities and unique mechanics and this makes it hard to pick the right one for the different game modes, right? Well, here you will find a good ranking in form of a general tier list of all the hunters as well as some explanation to understand them a little bit better. Overall, I hope I can save you some time and effort investing into the wrong hunters or getting smashed in certain game modes in Hunt Royale for no reason.

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Best Hunters Tier List

So the tier list works, as all, from S-Tier (super strong, best of the best) via A-Tier (still really good), to F-Tier (also called “ew” tier as those hunters are really “ew” and you should not spend any effort and time on them). Let’s go.


  • Ancient OneS
  • Spider QueenS
    Spider Queen can spawn her spiders from long range that run at the target and explode. That makes her really hard to deal and for you actively playing her not too hard to play well. The spiders are also great in picking up players with low HP and versatile in all game modes and always keep the pressure high on enemies.
  • Mad DoctorS
    Mad Doctor infects enemies and increases the damage they suffer on a percentage scale. He is overlooked by many players but actually does well with it in all game modes and with the percentage increase, he also scales well towards the later stages of Hunt Royale.
  • HuntaliskS
  • PhantomS
    Phantom is summoning ghosts that follow enemies around and that does not only keep pressure high, it also is hard to deal with and super annoying while you as the active player can do whatever else you want to do in the meantime. The ghosts won't stop stalking and that makes him a great pick for all game modes.
  • GentlemanS
    Gentleman is one of the best hunters you want to run in Boss Hunt mode and not only deals a lot of damage, he also does that quite quickly.
  • Skull MasterS
  • Plague DoctorS
  • Void KnightS
  • Mutant TurtleA+
    Amazing against bosses
  • Sun WukongA+
    Actually a really powerful kit with raned attack, stealth and the bonus he gets - can be really nasty to deal with.
  • Gray WolfA
    Gray Wolf has this long-range tornado to deal damage to his enemies and overall he is one of the few hunters in Hunt Royale that work quite well in all game modes. Why not on top of the tier list? Well, he's not crazy outstanding just very versatile but a hunter that you will definitely not regret investing in.
  • NecromancerA
  • MechA
  • NinjaA
    Ninja is by far one of the best hunters in Boss Hunt as he deals his damage so quickly and a ton of it. Actually really useful in all game modes and a hunter you won't regret investing in.
  • PirateA
    Pirate is a very good hunter in the early stages of Hunt Royale and can be even useful later in the game. The shotgun firing in multiple directions is just super nasty to deal with and will give you, especially early on in the game, a very good edge over others in most game modes.
  • EfreetA
  • Raging OrcA
    Raging Orc increases damage when losing HP and although that doesn't sound very enticing, that's what happens all the time and there's nothing you can do to avoid it but getting that buff makes him solid in Hunt Mode or Co-Op Mode
  • EngineerA
    Engineer is also good at dealing damage rapidly and that means you can rush a win with him. There are situations where he can't dominate but when placed right a good option in many game modes in Hunt Royale.
  • ArachnaA
  • BunnyA
  • BeetleA
  • TormentA
    Pretty good and balanced right now
  • MummyA
    Incredibly good in boss modes and great if you let aura decimate
  • HopliteA
    Powerful close range and all but massive problems with movement and ranged hunters and without his buffs not too good.
  • JesterB+
    His range of attack is rather small but his basic attacks has a ricochet effect, jumping to more targets when hitting. The chance to dodge in the cloud can work great but also with the RNG not too relibale so he didn't feel too strong overall so far.
  • AnubisB+
  • Plague RatB+
    Good because of poison
  • SnowmanB+
    Event-tied hero that can only be obtained during Winter Event, but scales well with the amounz of frozen eenemies and can be fun to play
  • SuccubusB+
    Only available through Velanteines Event and the whip can be quite unreliable and high RNG with the proc chance but fun to play
  • LeprechaunB+
    St. Patrick's Day limited event hunter, nothing outstnading but can be fun to play. The extra EXP will scale him early but max out quickly and then you will not have a big edge with him.
  • IvyB+
    The trap can be super powerful but also quite squishy so she can be situational. Great time if everything works but frustrating if not.
  • The RipperB
  • ProtectorB
  • ThorB
  • Axe MasterB
    Axe Master is really good at dealing damage quickly and having the ability to rush over opponents and enemies. Has some flaws, though, and experienced opponents know how to deal with him but still a solid hero in Boss Hunt mode.
  • HammerdinB
    Hammerdin is, to me, probably the most insane hunter to run in normal Hunt Mode by quickly taking out groups of monsters and picking up the stars quickly as soon as they drop. Also, his lifesteal help that you never have to go back to regenerate health.
  • LifestealerB
    Lifestealer is a great hunter when it comes to Bounty Hunt mode as he deals constant damage and also heals himself while doing that.
  • VladB
    Vlad is here for a reason. He has this insane blood frenzy that will heal him for 100% of the damage he deals so to get him down he has to basically take double the damage he is dealing. On top of that, this also increases his attack speed, movement speed and attacks as well. Does really well in all modes, but in Boss Hunt he really shines as he can basically stand and stay alive.
  • Imp MasterB
    Imp Master deals a really good amount of damage in long range but the small imps need to focus so you have to stand still to make that happen. This is the main issue I have with him. For maps with water he can levitate he can be ranked in a higher tier as it's useful here in there, but overall no way I'd rank him in a higher tier.
  • ScarecrowB
  • WerebearB
    Needs some buff to bea really good, very situational right now
  • FrankyC
  • ZeusC
  • TricksterC
  • DruidC
    Druid can deal heavy damage in a wave in front of her and can penetrate through enemies and a great hunter to use in normal Hunt Mode.
  • SniperC
    Sniper is really interesting as the further the sniper gets, the more damage it deals. The key here is that you can maintain a (secure) distance while dealing massive damage and it will be hard for enemies to deal with it.
  • SnowmanD
  • Grim ReaperD
  • GorgonD
    Gorgon is, first of all, quite hard to obtain so leveling up is already an issue with him. And when you have the trophies needed for him, you already have better hunters.
  • Frozen QueenD
  • KingD
  • SamuraiD
  • AngelF
    Angel has these attacks that will penetrate through enemies and bounce off into different directions. In theory, this allows you to take out multiple enemies at once but the reality is that things need to fall in place for her to really shine and often times it doesn't.
  • Elf Archer F
    Elf Archer is the starting hunter in Hunt Royale, so no surprise not too high on the tier list. Her normal attacks ricochet and can be shot from long range. The problem is you really need to keep your distance with her so in game modes like Bounty Hunter you will suffer with her a lot.
  • RockyF
    Rocky deserves this place here for multiple reasons... he has the ability to throw rocks over obstacles but you need to be behind something to really get an advantage of that as well as relocate a lot. Hupe problem to collect XP in many scenarios. Maybe somewhat use full in Bounty Hunter or Boss Hunt but other hunters are better options in my opinion.
  • BarbarianF
    Barbarian deals, like Death Knight, short-range AoE damage but in addition to that also has death strike and lifesteal that makes him a little better on the survivability aspect.
  • Dragon KnightF
    Dragon Knight deals short-range AoE damage but lacks in versatility due to that, you need to go physically in with him.
  • BerserkerF
    Berserker is crazy when going into a frenzy with the additional attack and movement speed so you can run him really well in normal Hunt Mode.
  • Boom BoomF
    Boom Boom is great for normal hunt mode by dealing good ranged damage but doesn't really find much utility in other game modes.
  • MinotaurF
  • VoodooF
    Voodoo is a nice hunter for normal hunt mode with his large range and summons a nice AoE damage circle but overall simply lacks utility and survivability. Overall, not bad but also not worth focusing to much on.
  • WizardF
    Wizard has medium range but deals explosive AoE damage that can expand. That makes him really good early in the game (and a reason why people probably roast me in the comments), but in later stages of Hunt Royale, he falls short compared to the hunters so keep that in mind and know when to stop investing in him.
  • RollerF
    Roller basically rolls logs. The issue with him is that it's pretty predictable so it can be avoided quite easily in Bounty Hunter mode by other players so I had to rank him here. Can be a solid pick for normal hunt mode though.
  • Ape LordF
  • Captain HookF
    Captain Hook is quite hard to unlock and also to level up but is unique in the way that he can deal a ton of damage to multiple targets at once. I'd rank him in a higher tier but the reason that he's not a good option for many players.
  • RendermanF
    Renderman can stay hidden most of the time
  • CrowF
    Crow can also stay hidden most of the time
  • TurkeyF

Different Game Modes

To wrap all of this up, I also want to give you a brief overview what the different game modes are about and that should also help you use the right hunter.

Hunt Mode is basically the bread-and-butter battle royale mode that you play against bots and is not that hard. In general I’d say all hunters in Hunt Royale are able to perform good to really good here but you can look at it more like a practice mode.

Co-Op Mode is about dealing with swarms of monsters so you want to pick a hunter here that deals damage to multiple targets and ideally has life steal abilities to perform well.

Bounty Hunter is about killing more than you get killed and avoiding to die as much as possible. Hunters that deal lots of damage and quick damage are working really well here so you can overrun your enemies.

Boss Hunt mode is about dealing damage as much as possible to fast and hard attacking hunters are in favor here.

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  1. You have grim reaper and protector listed as D? Maybe in pvp modes but in co-op I could literally use those two as a team to go afk almost indefinitely after a few of the correct buffs. And pretty much every PvE mode, except maybe boss hunt, Grim’s insta kill after a few stacks is by far superior to most others.

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