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Best Hero/Ship Setup for your Blaze Ship in Sea of Conquest (Heroes, Ship + Items + Stats)

When building your Blaze ship in Sea of Conquest, you have several options when it comes to heroes and ship parts so I wanted to write this guide here to give you a clear ideal what is important to do.Your blaze ship solely rely on damage over time so it’s for longer battles where the damage can sum up over the duration and also against targets with high armor that is not affecting burning damage. Sea Monsters or also very sturdy targets with a lot of armor are ideal for this.

Important! If you want to check how well the heroes in general perform in the current meta of Sea of Conquest, please check out my current tier list of all heroes here. Also really important is that you check out my overview where I have builds for all kinds of ships and damages that will help you build your formation: Check out all ship and hero formations in Sea of Conquest here.

Best Ship for your Blaze Ship in Sea of Conquest

These are the ships that work best for building this team:

Crimson Sentinel
Crimson SentinelAlternative
Black Raven
Black RavenPossible Option

Best Heroes for your Blaze Ship

Lester is the perfect captain for your Balzing ship in Sea of Conquest, making sure to apply the burning effect to multiple targets all the time and syergizing well with his passives on all other heroes applying their burning. – Tanaka once available on your server lifts blaze archetype ships so much with his amazing kit and is a must-have First Mate. – Ned is pretty much the same but for the Gunner position so you can start doing really crazy stuff here and the burn damage those 3 heroes deal is simply crazy well.

This is my recommended setup of heroes for your ship that specializes in blaze damage and burning down target health and they work extremely strong, but you can also change some heroes if you’re lacking them.

Here's the best order to invest in their skills

Possible alternative heroes:

Will is the backup First Mate for your blaze ship in Sea of Conquest and works perfectly together with Lester by synergizing from his frequently applied burn effect and also apply burn himself that helps Lester if you don’t have Tanaka from S2 available. – To see all alternative heroes you can possibly swap into this ship setup, please support us on Patreon.


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There is plenty of options for heroes to use for your blaze ship and I think all players should have one of those ships in the formation because you can use it in some many cases.

Best Ship Parts

The Ship Parts need to fit the goal you want to achieve with your ship and make also an important part. Don’t just use the highest rarity or leveld ship parts here, use the ones that make the right set and ideally have the correct stats on them.

Best Ship Part Set(s)

Burning Crown
Burning CrownBurning Crown
Blade o' Freedom
Blade o' FreedomBlade o' Freedom

Best Ship Part Stats

Stats are contributed randomly on your ship parts, so this gives you sometimes the annoying quest of getting a couple items that fit. As soon as you have your set bonus as above ready, it’s time to refine it with ship parts of the right set that has ideally the main stat and 2 sub-stats fitting well. Here is the effects you’re looking for:

Blazing DMG
Blazing DMGBlazing DMG is the most important stat here so make sure your ship parts are not fiting for the set bonus but also their main stat (yellow first one) is that.


Stop upgrading Ship Parts that are not worth it. With all the random attributes on them it can get messy but we tested all setups to show you what stats really matter for this ship setup. Support us on Patreon to unlock the perfect Ship Part setups in Seo of Conquest..

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How to unlock


I hope this guide here helps you build your ships in your formation well as this is so important for your progress long-term. Don’t just randomly throw together heroes and ships of the highest rarity, build your ships for specific causes! Also, I will update this guide with new heroes released in the future so this will be your go-to guide to see what heroes and items to work on.

    1. Yes and No. Blazing Damage itself is Blazing Damage, a unique damage type. But Blazing Damage heroes do, depending on their kit, add Burn effect that deal Burn damage. So, Burn Damage is Burn Damage and Blazing Damage is Blazing Damage but Blazing Damage heroes add burn damage status effects

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