Artifact Tier List in SOULS

This is the first version of a tier list of the artifacts in SOULS as I know that many of you need a first guideline which artifacts are good. I will refine that list here and also make a ranking for each hero in the hero builds section!

If you want to add anything, please comment below

There might also some missing and some I haven’t tested much which I will do in the next days so please only refer to this as a very first draft version!

Also, I will update the hero tier list with the artifact soon, I am not sure how I will weight in the artifacts but some heroes profit a ton of them and I want to reflect it there as well.


  • Staff of BloodlordS
    Great tank artifact that helps restore health, especially on tanks that actually deal damageClass: TankEffect: 5% ATK each round + recover 40% damage you deal
  • Tome of the SunA
    Quite alright in terms of extra damage but not triggering that much overall and most of the time when yout trigger it you#re halfway thereClass: DealerEffect: Upon defeating enemy, apply Burn on all enemies for 1 turn
  • Helmet of SilenceS+
    Incredible cc on tankClass: TankEffect: When attacked chance to silence attacker
  • Eternal PainA+
    Great scaler for ccClass: DealerEffect: When ally cc effect with active skill, chance to gain cc 1 extra turn
  • Mask of Madness-
    not ranked yetClass: Effect:
  • Branch of BeginningsB+
    For specific setups that revive quite wellClass: HealerEffect: When ally is revived, add HoT to that ally for 2 turns
  • Serpents Emblem-
    not ranked yetClass: Effect:
  • Turbulent Lamp of WrathA
    Nice buffer but very particular setup requirement with the same rowClass: SupporterEffect: reduce own ATK but buff same row ally ATK and Crit Rate
  • Evidence of MiracleS
    Great for any hero that can use the effectsClass: *Effect: Increase duration of shield, HoT and buffs done by active skill by 1 turn
  • Mace of JudgmentB+
    Super powerful if you can make it trigger but that only works in certain team setupsClass: *Effect: When rendering an enemy that is incapable, chance for extra turn
  • Shield of Earth-
    not ranked yetClass: Effect:
  • Demonic Beast FangB+
    Solid to break through tough frontlinesClass: DealerEffect: Increase ATK against Tanks
  • Reaping ScytheA
    Great auto heal in setups that suffer cc a lot and can cleanse themClass: HealerEffect: Every time enemy get cc effect, ally with lowest HP heals 30% of ATK
  • Orb of PriestsB
    Sounds great but you don't really want your allies die for that small effectClass: SupporterEffect: Every time an ally dies, reduce enemy energy with the highest energy by 30
  • Golden Ornament CloakA+
    Great on the heroes that leverage dodge effectsClass: *Effect: More damage dodged and each dodge gain 15 energy
  • Spear of the Monster HunterS
    Incredible for any damage unit that deals aoe damageClass: DealerEffect: When attacking 2 or more enemies simultaniously, the damage dealt to 1 random target will be +40%
  • Gold EarringsS
    In the right setup this will carry your team and turn your support hero that cleanse into a batteryClass: *Effect: Whenever you remove ally cc or debuff, gain 20 energy
  • Mace of Punishment-
    not ranked yetClass: Effect:
  • Guides VambraceA
    Handy free shield each roundClass: TankEffect: Apply shield to ally with lowest HP at start of every round
  • Cursed Sword-
    not ranked yetClass: Effect:
  • Grip of HellS+
    THE red artifact for damage dealersClass: DealerEffect: Reduce enemy energy when active skill crits
  • Crown of FireA+
    Great extra damage at the end of the dayClass: DealerEffect: apply burn DoT on normal attacks to random targets
  • Demonic RingA
    For critters really powerfulClass: DealerEffect: 10% lower ATk but 50% higher Crit Damage
  • Goblet of WrathS+
    Best epic artifact that will basically be useful on any heroClass: *Effect: Only use 90 energy when using active skill
  • Golden DaggerA
    Nice against tanks and for an eic artifact really not too badClass: DealerEffect: When attacking tanks, ATK +20%
  • White Blessed NarcissusB
    Alright but the effect is overall not the best espcially as it won#t work in the wearer itselfClass: TankEffect: While alive increase physical RES of adjacent allies
  • Necklace of SacrificeB
    That boost for that sacrifice, idkClass: DealerEffect: Every time ally dies increase crit rate
  • Forgotten Flask of RestorationB+
    alright healing booster but overall the trigger is the opposite of wht you wantClass: HealerEffect: Direct healing by active skill +10% (plus more when ally dies)
  • Noble EmblemA+
    Great to buff your main damage dealerClass: SupporterEffect: At the begin of battle transfer 15% ATK to the ally with highest ATK
  • Necklace of ProtectionA+
    Nice to make tanks survive burst periodsClass: TankEffect: Gain shield when attacked 3 times in current round
  • Vanguards FlagA
    In the right setup you really can do things with thisClass: SupporterEffect: Give dodge to allies with lower speed than you for 2 turns at the start of the battle
  • Glorious CrownS
    Plain battery which is nice without much conditionClass: HealerEffect: At the beginning of each round gain 12 energy
  • Ring of Overflowing EnergyA
    Great for cleanse heroClass: *Effect: get 10 energy when remove ally debuff
  • Macabre RoseA
    Scales well in longer fightsClass: DealerEffect: ATK increased every 2 rounds
  • Crystal ShieldB+
    Okay-ish but I don't see the point too much hereClass: TankerEffect: Increase ally with lowest HP DEF as long as you're alive
  • Shield of InvincibilityB
    Is alright as fillgerClass: *Effect: Crit Defense increase by 15%
  • Necklace of DawnA
    really useful to keep allies upClass: HealerEffect: add shield if active healing lands a crit
  • Incense of NumbnessB+
    for burst really alrightClass: SupporterEffect: Crit Defense increase by 15% until Round 3
  • Martyrs EarringsB
    not doing too much at the end of the day, when the tnk goes down there is not much to do leftClass: TankerEffect: Upon death increase all ally DEF by 13% of your DEF
  • Orb of AbsorptionA
    really great starter to fillClass: *Effect: Normal attacks reduce target energy until round 4
  • Mask of DeceptionB
    Okay but you don#t want support to die at allClass: SupporterEffect: When dying transfer 10% ATK to ally with highest ATK
  • Cloak of GhostsA
    great for dodge heroesClass: *Effect: gain 10 energy when dodge
  • Sharpened BladeA
    nice for burst damage dealerClass: DealerEffect: 15% more Crit Rate at start and then less each round
  • Elixir of NumbnessB
    okay when situations get closeClass: TankerEffect: 13% more DEF when HP is below 50%
  • Eternal EmeraldA
    one of the best blue artifacts in SOULSClass: HealerEffect: If active skill heals critical, add buff to reduce damage taken

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