Best Special Ants in Ants: Underground Kingdom

ants underground kingdom best special ants

With so many different special ants in Ants Underground Kingdom and basically no real public information about the stats and their abilities you have a hard choice finding out which ones are strong and not, right? Also, in addition, it takes time, resources and effort to invest and upgrade the special ants and you don’t want to put that in just to find out that they are useless, right?

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For that reason I have written you this tier list that specifically shows (priority on PvP), which ants are worth building and running in Ants Underground Kingdom.

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Tier List of the Best Special Ants in Ants: Underground Kingdom

Alright, let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into the ranked tier list of all the special ants.

S Tier

The Masters amazing damage dealer, put in the backrow and there’s no other special ant that will deal more damage

Shikaree Master is one of the best damage dealers in Ants Underground Kingdom, especially combined with a debuffer. You will see one of the craziest max damage hits with Shikaree.

Reap also provides amazing damage output and performs so well from the backrow. Also good burst damage with high single hits that can occur.

Mimicry Master is like the above special ants, just one of the best damage dealers in the entire game. Also benefits a lot from running along with a debuffer.

Giant Tooth is not here in the highest tier primarily because of the damage (which is great), the main reason is that Giant Tooth is that he also comes with two great debuffs as well.

Jack Jumper is also an amazing ant to run and along with the masters one of the essential special ants every player in Ants Underground Kingdom should be running.

A Tier

Bullet Ant was a tough decision between S Tier and A Tier for the simple reason that recent balancing did really well but I rather want to see how it performs in the meta before giving the overall recommendation to invest into this ant.

Slim Arched is also a very good damage dealer since the buff from the recent update and one of the best choices to run. Also has the ability to supress effects which makes him really strong and viable.

Golden Venom a very classic, let’s say oldie but goldie ant that is viable from start to end.

Banshee Panda used to be higher, but since the huge nerf you will not find that much utility with her anymore.

New World General is working well if you need an ant to lead your carrier ant (like the ones mentioned in the tier above) and has a great support kit that makes them a lot better. I ranked him here because without that strong carrier ant, he’s not that crazy good.

Enigmatic Taylor is, like New World General, a nice support special ant for your carrier special ants, so consider one of them for your setups as you won’t need both. I personally would prefer New World General, though, as he’s more reliable overall.

Rock Bandit can give you very positive trades by winning more often than you lose

B Tier

Dark Giant is really popular but I have him ranked here in the niche tier for the reason that when you start star him up you will that other support ants like New World General are simply better. I rather consider Dark Giant a special an you have earlier to mid-game in Ants Underground Kingdom.

Gold Armor used to be better running damage from the second row, but kind of has been falling shorter with the recent updates and the ways meta changed in Ants Underground Kingdom.

Banshee Velvet is great for PvP but doesn’t shine that well in the front spot, to be honest.

Dark Hercules is very situational and squishy and he can do really well but you kind-of can’t rely on him too much.

Acid General works amazing and really versatile but can be squishy at times and give good and mediocre results, that’s why he’s only in B Tier.

Brown Rogue is actually really strong, but you will struggle (or better said, not be able to) star it up so it will fall short towards end-game. Can be used as an alternate to Jack Jumper but not more at the moment.

White Velvet absolutely has its uses but for most cases, the upper ranked ant are just better.

Black Cancer is a guardian but Rock Bandit and Brown Rogue are generally stronger.

Golden Sugar has been going through stages with buffs and nerfs but is overall not as strong as Jack Jumper or Gold Armor, less damage as most of the upper ants. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad ant in Ants Underground Kingdom, but there are simply so much more better options available that I don’t want to rank him higher.

C Tier

Guardian General can be considered the most average of all special ants in Ants Underground Kingdom. He’s not specifically bad, but also there’s nothing he can do really good and should be nothing else than something you run until you get a better option from above.

D Tier

Golden Spiny just provides not enough damage and will fall off towards later more and more (although useable at lower levels), so just don’t invest!

Driver Ant did get some boost in one of the recent balancing changes, but still not a special ant I’d consider at all. It’s just a generic support ant without doing anything specifically good so can be replaced at any point easily.


So, I hope this general tier list helps you figure out what special ants in Ant Underground Kingdom you should focus on in the future and saves you some time and resources.

If you have questions or believe that I ranked some ants wrong, just drop a quick comment below and I be happy to reply.

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