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MODOK Swarm Deck Guide – MARVEL SNAP

With the new season we got MODOK and he makes this discard setup along with Swarm really strong and fun to play. You can scale Morbius up with that many discarding, fill your hand with Swarm copies and at the end also get an Apocalypse that has a ton of power.

In this guide you’ll learn everything about the best deck with her, including some replacements, and what lines to play and everything else you need.

Card Strategy

Blade is the situational card to discard Swarm or Apocalypse but it’s not mandatory to get him down, only play him when you get value from discarding or play him after Lockjaw!
Colleen Wing is a secure discard into Swarm (and only discarded once you can use her to create more and more copies that cost 0 energy to flood the board).
Morbius scales really well in this deck and grows easily into a 10-12 power card without much effort. Great value for little cost!
Swarm scales very well as you can discard him for the 0-cost copies multiple times and with Colleen Wing and MODOK you have two reliable discards that can easily give you multiple free copies to swarm the board (literally).
Lady Sif can be played to discard Apocalypse reliably but also if you discard Hela it’s not that much of a problem.
Lockjaw down help getting your high-power cards on the board earlier so use your Blade or other discard cards and when you draw into MODOK or Hela you will have great chances.
Sword Master discards so make sure you can discard in cards that will be worth it. Still, great power on the board, too.
Dracula can draw into a higher power card and with MODOK played on Turn 5, chances are pretty high to get into Apocalypse as your whole hand is discarded. Also mind, Apocalypse loads up 4 additional power when Dracula pulls into him…
MODOK will discard everything on Turn 5 or maybe you can also see Lockjaw to draw into him easier. Enables a lot of great play by summoning the free Swarm copies, discarding everything except Apocalypse (that you can pull via Dracula into at the very end of the match).
America Chavez helps pull into your Apocalypse more reliably but also nice if you use Lockjaw and get America Chavez down fo for something cheap like a Blade.
Hela is more like an optional card here to run if you don’t draw into your MODOK, so don’t be afraid of discarding your Hela, especially if you have MODOK.
marvel snap apocalypse card
Apocalypse scales well so you can discard your whole hand with MODOK and have him ready for your Dracula to get his power down along with America Chavez on Turn 6 or just play him regularly as you will discard him a couple of times.

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