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Titles In Rise of Kingdoms – How To Handle & Use Them

There are several misconceptions about titles out there and I wanted to make this brief guys here not only for the kings out there but also for all the other players that could benefit from the titles – basically, how to make the most out of the titles & buffs.

Titles In Rise of Kingdoms – How? What?

So, in every kingdom you can see the available titles in the Lost Kingdom and how every player can benefit from it.

There are positive titles, like:

  • Queen +15% gathering speed
  • General +5% troop attack +10% training speed
  • Prime Minister +15% resource production +10% building speed
  • and much more

but also negative ones.

You can find all of them, along with the name of the current holder when you go to the Lost Temple and then go to the overview of the titles:

rise of kingdoms titles

The king can assign them to whoever he or she wants, there’s no limitation.

So, depending on your kingdom, this should not be handles like the best-buddies will get it and normally you can also get them assigned to help you out.

Especially those that will boost your building speed or research time.

The best way to do it is to kindly ask in the kingdom chat to get it BEFORE you start building or researching along with your coordinates. You only need the title on you when you start it, not for the whole duration!

So, kindly asking will often times get you the title and once you have started what you wanted, you can type in the chat something like “okay, done. thank you” and the title can be given to someone else.

This is how it’s handles in most kingdoms and the king of your kingdom is normally a person who is online a lot so you shouldn’t have problems with that, simply ask respectfully and you can save yourself a nice bunch of time 🙂


Buffs are global for the kingdom and when the king activates them, everyone is able to use them.

The thing here is, it will cost the king 2,500 Gems to activate them so be aware that the king has to spend some money to get them active.

kingdom buffs

If you see one of them being active, also thank the king for providing this and don’t take it for granted!

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